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7/30/13 3:51 A

I have Arthritis in the spine, along with scoliosis. The pain isn't nice :-(

I was sent to rehab where the Physiotherapist was also a qualified, practicing Pilates Instructor. She took small classes so was able to give virtual one-on-one. I found it great, AND much safer than trying to go it alone - especially for a while. She would come along and reposition us, and sometimes even that ONE INCH could make a lot of difference between doing good, doing nothing, or doing harm. She also was able to advise me what exercises to avoid, and if she was doing some with the others that weren't suitable for me, she would either give me another way of doing it, OR give me an entirely different exercise altogether.

One of the best and safest stretches exercises was to have a Gym Ball, and to lie over it, face down. You let your arms and face hang down and the tail end does the same there. The ball is great because it supports you at the same time.


7/29/13 10:50 P

Well, i'll have to try that when i wake up tomorrow. I'd do it now before i go to sleep, but i have a major toothache that is preventing me from moving. =)

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7/29/13 10:27 P

That has definitely been true in my case. My arthritis pain is much less when I'm moving... in fact, I went almost all winter without hurting! My hands, of course, always hurt, but my hips get much worse when I'm sedentary.

I've found that I do best when I work out in the morning. I'm stiff first thing when I wake up, and yoga gets me limber and waking up for the day.

The good thing about yoga, though, is you can do both! It's low impact, so you can do it when you wake up, AND when you go to bed!

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7/29/13 9:42 P

Thank you... i will check that out. Do you do yoga first thing in the morning, before bed...? My doc knows that i have plans to use the treadmill... and she's the one that told me about the arthritis. In fact, she told me to stay active. She said the more i move, the better i'd feel.

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7/29/13 7:45 P

Get clearance for your doctor. Period. Don't try anything without checking first! You don't want to make things worse.

What has helped me the most with my arthritis pain in my hands, feet, and hips has been yoga. I recently started DDP Yoga, which is a slightly more intense version, but can be done by nearly anyone, regardless of ability. It's amazing, and has helped a lot of people.‎

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7/29/13 7:26 P

I have recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my back. I am pretty much in constant pain. It eases up some during the day, but i can't seem to find any stretching exercises that make me feel better. I was wanting to start up the couch to 5K program, but running hurts, so i'm just walking on my treadmill for now.

Advice, tips, links... help! Please!
Thank you!

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