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2/1/12 12:03 A

Thanks Fran for my new Weight Tracker. I'm so happy with it!


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1/31/12 7:30 P

Hi there,
Yes I will be your fitness buddy. I am 58 and as I mentioned need to loss 130 lbs. I am trying hard to watch my diet and adds some exercise. I live outside of Atlanta and desperately want to get in shape.
I will also PM you

FLUFFYBOX Posts: 4,205
1/31/12 8:49 A

CCWWMS, I think you just described me, except for the back injury. I'm looking for friends who would like to email back and forth, so if you are interested, please send me a pm. Maybe we can support each other.


DIANNEMT Posts: 12,623
1/28/12 10:19 P

You have come to the right place!! Take it one day at a time--do the right things--move EVERY day in one way or another and that will take off the weight!!

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1/28/12 9:04 P

We have similar goals. What is your plan so far? Maybe we can motivate each other to get through this and be successful.

1/28/12 8:05 P

I am 57 and have about 130 pounds to lose. I started just after our Christmas Cruise to Hawaii. I want to be active and healthy as my husband and I move into our retirement years. I want to cruise the Amazon, the Arctic, and Australia. To do that, we need to make long flights and I'm just to heavy to do that easily!

Plus, I want to snorkel and Jet Ski and I need to get into a bathing suit to do that!


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1/28/12 1:51 P

Thank you. Because I am just starting and have failed numerous times I hope I will have some success with Spark.
I have a long way to go and I hope the support on here will help keep me going!

GABBYROSE Posts: 505
1/28/12 7:40 A

i'm a soon to be 54 yr old and enjoy getting to know others on this journey. I've struggled for many years and am an emotional eater as well. Ihave finally managed to lose 75 of the 150 I need to lose. We can do it! Each success is fun and exciting, they are what keeps me going, If you have any questions I'll try to help answer them. I'm off to spinning class now (couldn't do this before (Success) Gabby

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1/28/12 2:41 A

Seems like you have come to the right place for support. Lots of good advise on here, I've just started browsing and trying the recipes, and they have been very good and healthy so far. Good luck on your journey to health!

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1/28/12 12:43 A

OK, Over 55, need to lose 130, bad knees, emotional eater, back injury, big mess, female. If similar situation and want to buddy up, let me know.

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