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5/7/14 11:54 P

PIlates is resistance training - which is another way to talk about strength training.

Strength training/ resistance training helps build muscle (you build it when you're at rest), and muscle itself uses more calories than fat does! Building muscle helps your metabolism stay higher, even when you're not exercising!

So, it's not only about how many calories are burned during a workout. Thanks!

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12/10/13 3:25 P

feels like I burned more

12/10/13 1:38 A

Thank you so much, it was that. Instead of kilograms, it thought I weighed 55 pounds! It now says I burned ~120 calories for an hour of pilates, which is much better. Thanks again!!

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12/10/13 1:37 A

The other thing is that Pilates is more of a strength training exercise than an aerobic one so you won't burn as many calories doing it. You won't burn calories but you'll burn through inches like none other.

When I was doing Pilates 3 times a week I shrunk so fast it was awesome...never lost weight though.

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12/10/13 12:24 A

I think the problem here is something to do with the weight settings. Spark's default measurement is in lbs, not kg, and I think that somewhere in the software it divides by 2.2, rather than multiplies, meaning that it credits you with about a quarter of the calories you really burned.

Try going back into your account settings, and rechecking the metric box. Also, Spark takes its calorie calculations from your most recent weigh-in, so update this also. This often seems to fix things with metric measurements.


12/9/13 10:49 P

Hi everyone, I'm quite new to the site but I love it so far. However, I've started pilates the other day and I logged my activity in the 'my Fitness' tracker. It says that I only burn 50 calories for doing 60 minutes of pilates. Can that be right?! It seems very low. I'm 5'3" and weigh 55kgs.
It's kind of discouraging because it feels like so much work, but 50 calories almost doesn't seem worth it.

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