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SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,585
10/27/12 3:02 A

I have never had the slightest desire to do a "cleanse", especially since I see silly advertisements like the one that goes: You eat 5 pound of food, but you don't defecate 5 pounds of waste, which means that some of the food you ate must still be in your digestive tract." And some people believe this nonsense.
I know this, I had a colon screening for cancer back when I was 55. I had the exam where you stay conscious because their little camera on a wand only checks the lower third of your colon. Still I had to go a day without eating anything except jello and I had to take this very strong laxative. Believe me, my colon was as empty as it was ever likely to get. I got to watch the camera's picture. That was without any expensive juice concoction
So, why waste your money and risk your health for something you don't need?

MMEEAAGGX3 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,049
10/27/12 2:46 A

Totally agree with Prim! Very well said! I used to do a lot of "fasts" and what I thought were "cleanses" (lol), and I ended up losing 32 pounds, gaining over a HUNDRED back, and just lost it all by healthy eating.

PRIM8PHD SparkPoints: (13,467)
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10/27/12 1:09 A

Millions of years of mammalian evolution have ensured that your body does a very good job of cleansing itself, so unless you eat a lot of processed frankenfoods, it's most likely entirely unnecessary. Spending even short periods of time not taking in fiber and essential nutrients, particularly proteins, fats, and long-chain amino acids, will ultimately cause major disruptions to your digestive system, and can potentially kill off a lot of your gut's healthy microbiota. While a plant-based diet is extremely beneficial to one's health, eliminating solid food entirely is not a sustainable long-term strategy, and is detrimental in the short term, as it will cause constipation, bloating, and a great deal of discomfort once a solid diet is resumed.

If you have the desire to do a "cleanse" with the desirable effects reported by juice cleanses, concentrate on actually *eating* fruits and vegetables, and incorporate juice as well to boost your micronutrient intake. Don't stop eating food entirely. That's just not necessary, and could easily mess up your GI tract to an extent that's hard to undo.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/27/12 12:19 A

I would not waste my time or money. The body cleans it self very well with out any help. You are going to put yourself through all of that for nothing. It won't benefit you any.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
10/26/12 1:38 P

I don't recommend them. They mess with your metabolism. Not healthy at all

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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10/25/12 2:40 P

No, I don't and I won't. I think that I don't want to interfere with my body's perfectly capable system of cleansing. I am in awe of the digestive system and how it works so well if you treat your body right.

MINIMEI Posts: 23
10/25/12 2:35 P

Thank you! I actually found a place locally to consider, but I will check out the web site you mentioned!

MINIMEI Posts: 23
10/25/12 2:33 P

Thanks for the info and advice!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
10/25/12 2:33 P

if you're serious about one, I have had friends that have used JuiceRX. They deliver the juices to your house. You can choose one day up to 7 days. I have never tried it because of the expense and the other problem was that I already eat really clean and the juices would have done nothing for me.

Now that i look at the website this one is based in chicago. not sure if they deliver everywhere since the juices have to be super fresh.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
10/25/12 2:28 P

Save your money. They do nothing for you.

"Cleansing" is a fad that doesn't have any relevance for your health at all. There are no toxins that your body cannot remove by its normal liver and kidney function.

If you feel you really really want to do something like this for the mental kick start it'll give you, then make your own. Just fire some fresh fruit into a blender with some water and fire that baby up.

You won't need supplementation, as "cleansing" juices should never be your only intake. That is very unhealthy. Include a healthy home-made organic juice with your breakfast and have a regular day of healthy eating. :)

There is a TV show here where they did an experiment last week, offering five different "cleansing/detox" products to girls on a roller derby team for one week. All five lost weight. One week later four had regained all the weight lost. They took bloods, and no girl had made any improvement whatsoever to her blood work in the week on the detox.

Save your money.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
10/25/12 1:40 P

I have not and would not. They are a waste of money.

MINIMEI Posts: 23
10/25/12 10:01 A

Hi there,
I wonder if anyone has participated in a proper juice cleanse. And when I say "proper" I mean a cleanse with juices made from fresh, raw and organic fruits and vegetables, possibly enhanced with supplements, likely purchased locally...
I'm considering one of these cleanses and would love to hear about any of your experiences.

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