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2/28/13 1:36 P

Rest it up.

No you don't have to move your office or work at the gym (do you mean your own workout or are you a trainer?)

You can say to people "I've pulled a muscle". They will help you with the heavy moving. Or you can postpone the move. As for the gym - definitely do not work out with a feeling like you've pulled or strained something. If you're a trainer then talk your client through things today instead of showing them, if you're a group instructor get someone else to cover, and if you just meant your own workout, just don't.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,761
2/28/13 10:49 A

Have you done more or new core work in the last few days? Typically muscle soreness is the worst 2 days after a workout, so think about what you did on Tuesday. If you don't think that's an issue, and you feel like you're having pain or the discomfort gets worse, then you might want to get it checked out just to be safe.

Coach Jen

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2/28/13 7:55 A

Couldn't sleep last night with a stomach ache which I attributed to one too many chocolate chip cookies, but upon waking this morning, I feel a very intense and burning tightness up the right middle of my abdominal area in a line to my ribs. It feels a bit like a pulled muscle, but since I've never really had much in the way or core muscles, it is a very foreign feeling. I have been doing more ab work lately but last night was not an ST night. Could this be just a delayed reaction to an over-worked muscle or group of muscles? Of course I have to move my office today and then work at the gym later, so there's no resting it today. Help?

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