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8/3/10 2:34 P

I'm in the same boat and have been since my daughter was about 4. She's eight now, and it is cause for concern. I try to make her active, I am really becoming more forceful about her drinking water. She doesn't like soda, point blank and period, but would rather drink milk or juice when she's thirsty. Up until last year, I gave in just about every time because I didn't want her to dehydrate. Now, it's really not an option. She can choose milk or juice at meal time, but any time she's thirsty in between it's water. Same with my 4 year old son, but he's pretty solid and much more active than my daughter was at his age.
Now that they both know how to pedal their bikes and we have a backyard, on nice days I let them bedal as long as they want to, and offer them water after a while if they don't ask for it. My kids' pediatrician said if I continue watching what they eat(believe me, if they are hungry enough, they will eat what you put in front of them) and encourage them to be more active and severely limit treats, and get them to not associate food with reward, they will turn out fine.
You're already making positive steps. Keep it up.

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8/2/10 12:27 P

I would like to thank you for the wonderful tips also. MY DD is 13 and overweight. She is active also, in fact she goes to weight lifting 3 times a week, and was playing basketball and softball. Here the season is over. I have told her she has to make the decision to become health and active and to start by loving herself. But I will start adding your tips also. THANK YOU

8/2/10 11:37 A

Your comment was not so long (O: thanks for the pointers! I think your idea and your plan sounds reasonable for my daughter and I to try. I know the summer has a lot to do with her weight gain.... a little too much of the sweet treats with grandma and grandpa! But now that school has begun and she'll be at school all day so therefore she won't be able to snack. It's going to be hard at first and I'm certain that once she gets in the habit of being active on a daily basis the weight will drop. Today I made her Quaker Oats oatmeal with brown sugar and a piece of fruit with water. I ate with her so she sees me eating the same as her. For lunch she'll eat at school but just for today. I told her I would make her a healthy sandwich with some carats but I told her no juice or chocolate milk...water only! I made her an activity log last night to track her days of being active writing her start time down. I had a chat with her over the weekend letting her know that we have to something every night after dinner active, we can go for a bike ride in the neighborhood, take the dog for a walk, play tag in the back yard, hula hoop, dance in her room, I mean I can go on and on as to what we can do together to keep us active. I only hope that we stick to it, I want to stay consistent and not let life situations affect us from doing what we still need to do. Unless of course it's a school event or I have to work late (very rare if I do) but I am willing to keep trying and not give up on her......I appreciate your advice.. THANKS!

BOGUSANNIE Posts: 1,745
8/2/10 10:06 A

my daughter is 10 (just celebrated her birthday) and is 110lbs or so...which makes her overweight as well.

I took a healthy lifestyle approach to it.

My daughter and I went through the cupboards together and rid them of ALL cookies, chips, etc...

Then I set up a healthy activity schedule for her...we did it together.

She MUST do 30 minutes of real activity daily...not including school scheduled when she comes home, she has to play soccer outside with her brother, or play on the WiiFit or run around with the dogs at the park, must be something that gets her moving.

On the weekends, she must do even more...2 hours on Saturday and Sundays...

She is, well nobody is allowed to eat after 8PM either...

No pop or juices either, just milk(skim or 1%) at supper and water every other time.

No watching TV when she eats, and she MUST eat lots of veggies.

I reward her for succesful activity completion but NOT with food.

I also go over food labels with her and teach her about healthy choices and portion control...if she wants 2 hamburgers from the BBQ, she has to choose 2 without the buns or one with the buns..she makes those choices and takes responsibility for it.

Food is simply something she has to do to survive...not something she does to sooth well..
She sees a pshychologist to learn how to control her anxieties and teach her alternatives to eating...

She hasn't lost weight, however she has grown taller and stayed the same weight now for close to a year.

So she isn't AS overweight as she used to be.

I do it WITH her and that makes it all the better.

Good luck...sorry this comment was soooo long :)

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8/2/10 9:51 A

I guess I would start by just not keeping anything in your house like candy, fried foods, etc. Maybe try taking her for a walk each night after dinner with you --you could talk about her day, etc. And I'd nix eating out (fast food). Good luck. Give her lots of love!

8/1/10 1:16 A

This time of year is when I take my daughter to get most of her check ups, her teeth and health. Just so when school starts I know she's healthy and ready for her new school year. My daughter who is now 7 yrs old has a weight issue. And has had one since she was 2 yrs old, she has always been taller and wider that other kids her age. She has dealt with it pretty well over the years. she is a very happy little girl, she doesn't let her weight keep her from enjoying life and proud of being in her skin. I wish I could learn from her,because I'm not too happy with mine. But their has been some emotional times where she would insult herself because she felt fat and ugly(she would say about her self.)But I explain to her that her weight won't go away sometimes on it's own, your body needs the extra help. And that she is the most beautiful girl I ever seen. I don't believe putting young kids on a diet, this just doesn't sit well with me. But at this point I feel I have no other option. I took her to her pediatrician on Friday and was told that she has to she her "Endocrinologist" again because she has high blood pressure and she has gain 8 pounds since the beginning of the year. She is now 136 lbs! This is scaring me because I'm afraid of her health now and in the future. The issues she could have because of her weight. And I'm mean issues health wise, physically, emotionally and mentally. Young girls have more chances of becoming addicted to diet pills that can lead to harsh drugs and lead to drug abuse. Physically torturing themselves by starving themselves or becoming bulimic or maybe anorexia. But also depression and may lead to suicide. I'm so scared for her. I don't think she'll get this drastic with the strong support of her family, but I want to help her loose this weight and don't know where and how to start? Before I get opinion and advice know this. She does not eat candy and she rarely drinks soft drinks, but when she does it's diet (she likes diet oddly) she loves water, but can lay off the juice. she loves cereals and the ones are the high sugary ones to (which i know needs to stop) she don't eat sweets everyday, but she can cut back more. She is not big on veggies, but will eat them when it's prepared the way she likes. (Stirfry or certain type of salads)she is active. She plays center on her basketball team that she has been on for a year, she practices 2 x's a week plus games on saturdays, she also played softball this summer along with basket ball, playing games 2x's a week. We swam a lot this summer too. I just don't know why and how she is gaining weight. Can someone please give me some advice for her. I'm thinking of sending her to see a nutritionist.
. After I speak to her Endocrinologist because I know he's going to put her on Metformin again......

Please help, thanks!

Concerned Parent.

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