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2/24/10 4:09 P

even if they did soak it in oil (and why they would who knows) the nutritional info shows 4.6 gr of fat (like a tsp) so the rest of the calorie difference has to be added sugars and that's just sad.

DANSAPPHI Posts: 183
2/24/10 4:05 P

Geez, I always thought eating the skin was supposed to be healthy... :o(

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2/24/10 3:50 P

someone told me that some restaurants soak their potatoes and sweet potatoes in oil.....not sure if that is the case for Outback.

DANSAPPHI Posts: 183
2/24/10 3:34 P

I actually ended up splitting the potato. Half on the day I went to Outback, and another quarter on two other days, just so I could spread out all those calories. I did email Outback, I'm just so curious (and annoyed) that they can add 320 calories to a "plain" sweet potato. If it's coated in oil, I wouldn't consider that plain.

2/24/10 2:10 P

they must oil it up somehow. I've had them and they aren't very big. If I was cooking the same size one at home I would consider it small to medium. If course the sugar really pops up the calorie count and they don't give you a option to take that out of the nutrition grid.

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2/24/10 1:57 P

Maybe it has to do with the size of the potato? That question would be a good one to ask Outback. Maybe they cover it with Olive Oil or something else before they cook it?

DANSAPPHI Posts: 183
2/24/10 1:35 P

No, it's baked. Or at least I think it is. They don't call it Baked Sweet Potato, just Sweet Potato, but it comes in the skin, and in half, like a baked potato.

(Picture shows not plain)

2/24/10 1:35 P

that's a darn good question. Comparing the nutritional info from them (no butter) and just a potato it looks like there is still 4.2g of fat, and the total carbohydrates is 91 compared to a Lg sweet potato plain 37 (the brown sugar I presume)so the fat from whatevere source 40-50 calories and the extra carbs (sugar) 215-220. Yike - and I like those potatoes and thought no butter no sugar was a good option.

BIGDAVEJ Posts: 819
2/24/10 1:29 P

Is their potato fried?

DANSAPPHI Posts: 183
2/24/10 1:14 P

So, last Saturday my husband wanted to go to Outback. After fiddling with the nutrition tool on their site, I agreed. But their sweet potato has me puzzled. I know Outback Sweet Potatoes have butter/brown sugar, but I ordered this potato absolutely plain. (No butter/salt/sugar.)

The Outback calculator said the potato would be about 600 calories with everything. Without the butter, it still says the potato is 481 calories. But, on SP, if I ate a plain large baked sweet potato it is only like 160 calories. Can anyone tell me where the extra 320 calories is coming from?

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