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7/27/13 3:22 A

"My husband who is a physician often tells me that we only have so many heart beats and when we use them up we die. I certainly hope this is myth because I do a lot of exercise?

I have also heard that exercise is a short cut to the graveyard?"

The times my husband and two teenage sons have tried to lay this one on me - I workout seven days a week and the three men in my life do absolutely nothing, even less than that if they can get a way with it!

I look upon their comments as them trying to hide the fact that they are couch potatoes when I'm the complete opposite!

As for medical evidence for the above, I'm not an expert on that. But whatever, it won't stop me enjoying my workouts!

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CHARITY1973 Posts: 189
7/26/13 10:54 P

You like arguing don't ya? How's that going for you?

Spirited discussion is very acceptable. Derision and contempt, not so.

7/26/13 8:43 P

CHARITY1973: "Mr. Mesomorph was a creep I agree but he seemed to hit a 'truth' by accident and with bad intent which real science may one day explain."

Nope. Science is pretty solidly against him and the ideas behind the whole Mesomorph nonsense.

CHARITY1973: "As for adaptation (and I should have used that instead of evolution, after all no group of humans were isolated long enough to develop gills or a third eye!), there is a lot of research going on about food adaptation..."

Adaptation IS the primary mechanism of evolution. They are essentially the same thing. My primary training is in Biological Anthropology. There are no credible studies showing that any particular group has adapted to their environment and developed particular dietary needs or sensitivities. Human food consumption is pretty standard, as far as requirements. Paleo is a gigantic myth. It's huge. If you start talking about the Paleo diet in front of Anthropologists, they will either frown or giggle themselves silly.

The idea that something can be "right for you," even if there is no credible evidence to back it up, sort of goes against the title of this thread. "Other Myths, Busted!" Myths are things we believe, that are sometimes only loosely based in fact, or run counter to facts, but we believe them anyway.

CHARITY1973 Posts: 189
7/26/13 6:28 P

I guess the 'Why' doesn't really matter. We just are who we are and finding explanations don't really help us go forward. I like to 'explain' things but sometimes mystery is simply the only solid answer.

Mr. Mesomorph was a creep I agree but he seemed to hit a 'truth' by accident and with bad intent which real science may one day explain. I build muscle, retain muscle and need less protein than the average person at my gym. I guess the 'why' is unnecessary. It's just a fact of myself. I may be a study of one.

I wish cardio was all I needed. I can run for hours and hours but it doesn't work for me alone. I hate restricting but it works for me in losing weight (and I mean fat, I track it). Note that I have never dieted alone without exercise so I have no idea what my body would do.

As for adaptation (and I should have used that instead of evolution, after all no group of humans were isolated long enough to develop gills or a third eye!), there is a lot of research going on about food adaptation with the rise in theories around food sensitivities, paleo, etc. The answer to how we have adapted to digesting calories is still full of unknowns hence the full blown 'theory' factory online and in books. I just take it all in and test the theories on myself. If they work I retain them, if they don't I reject them, and I reserve the right to pick them back up in the future or drop them when they stop working. No one else on the planet needs to agree with me for something to be right for me.

CHARITY1973 Posts: 189
7/26/13 5:49 P

Not sure why I burn so much but I'd guess it has to do with running at a high heart rate which requires extra fuel, like a car going 100miles an hour. But my Polar HRM says 3000 based on my heart rate, body weight, gender, and age for 3:09 of running over mountain trails. And that's exactly how much fuel a well trained athlete (hope that's me) can store in glycogen in their body so here's hoping I didn't eat muscle in that race emoticon but 1L gatorade and a handful of jellybelly's helped stave the carbo depletion no doubt! Did eat spit roast pig afterwards with lots of apple sauce, hope that helped the muscles repair!

Ooops, my mistake but body weight in my post is referencing kilograms, not pounds. Though part of The Empire we aren't very empirical down here ;-)

The funny thing is this is all very new information and a year ago I couldn't participate or even have an opinion about this topic but wow what a difference a year makes!

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/26/13 5:24 P

"My husband who is a physician often tells me that we only have so many heart beats and when we use them up we die."

There is no evidence, at all, whatsoever, that we have a predetermined about of heartbeats and that we simply "run out" one day and die. Sure, our organs get old with us and the heart can cease to work, but I've never heard anyone say they've used up their allotment of heartbeats. Does your husband the physician really believe that or is he trying to cutesy up serious medical stuff? Because if a doctor told me this, and I was naive and didn't have the knowledge/education that I have, I would take it to mean we're just fated to live as long as we live and nothing will alter that, which is pretty dangerous advice for someone like me that was happily eating her way to obesity. I honestly hope he's just trying to convey this in a silly way to you and that he never says something like that to one of his patients.

"I have also heard that exercise is a short cut to the graveyard?"
Where have you heard this??? Exercise improves heart health, and likely means you're at or working towards a healthy weight, likely don't smoke, and likely know what is needed to fuel your body. Exercise and good health ups your chances of staying alive longer.

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7/26/13 5:10 P


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7/26/13 5:09 P

My husband who is a physician often tells me that we only have so many heart beats and when we use them up we die. I certainly hope this is myth because I do a lot of exercise?

I have also heard that exercise is a short cut to the graveyard?

7/26/13 5:05 P

I can restrict my calories for months...and not have any weight loss.

I can eat like a pig, do lots of cardio...and the weight melts off.

This is the reality that I struggle with every day. Is it a result of genetics? Probably not. Is the result of years of eating disorders? Maybe.

The problem with the idea that we all evolved in our own little corners of the planet, is that it's not exactly true. No group of humans has remained in isolation enough to have developed, through evolution, special dietary needs. Are there some groups that are more likely to have lactose intolerance? Sure...but that tendency is not found only within that group. It exists in all populations in greater or lesser numbers.

Also, the Ectomorph/ Mesomorph/ Endomorph system is not based in any way on credible science. I've seen it referenced several times here on SP during the last couple of days. Google the guy who came up with the idea. Not only was he trying to find scientifically generated explanations to justify his Eugenics based beliefs, but he also took creepy naked pictures of Yale students as "evidence."

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/26/13 2:33 P

My understanding is that the average runner burns about 100 calories per mile, so to burn 3000 calories in one run, you'd have to do about 30 miles, especially if you're at or near your goal weight. If you did - good for you. But if you didn't, you're probably overestimating that burn.

You'll also find that on long runs like a 30 mile run, you'll start burning muscle rather than fat if not properly fueled. So do NOT skimp on calories after long runs.

But yes, the media seems to take a small little bite of information and write misleading articles around it.

Also, (sorry, I feel like I'm picking your post apart and I'm not trying to but I feel there is some misinformation there) I've never read 1g of protein per pound of body weight. The most I've seen recommended, I think is .8 of a gram or 1.8 gr per KILOGRAM of bodyweight
. So if you're doing 1g/1pound, you're eating more than recommended for an active person, with dieters recommended to eat .7g/lb, but since you are already at a low bodyfat, I assume that isn't you.

I agree with your last point. It's been said here before - we're all an experiment of one. Find what works for you and run with it.

CHARITY1973 Posts: 189
7/25/13 6:56 P

Thanks to the thread about the Cardio Myth. It got me thinking about these myths and my experience with several diet and exercise myths.

emoticon Cardio Myth: I've seen a lot of these articles recently. Putting the bad journalism aside I think there has been a myth in society that if you just exercise you will lose weight and be healthy. This may be because doctors find it easier to sell exercise rather than low calorie to patients. And exercise has a lot of additional benefits so selling exercise and helping a patient to stabilise their weight may be setting the bar pretty low but it's better than unbridled weight gain and no exercise. The problem is that the patient thinks they will lose weight and it's just not possible to lose weight if there is no calorie deficit as has been pointed out by several people on the cardio myth thread. Regardless of how you achieve the deficit it is the fundamental piece of math that creates weight loss.

For me I spent years being active yet not losing weight. And it was simply a case of not restricting my calories to a level that equaled a deficit. Once I finally tracked my food on SP I saw that there was really a very good and simple reason for why I didn't lose weight walking hills for an hour 3-4 x a week. I ate those 1200 calories in extra food. After all that's only an extra slice of bread a day or full fat milk products or an extra hot chocolate or even heavily buttering my morning toast! I didn't need to eat fast food, processed food or anything specifically unhealthy. So I fell victim to the exercise myth!

Now I have a very different problem, I run, a lot. I can burn 5000 calories a week easily. I burnt 3000 on one run on Saturday. But the body doesn't like low calorie when you exercising at this level. It wants to eat, carbs, lots! After 6 months of plateauing I'm restricting again since I am in off season and only exercising to about 3000 calories week. I hope to be able to stay satiated with more moderate exercise spread out across the week with nothing in the higher heart rate zones. Not sure how successful I will be but I've made it 4 days now on 1700 calories a day. This is my sweet spot for calories.

I think that cardiovascular exercise is fundamental to my health and wellbeing. I love being fit, toned and lean. I need to exercise (cardio and/or ST) to achieve these benefits. Dieting alone will not give these but exercise alone will not create the weight loss (and I mean fat loss) that is part of a healthy and well body. They are intertwined and not really separable in my humble opinion.

emoticon Strength Training Myths: ST is another interesting element. I build muscle easily and can lift heavy. I hear all the time that it's impossible to gain too much muscle. But we all are different and I can say that I retain and build muscle much easier than many. It's a shame I don't want to go into body sculpting! I feel that though there is a ST myth that women will bulk up lifting heavy, this may actually be the case for a small number even if it's a myth for the majority. I like "New Rules..." and do lift heavy and I also can easily hit 18-19% body fat which I realise many women find nearly unachievable. Genetics, pure and simple. Mesomorph body type, maybe?

emoticon Protein Myth: Protein is fundamental to building and maintaining muscle. I won't refute this. I eat animal or vegetable 'muscle' to keep and build my muscle. But I think for me the myth in quantity needed is what I have had to bust. I can eat about 1x my weight in protein and maintain and build muscle. I seem to be very efficient with protein. Secondly my body hates the thermogenic effect of protein. Sure, it satiates and it takes a lot longer to digest but it feels like concrete in my system (and it comes out like concrete...). I lose all spring in my step when I try to hit 1.5 or higher (my body weight). But I realise that this is my body type and my level of comfort. I like faster moving carbs and fat. I like protein and my body likes it best in the legume variety but I eat everything. I love steak every once and awhile. Yum! But I can eat mostly vegetarian and stay lean and strong.

emoticon The My Way Myth: I guess it comes down to the fact we evolved as humans in many different and varied environments, we learned to eat what was at hand, and our bodies adapted differently. Since we are now a melting pot of nationalities we get throw back genes and random mixtures of evolutionary adaptation. Just as our outsides are very different, so are our insides.

Viva la difference!

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