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MELMOL150 SparkPoints: (60)
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8/1/14 3:42 P

I really like the peanut butter CLIFF bars. I just bought a case of them to have around. I am trying to eliminate fast food so I plan to keep one in my purse at all times and I keep some at work in case I get busy and cannot take a break for lunch.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,278)
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7/24/14 4:29 P

I didn't realize you were seeking refueling options for long runs/workouts. I recommend dehydrated fruits/veggies for that or a homemade sports drink (oranges juiced plus salt for me).

QUEEN-EYDIE Posts: 12,490
7/23/14 9:01 P

I keep the Clif Builder bars around for emergencies. I like them!

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,987)
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7/23/14 8:25 P

I also have eaten them on long bike rides.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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7/23/14 8:22 P

I don't like the taste of Cliff bars. They're chemically and over-sweet in an unpleasant way, to me. They make me feel sort of icky, too.

Like a previous poster, I do like some KIND bars. The nuts and spices ones are great at only 4-5 g sugar each, and they're filling enough, for what they are.

BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,211
7/23/14 7:56 P

pure protein is a great bar i find its high protein low fat and sugar

FLORADITA SparkPoints: (64,375)
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7/23/14 4:59 P

I am a Lara bar fan, made with fruit, nuts and seeds, no extra sugars or additives. I am often shocked at the many additives and the amounts of sugar, etc. that are added to "healthy" energy bars.

I also make my own with just fruit and nuts. I wrap and freeze them, easy to grab one on my way to the gym.

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7/23/14 8:55 A

I think a lot of people out there don't realize that a Cliff bar is actually a meal replacement. I travelled to a small village in the global south for a long work project, and a colleague of mine (no joke) took along a costco-sized box of Cliff bars. We were eating very well, and some of it was rich, fried, buttery foods, and she would eat Cliff bars in between meals (once she ate 3 in a day). Needless to say, she gained over 20 pounds in the months we were there (and this was including all the walking, lifting, etc we were doing!!).

The only time I've eaten Cliff bars is on backcountry hiking trips, when I don't have time to get out my camp stove and need to keep on the trail. But I do like the taste! Just eat them knowing their caloric and nutritional content, and in moderation - like everything else :-)

7/22/14 10:35 P

I used to eat them often but they are quite high in sugar and they tend to make me hungrier in the long term. Some of them gave me stomach aches as well.

I really like KIND bars for a super quick travel food. They have quite a few with 5g of sugar per bar or less.

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KFOX2003 SparkPoints: (1,567)
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7/22/14 9:30 P

I eat them occasionally and really like them. I find that half a bar usually satisfies me and I don't need to eat the whole thing.

DRYADSARAH SparkPoints: (194)
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7/22/14 8:35 P

Michelle, I don't use them for protein in and of itself. I agree with you on the candy bar aspect. What I used them for was for a quick energy boost during a long run. I just can't do the goo.

DRYADSARAH SparkPoints: (194)
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Posts: 88
7/22/14 8:33 P

I don't like them. When I was training for my marathon (derailed by an injury, ugh), I found that I liked the Special K protein bars.

7/22/14 5:26 P

This SP article has a great deal of information on the pros and cons of energy bars.
It also includes some selection criteria and how to use the bars wisely
You will also see that your Cliff bar makes the list as a meal replacement bar.

Hope you find it helpful.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,278)
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7/22/14 3:55 P

I've never had a bar. I would only feel rational using them as a last resort if nothing healthy was available and my blood sugar was low.

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H0KIE_GIRL SparkPoints: (3,588)
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7/22/14 3:43 P

I did notice the added sugar in the bars which is probably what makes me taste better than the quest bars which I can only stand if microwaved.

I'm thinking sticking with my protein powder and just making a shake or smoothie out of it is the better option than the bars and only using those bars when I have to be on the go and on the road and can't stop to make anything.

DOWNEASTB Posts: 472
7/22/14 2:54 P

Watch out for the added sugars. I have yet to find a protein bar that has an acceptable amount for my dietary preferences. I don't eat anything with more than 5g of sugar per serving. Some of those bars have as much sugar as a candy bar!

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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7/22/14 1:39 P

I eat Cliff bars on occasion. I take them along when I go for long bike rides.

H0KIE_GIRL SparkPoints: (3,588)
Fitness Minutes: (4,833)
Posts: 88
7/22/14 12:18 P

I just wanted everyone's intake on cliff bars - I use to use quest bars but I didn't like the taste so i switched to the cliff builders bars. The taste is better and its a quick 20g of protein but they are around 200-270 calories which throws me for a loop. I need to make sure i'M getting a minimum of 100-150g of protein per day so with the bar being 20 its a great choice it seems like on the go when i'M going to the gym directly after work but wanted everyone's opinion as well =)

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