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May God bless your success on this journey we all share!

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It's important to keep fueling your body. You shouldn't reward yourself with food, and you shouldn't punish yourself by not eating, either. The best thing to do is get back on track eating healthfully again, making sure you're getting the nutrients you need.

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4/26/13 12:16 A

Hmm that might work if you only went over a little! But if you REALLY over did it, starting fresh with the next meal may be a better option.
I went over by 500 calories on Sunday...I was starving. Realized I hadn't eaten enough protein, corrected that and got back on track.

I agree that it averages out. Some days I eat a little under or at the lower end of my range, other days near the upper end. I don't think one rough day is going to hurt any of too much as long as we get back with it.

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There will be days a person over eats and that's okay as long as it doesn't happen every single day. You don't want to get into a mind set that each time you over eat on Monday, you eat less on Tuesday. You don't need to deprive yourself one day because you overate on another. In fact, that's not a healthy way to look at food. It implies that you did something wrong and deserve to be punished.

Instead of someone beating themselves up because they ate too much one day, they try to eat normally and more mindfully for the rest of the week.

Because do you really want to starve yourself the next day because you ate too much the day before ? I sure wouldn't.

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4/24/13 9:23 A

Overeating can be frustrating but it doesn't have to be the end. What I do in a situation like that is to just add the calories I over ate to the next days totals, and by the end of the week you should average your calorie goals for the week. Also, exercise a few minutes longer each day to burn a few extra calories.

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