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KELEKONA Posts: 605
1/22/12 4:06 A

I'm a little bit foggy on the details, but I don't think the ingredient list falls under copyright, just the instructions. If you completely re-interpret the instructions, you have an "original" recipe.

I'm sure those hundreds of recipes for "Biscuts just like those at Red Lobster" would mainly get in trouble for using a company name in the title. It's probably impossible to be able to prove that a certain incarnation of the recipe is the one that was the original since its popular enough to have been copied so many times.

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1/21/12 6:30 P

Thank you Denise emoticon

Guess I will double check, don't think the original source was copyrighted, but better be sure.

I am guessing then that certain bloggers don't mind if I'm seeing their stuff posted here (whew!). One of the gals I am certain IS writing a cookbook but her recipes are posted all over the place plus she used to be a sparker and not sure if she still is..but anyway, she must be aware.

Appreciate the clarification and hope my original post doesn't sound grumpy - not intended that way.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,537
1/21/12 10:57 A

If you modified the recipe, it is okay for you to post it. It is not okay if it was not modified in any way. We are a small team and are not able to monitor every recipe that gets added to the site, however, we do go through them as we can and remove the copyrighted recipes. In addition, you would be surprised at how many times a person contacts us (bloggers included) to have their copyrighted recipes removed from the site. Also, if you do see copyrighted recipes on the site, please feel free to use the report inappropriate link to report it so we can have it removed from the shared database.

Thank you!

Coach Denise

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1/21/12 9:57 A

Ok this is bugging me so I have to float this topic out there emoticon

I've been craving cinnamon rolls and decided to try out a version that does not use yeast b/c it is 'quicker' and I could tweak the ingredients more to improve the nutrition. I never post any of my recipes here, because I mainly add them for my own convenience and for later use - and I'm just trying to figure out the calories. Additionally, I am too lazy to go through and make it pretty ("buttermilk, lowfat (1c) .375cup, remove" anyone?? hehe UGLY!!)

So I tweaked this recipe an awful lot, and I reduced the calories by almost 40%. I went through and prettified it, put in the link to where I got the original, which was a web site that copied it from elsewhere, and also cited that source, and put in notes about what I had done.

However...I see that when I hit submit to Sparkrecipes, I am agreeing that I have not copied the recipe from any site, as well that spark may use it in any way they like.

I ask you my fellow cooks - what exactly is 'original'?? You got an idea and you go to another source to check your proportions. You see a recipe you like, and tweak it. Sound familiar? Isn't that what we all do? Of course many cooks have original material - I'm not saying that no one does! But for many of us, cooking is a riff on a chord we heard from someone, with a little smidge of color from something seen at, a sniff of a memory of a place we visited.... You know!!!

Now let's talk about the recipes that you will find in the Sparkrecipes section. Thinly veiled posts that clearly are not original. Blatantly copied recipes from other websites, with links, with full credit given. Even photos pulled from other sites. I won't mention sites, but I did a quick search for a blog I love, and found a dozen recipes that all cite it. Some aren't modified at all.

So what exactly ARE the rules here? I'm not trying to copy without credit, but if I have modified something that came from elsewhere, will it be pulled? Do mods of the recipe site just have too much to do to monitor recipes that are not original? Cause most of the user submitted ones are not, not even close.

So I did NOT hit submit for my rolls. No, it's NOT my recipe, but my changes, my notes.
Just curious why there are rules if no one follows them. I'm an ardent rule-follower. I don't have to be a stickler if no one else is, but I don't want to get my hand slapped for doing something wrong that is clearly posted as DO NOT DO.
Lip service? If not enforced but at least clearly stated, a 'CYA' policy?? I just don't get it.

Not disgruntled, just confused!

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