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11/24/13 6:49 P

Hi there! For me, part of it is what I choose to eat when I get hungry. PB and honey on white bread would probably spike either of our blood sugar (especially if it's PB with added corn syrup instead of just peanuts and salt!) and make me or you want to eat six more.

Maybe you could try something with less sugar that is more balanced for longer digestion, like, say, an apple and a piece of cheddar, or celery sticks with the PB (preferably sugar-free), or cucumber and hummus, or some whole-grain corn chips with salsa?

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11/24/13 11:44 A

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed to hear.

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11/23/13 7:57 P

Keep these two things handy - 1-Water 2- Extra gum

Believe me, I used to have insane cravings. I have graves disease which causes extreme hunger at times, and I used to be on psychiatric medications which made me crave everything bad. I am still working on it but am much better due to drinking more water and chewing Extra gum. I swear I sound like a tv ad lol. I read an article saying that you might feel hungry or have a craving just because your body "craves" flavor. A piece of gum is only 5 calories and so I drink a full glass of water and chew the gum. It sounds silly but it actually works! It holds me over until I can make a good healthy meal. Don't give up. Its been almost 2 months for me and the cravings are just now starting to go away. It takes time but is definetly possible. I can't even eat sweet stuff now...I try every now and then but just get sick from the sugar overload. Good luck!!! Message me if you need me!

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11/23/13 6:56 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11/23/13 4:44 P

Hey Everyone,
Heres the deal. I'm having to be on a new medication that has turned my metabolism inside out! Look out pb and honey on white bread...its insane. I usually have pretty good self control but this is just overwhelming. Any ideas on how to get this madness under control? Any ideas would be quite welcome. Ty

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