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11/16/12 10:21 P

When it's cold, the body conserves heat by restricting blood flow to the torso and head. So you would want to ensure that you are adequately warmed up beforehand to ensure that blood is flowing to the limbs before you start working out.

Once you are working out, you will probably be generating enough heat to stay warm.

Wearing an extra layer on top is probably a good idea - you can easily take it off if you find yourself getting too warm.

Another alternative is to do bodyweight exercises indoors.(eg. pushups, squats, planks, etc)

And kudos to you for not letting the cold and travel home prevent you from sticking to your workout program.


11/16/12 11:32 A

Just as when running or cross country skiing dress to be slightly cold when you go outside to begin your workout. Do your warm up in the carport then begin your workout. I suggest you do your strength work in the form of a circuit doing 4 to 6 exercises in a row, taking a short recovery then repeating the exercise sequence 3 to 5 more times. Dress in layers so you can you can adjust as you workout to ensure you do not overheat. Do your after workout stretching indoors.

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11/16/12 11:02 A

Wear layers and warm-up in the carport, and you'll probably be ok. You could also try to rig up a space heater if there's an outlet and it's not wet out.

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11/16/12 9:27 A

You'll be fine. Do some warming exercise first like jumprope or jumping jacks and then you probably won't even notice the cold. I live in a pretty cold area and I walk home after the gym in a tank top and it feels great. I get a lot of stares from the heavy coat wearers, but I don't care.

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11/16/12 8:44 A

Wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants and you should be fine

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11/16/12 8:26 A

Hey all,

I am going to be home for Thanksgiving all next week (I'm in college), and we have a weights machine, I couldn't really tell you what it is, but it is outside, on our carport. I don't have a problem being in the cold, but I was wondering if anyone had tips as to how to make this most effective? I am just a bit concerned, I guess, because I have heard several places to warm up and then do strength training. I have no problem with warming up, but it would be inside, so my body will likely be a bit shocked when I go out into the cold to do the strength training.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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