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6/30/13 7:16 A

I actually always had a nice round bubbly butt. Then I gained weight.... I joined Spark, lost weight and my butt! :( (regardless of strength training).

I recently turned my flat butt into a yoga shorts, quarter test butt. I became too skinny at my goal weight. I was toned-looking from strength training in certain areas, my upper body in particular but my lower body was scrawny and sad-looking.

I started lifting heavier, I picked up a barbell and I started *eating* a couple days a week above maintenance. I put on 10 lbs or so in the last 3 months but because of my heavy strength training program, most of it was "good weight" (muscle and fat to areas where I could use a bit more). I grew back an inch and a half in my butt. I didn't realize it until last week. I don't usually do this... lol but I grabbed my butt cheeks for some reason and was like; "Woah! Where did that come from?" It felt heavy and firm so I ran for my tape measure. Never thought I'd be happy seeing an increase in inches but I sure was! I went from not being able to hold up a size 1-2 and 33 inch hips to a healthier 34.5 inches. That's only an inch difference than they were when I was thin before I gained and lost weight. So I've almost rediscovered my former butt... no wait, I have gained an even better butt (because it's even more firm). I found it underneath a barbell (squats/lunges) and because I got over my inhibitions of gaining weight back.

So in my experience, I wasn't able to rebuild it until I reached my goal weight and then gained weight back (I guess putting it back into the right places and gaining the right type of weight; muscle).

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6/29/13 9:07 P

I agree that squats and lunges are very helpful. Also, I like The Firm Tall Box. I have a really old one. It's 14 inches tall. I didn't use it for a long time. But now that I am exercising again, my rear looks better.

Good luck! emoticon

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6/29/13 8:00 P

I do squats and lunges 3 days a week and that has really helped.

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6/29/13 3:33 P

I'd say my butt was pretty flat when I decided to lose weight. It's not impossible to change the shape of your rear, but it WILL take time. Don't believe the hype of the late night infomercials, no one's body changes that fast.

However, I can say with some authority that a good strength training program CAN give your gluteal (butt) muscles some shape. I probably noticed my butt improving after about 6-8 months of regular strength training. If you start strength training, you will see changes too, but once again... not over night. it's going to take a while.

But, if you start doing things like squats, lunges and taking the stairs more often, you will see some change. And don't neglect your upper body. When you strength train, you need to work your entire body, not parts !! What's the point of having a nice booty if you're shoulders are weak ?

That's why you work your entire body and not just your booty. If you're not sure where to start, check out the fitness section, Coach Nicole has a bunch of short beginner strength training workouts you can do at home. Check out your gym's class schedule, try a strength training class at the gym. Don't be afraid to lift a weight ! If you want a lifted booty, you're going to need to challenge your body. You can also find lots of short workouts posted on YOUTUBE as well.

Start slowly, don't try to do everything at once or you will end up frustrated. You need to slowly ease into a routine so that your exercise will become just that, a routine. If you want a nice booty, you have to keep exercising on a regular basis.

So, make sure you do some strength training as well as some cardio. If you want leg centric cardio, take zumba, learn to run, ride a bike... it's all good.

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6/29/13 2:33 P

I have a flat butt. It is considered round. But not full at all. It looks long and flat to me. My understanding is that your butt has to have a good blend of fat and muscle to look good. Yet people keep doing these Brazilian Butt Lift exercise programs and their butts STILL look FLAT. I work out and am losing weight. I would like my butt to look nice and plump as I'm losing weight. If your butt was flat and you found a program to help you plump it up or ANY suggestions, pls help. I really don't want to do anything invasive like plastic surgery or fat transfer. I'd like to work on it as I'm losing weight.

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