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8/1/13 6:07 P

You have to find what works for you. I get off work at 9:30 am and then get my exercise in, housework, everything else a normal shifter does - then wind down by watching tv and get to bed at 2 pm. If I slept first, I feel groggy all night.

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8/1/13 12:56 P

Thanks everyone for their input...really helps to get an idea of what others do....I'm thinking that I'll try each version (pre/post work) and see how I feel.

This is why I'm very happy with Sparks...the response I got was FANTASTIC! You guys ROCK!


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8/1/13 5:29 A

I too work 3rd shift. I am really pretty new and just working into the whole exercising thing but when I get off work at 6am, I go straight to bed then am up by the afternoon and usually do some walking in the evening when it has cooled down. You will find what works best for you. All these posts are great ideas

KAYAHSLOANE1 Posts: 10,549
8/1/13 4:22 A

I work from about 11-830am so I sleep first then from 7pm-9pm-ish I do exercise its what works for me, experiment you'll figure out what is best for your schedule!

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8/1/13 2:54 A

I am the opposite. I work 7 on, 7 off 10-hour overnights. I go immediately to bed when I get home at around 7:30 am. I usually get up around 3, putz around for a bit while I "wake up", then start my workout between 3:30 and 4pm, so I can pick up my daughters at 5:30. I have found that I can consistently do this. Even if I start out tired, within a couple minutes of warm-up, I am awake and ready to go! Good luck!!! Just play around with different times, and you will figure out what works best for you.

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8/1/13 12:56 A

I also work nights. I take a snack and try to eat it about an hour before I leave, and then hit the gym before going home. If I went home first, the exercise would never happen! If you find you are too tired at the end of the shift, you could try going before. Going after works better for me because I normally get my "second wind" near the end of the shift, and can't go right to sleep when I get home anyways.

Good luck!

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7/31/13 10:45 P

So I'm new to Sparks and what I've seen thus far has really, really inspired me...however, there is a nagging question that I just have to ask.

I work Overnight Shifts and while I want to begin an exercise program...but the problem is that I am very tired when I get home and almost just as tired when I walk up!

Thoughts, suggestions, advice????


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