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10/24/11 9:07 A

this is an old post that has been revived. the product that is being asked about it no longer available.

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10/23/11 10:18 P

It sounds like you have lost weight with out the drops. Hopefully, you have lost weight by following your weight loss calorie range and exercise.

Congratulations on your weight loss. Keep it healthy and simple.

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10/23/11 8:28 P

Sure you can Mandie! Glad you like it.

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10/23/11 7:38 P

You have come really far without using diet supplements, I assume? Why try something so expensive and overblown NOW? It is natural to slow down - pick up your pace and exercise harder, and avoid these types of scams.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
10/23/11 7:00 P

The thing about "oral hCG" is that it's physically impossible for it to work. HCG is a huge, enormous molecule, and the human body can't absorb it orally. This isn't a question of opinion or belief; if you take hCG drops, the level of hCG in your body will be exactly the same as the level of hCG in your body when you don't take the drops.

It would be a wonderful thing if you *could* take hCG in drop form, because then the little boys who need it for legitimate medical reasons wouldn't have to get shots. But oral hCG isn't even part of the debate, because it's like debating whether washing your car with higher octane gas will improve your gas mileage. If it can't get into the tank, it's not doing anything.

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10/23/11 6:34 P

I personally don't think HCG is safe. I personally have never done it but my best friend has. When we joined SP last year we didn't take it seriously, now I am on the program and I've been doing well this past month and I've dropped 10lbs, I've also gained a knowledge on the proper way to eat and how to add activity to my day. I feel great. My best friend decided instead she would try HCG because "it works faster". She ordered her drops and started on the 500 cal diet. For the first couple of days I couldn't believe how much energy she had, she was very energized but I found it odd that she couldn't exercise on the program. What program restricts you from healthy habits like working out???? After about 3 weeks she came to work and like normally had her few cals and while we were in the kitchen she literally passed out right before my eyes. It was crazy, and like I said I know it may work for some but not me. I need my proper nutrients and I hate passing out. Couldn't do it. She quit it and also gained back 20 of the 30 she lost. So we are back in the same 10lbs except I didn't make a trip to the ER

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10/23/11 5:57 P

Frankly, If I felt that HCG would be good for me I would do it. I certainly think that what some one does is their business. I do not make judgements. My foot Dr. was on the diet when I started to go there. He was doing it under the watchful eye of his Dr.

I had the Lapband surgery because I would never have lost the weight all by myself and I would have been dead now...I wish every one the best in making their choices and being gentle towards what ever any one else does.

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10/23/11 3:37 P

SoLucky, that is such a good saying. "The journey is so much more important to me, than the destination." If you don't mind, I would like to borrow that for my signature, giving you proper credit of course.

The reason I like that quote so much. Is because Spark People teaches a lifestyle. HCG teaches you how to diet. And what has one learned when they stop HCG?

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SOLUCKY1 Posts: 33
10/23/11 11:39 A

Thanks for all the good info. I just started this healthy eating program I'm on. I seem to have more food to eat then I can, when I'm eating healthy. I just looked at all the diet aids a few days ago. I'm so glad I'm beyond wanting to do it that way. Eating healthy is my first goal and losing weight is my second. I think if I can eat healthy I will feel better and stronger, this will enable me to excersise more. If I get more exercise Im sure I will lose weight if I don't eat all the empty calories I use to. The journey is so much more important to me than the destination. This is definitely very thought provoking Thanks Everyone for the input ! emoticon

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10/23/11 10:30 A

I work in home health care and a nurse I know is on the HCG diet. She has dropped about 80 lbs. I dont think its too safe though. She said she was restricted to 500 cals a day at first. There are maintence weeks and off days etc. She lost it so fast she looked ill.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
10/22/11 10:10 P

By the way, the "hCG Drops" that Walgreens sells don't actually even claim to be hCG if you really read the package. They are an "hCG support supplement." Just vitamins, at about 25 times the price. They "support your body's use of natural hCG" or some such BS. Supplements can make any claim they like as long as they don't use the words "treat" or "cure."

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10/22/11 9:31 P

I just got back from wal-mart and I noticed that they started selling the HCG drops.


MZLOVE1974 Posts: 1,509
10/22/11 9:22 P

The bottom line is that there have been serious health complications, as well as cardiac related deaths linked to the HCG diet, or more specifically the calorie restriction associated with it. I've personally spoken with two people who lost very young family members with no significant health issues prior to using HCG who had less than 50 lbs to lose and died from it. The problem with letting your body go into starvation mode to lose weight is that your body doesn't know to only burn fat... it burns muscle too. Guess what's a muscle? Your heart. Both of these peoples' family members died from heart failure while on HCG. Neither one had a history of heart problems or was obese or even elderly (one was in her 20's the other in her 30's).

People believed what the makers of ephedra related products said for years too, and lots of people who used it DIDN'T die... but some did. No one has EVER died from eating healthier foods, exercising more, and taking the longer, harder route to weight loss.

Your brain and internal organs also require a minimum of about 1200 calories a day just to function properly. They can't get the same calorie from your body "burning fat" (and muscle) through starvation.

10/22/11 8:54 P

I certainly will

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10/22/11 8:41 P

"Nobody has explained why I can continue to exercise 45 min to an hour a day and only consume 500 cals. I am completely satisfied when I eat, I sleep soundly every night. I am not losing my hair i am not irratable. All the things they say have happened are not."

You've only been doing it for less than 20 days.....give it time.
I use to fast for 5 days straight no food- just water and it felt AMAZING!!! ...Your experience isn't unique.

People with anorexia do it all the time.

Anyways, I truly hope that you post your progress in a couple of months.

Oh... have you read about the Minnesota Starvation Experiment? (That was done on men and it's very interesting!)> emoticon

10/22/11 6:01 P

@ Miisilene umm will pass on invasive surgey as well.

10/22/11 5:54 P

@ jacks You are correct the hcg alone will not show pregnancy, but when in your system combined with urine it does. What are maintenance calories are you refering to . what number ??

Phase 3 is the maintenance phase and you are to eat your body weight times 12. So my goal is 250 pounds for phase 2. 250 pounds times 12 is 3,000 calories. according to BMI I should eat 2276.8 times 1.375 for activity that gives me 3130.6 to maintain 250 pounds. If your suggesting that I eat 3130 and take hcg you are correct I wont lose weight. It simply means my body will not be calling on my stored fat for energy because I am taking in plenty to maintain my current weight

I appreciate all the negative advice I am getting from everyone. The information you are giving information i have already looked at. I even took it one step further to find out who put up the money for the fine doctors to do this reaserch ? I was not successful i sent out e-mails etc no response. Could it be the very people who are making billions and billions of the diet industry. Nobody has explained why I can continue to exercise 45 min to an hour a day and only consume 500 cals. I am completely satisfied when I eat, I sleep soundly every night. I am not losing my hair i am not irratable. All the things they say have happened are not.

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10/22/11 5:35 P

From what I have read, I wont be doing this.

10/22/11 5:33 P

put HCG drops on a pregnancy stick and see if you are "pregnant". betcha you aren't.

Take HCG drops and eat maintenance calories. betcha you don't lose weight.

How is this explained?

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10/22/11 1:07 A

Besides the extreme food and calorie limitations, one of the most dangerous things about the HCG diet is the way the Simeons protocol makes it sound scientific, when all the quack Simeons doctor did was come up with a theory -- which has been proven NOT to work by every responsible scientific study.

They is not one shred of scientific evidence that HCG does anything to help with weight loss. And there is not one shred of evidence that HCG protects muscle, makes it safe to eat only 500 calories a day, or anything else the HCG sells claim.

Besides, it is not healthy to lose weight too quickly or force your body to live mostly from stored fat. That can cause all sorts of problems.

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10/22/11 12:45 A

You are sending me here: to do research...

you're kidding right?

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10/22/11 12:25 A

Unfortunately, the number of scammers that sell "HCG weight loss" products have filled the search engines to the point that the real scientific research is buried in the false claims of the HCG merchants.

But with a little research, you can find what responsible doctors and scientists are saying about it:

Here's another good reason NOT to do the HCG diet. It does not allow you to consume any healthy fats for weeks, and your body NEEDS those healthy fats to absorb vitamins.

10/21/11 10:35 P

I wasn't doing hcg when I had cancer but thanks for the info. By the way what doesn't cause cancer theses days. As I was lying on the radiation table the instrument that was administering the radiation to me had a warning on it..*** Warning *** exposure from the instrument may cause CANCER. You can look at the glass half full or half empty. When doing your research did you happen to find any PRO HCG sites. Go to See for yourself. If the product is a fraud what is keeping me from being hungry and its not will power. Hunger is real if I was feeling hungry I will eat trust me I have been doing it all my life. One of the tests to see if HCG is present in your body is a prenency test. HMMMM interesting might have to try it.

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10/21/11 7:12 P

I am very upset to hear that Walgreens carries this fradulent diet product!

The HCG diet is one of the most dangerous diet scams out there. All the Spark Coaches have been trying to educate people about it so they won't risk their health or waste their money on it. The only reason people lose weight with HCG is the food plan, as HCG has been scientifically proven to do NOTHING to help with weight loss.

Most people lose a lot of weight in the early part of this diet, and that makes them think it's working, But by eating only 500 calorie a day, you are depleting your body of many necessary nutrients, and risking your overall health because the HCG -- drops, shots, whatever -- are not doing ANYTHING to make it safe to eat so little food. And most people do regain quite a bit because in the end, the HCG diet is no better than any other extreme fad yo yo diet on the market.

Here are a few websites that explain why it's such a dangerous approach to weight loss:

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10/21/11 5:11 P

@LOOSETHEGUT: 29 lbs in 19 days is outstanding. Good job! I'm a fast loser too, but not close to your numbers.

I was reading yesterday a research that stated that a fast initial loss is more highly correlated with long term maintenance than a steady marginal initial loss... who knows? Every organism is different.

I strongly believe it is your will power and determination, not the "hormones". Anyway, results are what matter at the end. Just keep it safe.

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10/21/11 1:57 P

Regarding Dr. Oz

Direct quotes can be found at the link at the 2:20 mark

I would not buy HCG supplements..............

Your sparkpage mentions cancer.
at the 1:08 mark they talked about the risk of increasing certain cancers:

10/21/11 1:42 P

exactly...and that is what I am doing research.

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
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10/21/11 1:25 P

Dr. Oz said "More research is needed"

10/21/11 12:41 P

And BTW doctor OZ has even come out and said there is something besdies the VLCD that makes this protcol work. Time for my Jog.

10/21/11 12:37 P

Thanks for the advice everyone. I am feeling great and have been doing the protocol for 19 days now and have no ill effects. My understanding of HCG is it burns off your extra fat for the energy the body isnt getting from the VLCD. I took measurements but havnt in a while. If its a placebo then so be it. I would think that eating 500 cals, I wouldnt be able to exercise like I am or maintain my active lifestyle. I must have implied I am at a I have lost 29.6 pounds in 19 days. emoticon I feel great and my hcg placebo is kicking butt.

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10/20/11 1:52 P

Ok I am so happy for all the people who have stuck to their goals and made it happen above and beyond. Now about HCG. Its a pregnancy hormone and certain tumors give off the hormone. I work in a lab and have not heard whether or not a pregnancy hormone will help to fight fat. If anything it might make you retain it because that is what the body does when a woman gets pregnant. I believe that its based on the idea that the hormone can help and the very restrictive diet that goes with it. I am not a nutritionist but 500 calories does not happy body make. You can develop kidney issues from loosing fat (it helps hold your kidneys in place) you can loose muscle mass, have heart issues and other such health issues that can arise from not getting enough energy for your body type. If you have concerns talk to your PCP or a nutritionist and they can advise you on how to get your body jump started again.

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
10/20/11 1:34 P

Loosethegut...anything that has no actual affect but makes people believe that it is having an effect is a placebo. A trial of one person (you) does not mean it's not placebo.

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10/20/11 1:18 P


I just read your post. I'm not trying to discourage you on your quest, I can see on your ticker that you are doing great!

But I will say this: I think people underestimate their true potential and will power to lose weight. While it is very admirable to stay on a 500 calorie diet (I have two friends on the diet), most people who are doing it place more credit on the drops than on their admirable will power. I know I could never go ahead with it... I just can't, so I respect the will power of those who can.

My brother is a medical student. He had a friend who was on the 500 cal HCG diet and lost an amazing amount of weight. He suspected the hormone had nothing to do with the weight loss, it was the caloric deficit only. So long story short, he offered to analyze the "HCG drops" at the lab. The result: no hormone was present, it was only colored water. It was his will power and the caloric restriction the only factors responsible for his weight loss.

Give credit to yourselves. You are doing great at losing weight, but I really think it is you and your will power, not the drops.

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10/20/11 1:01 P

Statistically, there is no difference in weight loss in a 500 calorie diet with HCG drops and a 500 calorie diet with a placebo. That is a proven and published fact. I wouldn't waste my money.

Now on the other hand, I do not think that supervised and temporary very low calorie diets are necesaarily bad for your health. Cutting to 800 to 1000 caloric range might help you pass the plateau, but if you do it, try to do it with medical supervision and do it as a last option.

I would try another way to break the plateau without cutting calories that much. It might help you to change your exercise routine. Combine weight lifting, do HIIT running intervals, step climbing, spinning, dance...

Yet another way to break a plateau might be to modify your macronutrient ratio temporarily. Maybe keep calories the same, but cut carbs to say, 15%, and increase protein to maybe 70%. That might also help.

A combination of the last two, paradogically with an increase in caloric intake, has helped me get out of a reduction in weight loss.

Don't give up, you are almost there. Feel good about what you have accomplished... most people only dream about getting to where you are now.

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10/20/11 12:42 P

I am not doing slim fast because I chose to do HCG. Its not a placebo, like you have read about, The cost to produce HCG is so low there is no reason to not add it. So this placebo your talikng about which big diet guru put the study on. Think about this for a second. The diet industry is huge. Billions and Billions of dollars rest on making sure people think HCG is a myth. Why has it been kept a secret for so long. The protocal was introduced in the 1960's. I am giving it a shot if it works great.. If it doesnt your all correct. Life still goes on!

10/20/11 12:40 P

One of my coworkers has just finish the last round of HCG injections and she has done really good, lost 75 lbs. I dont know it def. could be the fact that she only ate 500 cal. on this diet but she really felt that the HCG shots made it so she never felt hungry. She literally had to remind herself to eat bc she just wouldnt get hungry. I have seen the OTC HCG shots and i havent done any research but i have a hard time believing ur going to have the same results with that compared to the shots. Dont forget none of these things are FDA approved so there are no regulations, these companies can basically do whatever they want. So just be careful and do ur research. Good luck!

CAR58OLE Posts: 718
10/20/11 12:23 P

yeah - the usual nonsense...

A friend of mine did it - lost her 40# - did the maintenance thing - gained 15# back!

I'd say if you want the 800-1000 calories a day - then you will lose weight - whtether you put drops under your tongue or not!!

I can't imagine it is worth the money OR the deprivation!!

If I could lose 5# a month eating right and getting exercise I'd be thrilled... I'd say you need to re-vamp your SP plan... have you been tracking your activity? To see if you are burning the right amount of calories for your calorie intake??

I would find some other way to "kickstart"... heck you may as well do Slimfast for a "quickstart"!

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
10/20/11 12:15 P

If the HCG drops work for anyone it's because the placebo effect control their perceived hunger levels.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
10/20/11 11:52 A

I have not tried the HCG drops or any type of HCG. I gave up fad and restrictive diets when I joined Spark People.

10/20/11 11:46 A

I am at 29 pounds and have been doing the protocal for 17days. I am not at a stall I am still losing weight. I plan to give it 30 days and evaluate were I am. At that time I will move to phase 3 and get through Holidays. I feel great I have no desire to take that afternoon nap. Lots of energy when I excersie so far so good.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,291
10/20/11 11:32 A

80 pounds!!!! That is so fastastic! Oh my goodness, how absolutely fabulous!

I reckon it would be interesting to see how many people, after losing weight on such a restrictive diet, actually managed to keep it off. I'm willing to bet a nickel (not much of a gambler here) not many at all.

I don't recall in your post if you mentioned how long you've been on this plateau of not losing any more weight. Maybe instead of trying a "quick fix", you should instead try some modifications to the plan that's already proven that it works for you.

10/20/11 11:07 A

Wow how many of you actually have used the product. You say its the low cal. diet that does it and hcg has nothing to do with the weight loss. I have read the same studies that make the claim it doesnt work. I deceided since its harmlesswhat the heck I will conduct my own study. First of all I am not a needle person so I used the drops. Make sure the drops you buy are authentic by confirming they contain the actual hcg, no alcohol. Get a copy of the actual protocal from Dr. Siemions and follow it. I started the protocol on 10-3-11 at 307.6 I weigh 278.6...I have continued to exercise in moderation If I am tired I dont exercise. I know many will say as soon as I begin to eat over 500 cals. I will put all the weight on again. Well I have not met my goal weight so I dont know the answer to that question. Please dont sensor my post I am trying to see if this is for real or not. I know it goes against all normal means of weight loss and that is why I am testing the product for myself. I am not a sceintist, a doctor or any kind of salesman. I am just a guy who has been struggling with my weight for 25 years and I am now having success.

BONZIM Posts: 46
8/14/11 6:57 P

I've tried the injections, and the drops. It is the diet that makes you lose weight, but the minute you go off it, you regain the weight. I am here trying to do it the correct way now.

1/20/11 10:14 A

Diets - people use HCG drops, detoxs, and other crazy methods.

Lifestyle Changes - Eating healthy food, not limiting yourself to such restrictions, and learning to enjoy the experience.

Ultimately, it's up for you to decide, but honestly, does restricting yourself sound like fun?

BEARCLAW6 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/20/11 9:47 A

The reason that people lose weight on the HCG thing is that they also eat at extreme starvation levels. Don't do it. It has nothing to do with the HCG. Extreme starvation ALWAYS leads to gaining weight back.

You have hit a plateau. This happens to people. The first thing I would recommend is maintain the weight loss you have already achieved. You are right that you might need to mix things up a bit to lose more, but HCG is not the way to go. You may need to add some cross training, or replace some carbs with protein and fat, or eliminate gluten or diet soda or any number of things that may seem odd. Others on here can give better advise on breaking plateaus.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/20/11 7:18 A

Please take a few moments to review this information --

12 Ways to Spot a Fad Diet
Identifying Weight Loss Scams

Coach Tanya

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
1/20/11 2:51 A

The one good thing about oral hCG is that it is 100% harmless. That's because it is 100% ineffective. The hCG molecule is too big to get into your system by mouth. It just goes through you. Some medications have to be injected, and hCG is one of them. (It's too bad, because if the drops worked, the little boys who actually need hCG for growth disorders wouldn't have to get shots all the time.)

And at that price, what they're selling at Walgreens isn't the real thing. I bet if you read the label, it says it's "homeopathic." That means there's a molecule or two of hCG in a bottle of water. If you had it examined at a lab, the report would come back saying it was pure water.

But even if it were the real thing, and it could get into your blood, hCG doesn't work for weight loss anyway. The reason people lose weight is that it goes along with an extremely low-calorie diet. People who take hCG lose the same amount of weight as people who follow the diet without hCG. Every doctor knows that. Patients who get it in a clinic have to sign a statement for the FDA saying that they understand that it doesn't work. The only reason doctors started prescribing hCG was that it forced patients to come into the clinic every week so the doctor could make sure the diet wasn't killing them.

If you have the money to burn, go ahead and take the drops. They can't hurt you, because there's nothing in them. But I'm willing to bet that there's something else you could get with that money that would be more help. How about exercise videos, or new workout shoes, or video games like DDR? What about a State Park pass so you can go hiking, camping, canoeing, etc? There's soooo much you could do with $20 a month that would be a lot more fun than wasting it on fake weight loss drops.

MRS_4EVER_AFTER SparkPoints: (0)
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1/19/11 11:15 P

Don't waste your money.

JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
1/19/11 9:26 P

You lost 60 pounds in a year. That is FANTASTIC. I bet hundreds of people here on SP would give a lot to get the results you got - 5 pounds a month.

HCG is a scam. It's been disproven multiple times that taking HCG does NOTHING for "weight" loss. It's the calorie restriction, whether that is 500 or 800 or 1000 calories. Anyone eating that amount would lose "weight" - but on something so restrictive, so terrible for you, you're going to lose muscle before you lose fat, because the body is going to want to drop anything it can when you start starving yourself.

You've said you've made positive life style changes. I understand and am glad to hear that. And yet, you post here asking if you should do something completely against what you just spent an entire year learning? That should demonstrate to you that you still haven't mentally come to accept that healthy eating, proper calorie amounts, and good exercise are the keys. They are the keys now and they will be for your entire life.

Are you going to do this HCG crap for your entire life? Will you do it until you hit your "goal weight" and then... what? Do you stay at 800? Do you return to healthier eating? Do you watch all that muscle you've built up waste away, and for what?

Maybe you need to take measurements and pictures to document that while your scale weight might not be changing, I'd bet that your body is if you're still exercising and eating appropriately. Some people will come in and tell you to go for it; I am not one of them. I strongly, strongly urge you to reconsider these thoughts. You might get to a happy scale weight, but I'd bet you money that you'll be unhappy, more sick, look worse at that weight otherwise, and a whole host of other things.

There are no quick fixes to our fat loss problems.

AURIROSE SparkPoints: (0)
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1/19/11 8:44 P

I have been dieting for exactly one year now. With diet and exercise I have gone from 265 lbs to 185. I have not weighed less since middle school.

But, I have not been able to loose any more weight and I am getting discouraged.

A few years ago I heard of HCG and had several coworkers try it. All of which lost over 50 lbs each. But, at the time you had to do it by injections and prepare special foods. I was working over 60 hours a week at the time and I was TERRIFIED of giving myself shots.

However, years later and alot of positive lifestyle changes later...I am proud of the work I've done through proper diet and exercise.

But, I need something to quickstart me. I've completely stopped loosing weight and my motivation is waning and I've found myself slipping up more. I need a new program.

I was going to try the oral HCG before but it was always too expensive ($2000+)and the 500 calorie diet scares me. However, yesterday I saw the Oral HCG Drops at Walgreens for $19.99 for a 30 day supply.

Now, I have read Pounds to Inches and fully get the 500 calorie diet thing but, I dont think I can follow it. I have also read and known people who did a modified 800-1000 calorie diet and got results (though with slower weightloss).

So, I am asking for all and any thoughts on the subject. What do you think Sparkers?

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