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4/19/13 8:58 A

I have to agree with AM_MORRIS87 it seems when I eat breakfast I end eating way more than I should. I was encouraged to eat breakfast by many people they said it would help me lose weight. Well I tried it and gained 10 pounds over a few weeks time.

When I’m hungry but I know I have had the calories i need for the day, its usually because I’m board. So I get up and move. Start cleaning, go for a walk or just call a friend. Once I’m distracted I realize I’m not as hungry as I thought before.

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4/19/13 8:33 A

I am working with personal trainer right now who recommended I keep my calories at least under 2000. Originally, it was supposed to be between 1600-1700, but I found that too difficult. Am I perhaps still undereating to support my program?

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4/18/13 8:51 P

I am trying to lose some vanity pounds, maybe 5-10, and really tone up. I haven't really set a goal date.

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4/18/13 8:44 P

If it's that bad on a given day, I tend to just eat -- keep the small snacks going until enough of them (or the next meal) add up to feeling relatively normal. Often it happens faster than I think and then the rest of the day is fine. Like the last time I ate the equivalent of breakfast and both of my usual daily snacks by ten in the morning, but then the rest of the day was fine and I didn't even need anything in the afternoon. It doesn't happen to me often enough to be a problem.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/18/13 7:27 P

Are you losing weight? How fast?

You do perform a lot of activity - maybe you just need to be eating a little more? (Disregard this advice if you are maintaining, plateauing or gaining!).

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
4/18/13 7:23 P

You know, I've had this problem for... my entire life lol. I lived on the mini meal crap constantly to "keep my metabolism going." (Which is a load of bs.) I ate breakfast within an hour of waking, and it just made me worse. In fact, the only thing that seemed to help my appetite stay under control was to skip breakfast. Ohhhhhh I was breaking one of the cardinal "rules" of dieting/weight loss lol. Anyway, I was never satisfied, and always always hungry. The more I ate and the earlier I ate, the hungrier I was. I was living off of the lowest calorie foods I could find, so that way I could eat as much as possible. Finally after 20 months of perfection, I had a total breakdown. I was binging like crazy and gained 15 pounds back that I worked SO hard to lose. The only thing that helped me even come close to hitting my calorie range was to wait as long as I could to eat. I was "saving my calories" so to speak. It seemed like as soon as I got past that initial morning hunger, I was okay for the rest of the day. I realized what I was technically doing was intermittant fasting. So I started really following intermittant fasting every day, and it's changed my life. I eat between 4-10 pm, and that's it. It helps me stay in my calorie range and helps me feel so satisfied. My mood is regulated, I am not on a mental/emotional roller coaster all day, and I'm not OBSESSED with food anymore. Am I saying IF is absolutely for you? No. Am I saying it's for everyone? No. But I'm sharing my experience, and letting you know what works for me. Maybe look into it, and give it a try if it sounds interesting. It's helped me a lot. It is a very controversial topic in the fitness/nutrition world, because some "experts" still spout off fitness myths from 1995 lol. There is a TON of information out there going back and forth, and it can be overwhelming! But if you want a good knowledgable resource, I attached a link below. :)

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4/18/13 5:08 P

You can view my food tracker now. I'm sure I'm getting enough protein. The last few days, I've had well over 100 g per day.

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4/18/13 5:03 P

Are u getting enough protein? If you post a sample menu, we could better assist you.

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4/18/13 5:03 P

I just set up a SparkPage, and you can view my food and fitness trackers. Hope that helps a bit!

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4/18/13 4:55 P

It's difficult to say without knowing more about your diet. If you'll consider creating a sparkpage and sharing your nutrition trackers we can provide more specific help, but without that information, it's hard to make specific suggestions.

If you're that hungry, I wonder if you're eating enough? What's your daily caloric intake, and what's your weight, height, and recommended range here on Sparkpeople? What is your average weekly calorie burn?

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4/18/13 4:48 P

Lately, I've felt like my hunger has just been gnawing at me more and more and more, and today, it's just been insane! I've been able to keep my calories under my maximum, but ugh, this crazy appetite is unstoppable, regardless of the amount of protein, fiber, low-cal veggies, water, etc. that I desperately consume. I'm not really concerned in the longterm, grand scheme of things, but I'm just curious how others manage days like these. What strategies can you offer? Thank you!

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