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7/28/14 12:12 P

This is what I've used and have in my pantry - it has very little taste, so I'm wondering if this is what your cookbook is using?

ELISADENK Posts: 11,781
7/27/14 7:52 P

Interesting. Thank you!

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
7/27/14 3:32 P

Since the "fruit" of a palm is its nut, I suspect that your "palm fruit oil" is simply what's being called palm *kernel* (nut) oil these days. The red palm oil is noted to be stronger, but the regular palm kernel oil is accorded similar attributes to coconut oil. After all, coconut *IS* a palm.

7/27/14 1:18 P

Thanks for the clarification.
Since this is not an allergy issue for you, I would suggest that you just substitute with the vegetable oil of your choice (for the recipes you wish to try).


ELISADENK Posts: 11,781
7/26/14 7:39 P


BECKY: Good questions. Just found the book at our library. Never heard of the oil before and was wondering about it.

7/26/14 6:53 P

I have some red palm oil. Strongish flavour, I wouldn't use it in baking.

It's very high in vitamins A and E.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,571
7/26/14 4:59 P

I had never heard about it. Wow! Learn something new everyday

7/26/14 10:37 A

Vegetable Oils are not even 1 of the major foods causing food allergies.
What is the food allergy (or allergies) that you have been diagnosed with having?

Did the medical doctor who diagnosed your food allergy suggest the cookbook as a reliable resource for you to use?

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

ELISADENK Posts: 11,781
7/25/14 11:38 P

Wow! Thank you.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
7/25/14 11:12 P

it's an option if you're cooking for someone (or a group of people) with so many allergies that you can't find any other oil or fat they can have. It was also just a big fad for a while, one of those foods that everybody suddenly decides is special for reasons that aren't entirely clear. But it's expensive, it's extremely environmentally UNfriendly, and it has a fairly strong flavor that not everyone will like. If you can use olive oil or something less exotic, that's probably the best bet.

ELISADENK Posts: 11,781
7/25/14 10:25 P

The Allergy-Free cookbook I checked out from our local library mentions Organic Palm Fruit Oil in most of the recipes. Never heard of it.

Has anyone used it?

Any tips/suggestions/recommendation?

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