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4/4/13 4:57 A

Amazing achievement!!! Cheers to letting go of 80 lbs.. (I call it letting go of weight - cos it is an emotional affair. People with PCOS generally are not great with letting things/ feelings/ emotions go...
Well, I would love to hear from you on the diet changes and specific exercises you think that helped..
However, for mood swings, I would recommend meditation and awareness and alerting your mind of the slightest of indications that your mood can start turning bad. The moment you note that you are gonna get bad with mood - alert your mind and say to yourself that you the most wonderful person on earth, the most sweet, soft spoken, poised, pleasant, happy, The BEST .., well, you cannot worry, yell/ shout/ cry/ (whatever you tend to do when in bad mood) cos it is just so not you!! Tell this to yourself - it will work.. Yes, there are times when you say what crap and just give ignore but dont be harsh on yourself.. Just believe - Its all in the mind!!
Trust me I had terrible terrible mood swings!! I used to behave like a wild animal / mad monkey at times.., cry, yell, oh my God! did not know how to control.. It took some time, but I am farr far better today! I love myself, my behaviour, its wonderful how I have eliminated the concept of bad mood from my life!..
I meditate and do breathing exercises. The least I do is - Kapalabhati for 5 mins every morning followed by 5 mins of deep belly breathing. Meditation - I would suggest go for good guided meditation. Each one has a different preference. Try out a few guided ones. I use Silva centering exercise(
0 ) or Daisy pond (
Fs ).. I do a short 3-5 min meditation (continue deep breathing focusing on the breaths) right after the deep breathing and if have time, will do either of the above 2 ones. So in total 15-20 mins in the morning and I am ready for the day. The 2 long ones helps you get better sleep as well, try to put it on before you go to bed.

And for insomnia - Have you tried having poppy seeds with warm milk before sleeping? It helps you relax and get better sleep. It is used in India for this purpose since ages! If you enjoy cooking, you can make a dessert out of it and try.. it is healthy and yummm! (
ase-payasa-white-poppy-seeds-in.html )

Hope it helps!

Take care.. :)

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4/3/13 9:07 P

I have PCOS and found out when I was 23 and get every possible PCOS symptom so milder than other especially in regards to hair growth and weight gain I have actually managed to lose weight I lost 80lbs through changing my diet and exercise regime. However one thing that doesn't seem to have lessened is my severe PMS from insomnia, to cravings to back pain and outrageous mood swings I am at my wits end. I just want to feel balanced and normal and have a decent night's sleep. Does anyone have any advice or natural cures?

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3/22/13 7:48 A

Hello everyone!

This is my first day in SP and was just searching to find if there are any women with this condition where shedding 1 kilo takes the effort and time of 5 kilos!!
I just wonder when I see fellow gymmers who tend to lose all their flab so easily with just tiny modifications in their lifestyle.. like say, start walking 30 mins thrice a week.. Oh please! with PCOS that is as good as nothing!!
Well.. no more cribbing.. its time to take action and complete control of self - mind and body!!
I have recently started one change which is helping me a lot and I can notice difference in my metabolism - PCOD is basically a metabolic disorder - so if you complain of bloating, gas, heaviness..., thats the first rat you gotta catch!
Introduce one glass of green juice per day anytime and stick to the time you decide. When I say green juice - include any of these - spinach (leaves + stem) , amaranth leaves, celery, bittergourd, turmeric , ginger, parsley, mint leaves, corriander leaves, curry leaves.., to give it some taste - strawberries (2-3) OR half apple, tomato (1), carrot...
Another important guideline I have experienced helps - STICK TO THE TIME YOU EAT.. Regularity is the key.. routine, schedule all that should be military strict and I am sure we can fight it off.. Well, if its gonna work!! I am in..!!!
Have been doing this for the past month now and I note changes in my happy tummy .. Bloating was one huge issue for me and this has really helped me.. Oh yes! I have given up milk, icecreams, chacolates (not yogurt and buttermilk) ..
Hope the journey meets the intended results!
Will share anything that might help the community..

Peace and love!!

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12/31/12 9:42 P

My hubby and I have been trying to concieve our first child since September 8th 2007
I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome in October 2009 after two years of failing to get pregnant naturally...May 2008 I did my first round of 50mg clomid was told that i ovulated according to blood work and my fertility monitor, but failed to get pregnant....did anther round of clomid a few months later only to be dissapointed again...i changed OB's in October 2009 was diagnosed with pcos right off after knwing i had it only to not be diagnosed with it...did our last round of 100mg clomid in May 2010 only to find out that i wasn't going to ovulate nor did i have any follicles....Did an HSG in Dec 2009 and my tubes were clear...hsg performed again in March 2012 and tubes were completely blocked !!!!! My OB did a pelvic laparoscopy in Dec 2011 only to find that I had inflamation, adhesions and a large cycls on my right ovary...the adhesions are from my VP shunt ( for hydrocphalus or fluid on the brain) was draining the excess fluid like its supposed to and that was causing the adhesions to previous shunt that was in place from 1986 at two wks of age until the revision in April 2010 was broke and not working the revision was necessary....MY OB told me that pregnancy was not a good idea due to the scarring, ahesions, and inflammation...she said that I would have trouble getting pregnant and if i did, the baby would be at risk of premature delivery or death...and I could lose my life as well...We found this out in jan 2012 and decided that we werent going to persue adoption or anything like that...we would just be a couple with no children...our outlook turned around when i had a abdominal laparotomy in may ob said the uterus, ovaries and tubes were tied up and in the wrong place due to the adhesions...she cut the adhesions and allowed the organs to go back to their normal positions...I had the surgery 5/14/12 and had a period on my own for the first time in over a year on 5/18/12 :)
Here I am December 2012 and still getting cycles on my own...but have been told that IVF is my only option to have a baby...unless we adopt which we can't afford...nor can we afford IVF right now... I am using this time of waiting and trying to lose weight and get healthy for a pregnancy :)

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2/23/12 6:02 P

I found out i had PCOS after i had my son(he's 6). I am producing too much testosterone from my ovaries, i keep having cysts and i've gained 30 lbs over the last couple years. It's been tough because my boyfriend want to have another baby and it's hard when i have this. We are getting married soon and i want to get this weight off so i can look good in my wedding dress. Wish me luck! emoticon

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2/16/12 5:47 P

I'm so happy to have found other women on this site who have PCOS. I found out I had a couple of years ago but had no idea about the very scary side effects it could have. I've been very lucky in that my symptoms are very mild and have been helped with the pill. However, it is extremely hard to lose weight and I'm starting to feel the abdominal pain that the doctors have told me about. Thank you, Karen, for bringing up this topic. It will be reassuring to know that if I need any support, I can some to this forum.

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2/15/12 1:57 A

Hello everyone! It is such a comfort to know that other women on the site are also struggling wtih PCOS. Weight loss is such and struggle, but to add PCOS on top of that makes it even harder. I have lost and gained weight back in the past with a lot of work, and I'm just starting to get back into another routine. Hopefully I'll be more successful (and cosistant) this time around! I appreciate you all sharing your stories.

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2/4/12 1:07 A

I was diagnosed wiht PCOS when I was 18, and if only then I knew how it would affect my life. I had a male doctor at the time an he immediately wanted to do a hysterectomy, I got a new doc and she has been wonderful, as she too suffers. As many have mentioned the biggest part of dealing is the facial hair and infertility. I have tried many things to cure both. Just know that there is a rainbow at the end of it all. Last year my fiance and I were rehabbing a house and I began to have severe abdominal pain, made an appt but couldn't wait the pain lasted two more days before I headed to urgent care, it was there that I learned that on top of the PCOS cysts, I had developed a very large fibroid, as well as a 12 week fetus! Shock and awe is all I can say to describe that experience, even my doc had no answers. I previously had a total block, tried an experimental treatment that caused hair loss (unfortunately, not on my face), and joined a PCOS support group, just trying to cope was hard. Looking at friends and family members with children was hard, however at the end of the day, I ended up with an unplanned, yet happily welcomed baby girl who is the light of our world. I don't know if we will ever have baby number 2, I'm just glad that we got to experience the joys and pains of parenthood. It will happen have faith, good luck everyone!

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1/9/12 2:50 P

Karen, thank you so much for the encouragement. PCOS is definitely hard for women to understand that are not facing the issues we are. I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I know what you mean about our bodies fighting against us. I have felt like that for so many years. I will say a prayer that you will be able to battle through the weight and have the child that you want.

Kissyfur34, I know exactly what you mean about the facial hair. I have struggled with it for years, but over the last 2 years it has become more than unbearable. Mine is more than on my face, but the face is the part that can not be hidden long pants or long sleeves. I saved throughout college to pay for full body laser hair removal and after one treatment the place I went to went bankrupt so I lost every penny I paid them. It was devastating! I just last month went ahead with a package just for my face. So far it seems to be working. I am looking forward to 18 months when all the treatments are done. I have been warned that because of the PCOS the hair removal may not be permanent like others without PCOS.

Best of luck to you both as we battle PCOS and our weight issues.

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1/9/12 11:19 A

yes i can understand the embarrassing part of PCOS is the hair on the face i get so embarrased as well its not nice.i had laserr but did not help for me.i am getting maried in april and am so worried that i will have facial hair and hair on my shoulders where everyone will see it.i also turnes 35 on my wedding day as well and we are going to try for a baby as well i just hope i will concive we shell see.
hope your laser goes well and your trying to concive for your second child as well goes to plan. its such a struggle but we will get there.

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1/8/12 10:05 P

Hi everyone! I too have PCOS and struggle everyday with it. So far the most embarrassing thing for me is the hair on my face. I get laser hair removal done to help control and have another treatment tomorrow as it's getting out of control again. It's so embarrassing and nobody understands the shame and humiliation the disease can bring to a woman. I will be turning 35 next month and want to have another child, but can't take fertility drugs until I get this weight off. I need to get the weight off before it's too late. I sympathize with everyone who has this awful disease.

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1/5/12 7:36 A

hi carla i am so sorry to hear about your struggle with PCOS you sound like a very strong lady i am glad the sergery has saved your life and you can now encorage other people.its very hard to deal with when the doc says i cant do anything unless you loss the weight i have had that sead to me and also the doc sead dont bother trying for a baby at age 35 as it wont happen well i be 35 in april.i hate it when docs say things like that its not helpfull at all.i think it is more harder for us to lose the weight cause our bodies are fighting with us.we wont let this PCOS beat us we will show who is the boss.keep going and the results will be worth it in the end. keep strong and try to keep positive xxx

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1/4/12 2:05 P

HI Ladies,
I totally feel your struggle with PCOS. I have struggled with it since my original diagnosis at 17 years old. It has gotten so severe that in July 2010 I lost my left ovary after the weight of the cysts caused the ovary to flip and the tissue to die. I had emergency surgery to remove it and save my life. I was very overweight when that happened, but have gained at least 40lbs since the surgery. My husband and I have talked about trying to conceive, but I know I have to get down to a healthy weight for my sake and for the sake of the baby.
My GYN has made it very clear that he won't presribe or start fertility treatmeants till I am at a healthy weight.
Ladies we are in this together and can accomplish our goals with hard work and determination. Good luck!


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1/2/12 3:04 P

aww bless you celtic_beauty congratulations on your happy marage and for the future of rewnewing your vowls thats wonderfull.
lossing weight wont cure P.C.O.S but will defenatly help the condition its so horid and hard to controle.i am following the spark people diet plan and also watching my gi so am having lots of low GI food yes its so hard i gave up befor christmas and felt really horid i had alot more hair growth than i did when i was on the GI diet my mood swings and emotional swings are really bad but i realised when i was doing the GI diet my mood swings lessend and was not as bad.

i am also trying to start to concive so being on a diet will help.

keep going try the sparkpeople diet and the low GI diet you never know i know its difficalt may be we can encorage each other.also on facebook if you are on face book there is a page for P.C.O.S sufferers it helps me may be the page can help you as well.all the best keep going you can do it x

1/2/12 1:26 P

I have PCOS and have been trying for years to lose the weight I put on after my wedding. I've tried counting calories but I always fail. I've been married to my wonderful husband for 6 years, and I'm planning my vow renewal for 2015 (10 years). I have a 100 lbs to lose and I know that it will be hard. I was told by one of my doctors that losing weight would "fix" my PCOS. I don't know if it will or not as a friend of mine who weights 140 lbs found out last year she too has PCOS. I wish you luck on your weight loss and I hope that you have many years of a great and happy marriage.

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1/2/12 12:53 P

Hi there everyone i was just wondering weather any of the girls out there have polisistic ovary syndrome. and how you cope with dieting.i am getting married on april 28th 2012 and this is my first day with sparkpeople i am sure everyone is very surportive and i will do my best to surport you all as well.i was just wondering weather there are girls with P.C.O.S as it is not a nice condition to have. good luck with everyone with losing weight

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