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3/30/11 9:59 P

Wow, no wonder you were feeling overwhelmed. That's a lot of stuff going on, but I'm glad you are deciding to take charge and make your health a priority.

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3/30/11 9:57 P

Sorry to hear about health problems but sounds like you are taking the initiative to healthier life = feeling better. I recall complaining to a friend about my weight. I got, "then do something about it."

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3/30/11 9:49 P

Hello everyone! I am new and the reason for my joining sparkpeople is because I just had a scary thing happen to me. I felt like I was having a heart attack and spent two days in the hospital and they thankfully found nothing wrong with my heart. But I have been following up with my Dr. who is having me do all these tests and I had an Ultrasound and Cat Scan done and the results are I have gallstones ... mild enlarged heart ... two cysts on my ovaries (which I have had for a couple years now so no news there) ... small hiatel hernia ... mild depression ... anxiety problems ... and have had high blood pressure ... high cholesterol ... and mild depression for about 20 years! I have an endoscopy and colonoscopy scheduled in a couple weeks ... not looking forward to it at all ... but am doing it. I am determined to get healthy and feel 100% better! I am tired of saying all this stuff and not doing anything about it. I look forward to sparkpeople and achieving my goals.

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