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MSFROGGIE Posts: 3,055
11/5/09 7:58 A

Happy Anniversary!

MSINGH Posts: 3
11/5/09 7:47 A

Fantastic read. love it. keep up, and let's celebrate this one year many more. you're one good inspiration. love you.

COUNTRYGRL0407 Posts: 8
11/5/09 7:47 A

I love this post. It touches my heart and my mind! Helps me to think!

PA_KITTY SparkPoints: (18,799)
Fitness Minutes: (2,511)
Posts: 1,846
11/5/09 7:46 A

awesome post ty emoticon

KAYYVAUGHN Posts: 42,001
11/5/09 7:44 A

We are so proud of you, and wish you the very best. We will always be here for you! emoticon

11/5/09 7:43 A

Awesome post. Congratulations.

LCHUNG1983 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,163)
Posts: 53
11/5/09 7:38 A

Happy birthday, Angel. You are truly an inspiration to me and others like me. Your post today gave me a whole new perspective on what exactly it is that I am doing here on this weight loss/healthy living journey and I thank you for that.

DEBBIECK Posts: 1,660
11/5/09 7:36 A

Beautifully written - you have a gift, many, in fact. It was a beautiful call to all of us to remember that we are each ultimately responsible for ourselves. Thanks.

MYGEORGE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (55,384)
Posts: 2,533
11/5/09 7:36 A

Again, all I can say is AMAZING! Love your post. Isn't thin grand!!!

11/5/09 7:30 A

you are an amazing person! i have no other words, after reading your message.


11/5/09 7:27 A

Congratulations. You have apparently grown in some ways while you shrunk in other ways over the last year. Keep up the good work, and keep writing.

11/5/09 7:23 A

Congratulations !! Wish you and your angel a great life ahead ...

KATHYR1953 Posts: 48
11/5/09 7:22 A

What an awesome blog and one that we all can relate to.
Thank you so much for sharing.

JZONEWOOD Posts: 132
11/5/09 7:19 A

Yeah for you. Congrats...

PAULA_W_D Posts: 1,812
11/5/09 7:17 A

What an amazingly insightful blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

11/5/09 7:14 A

Thanks for the insightful way you framed the message! What a unique perspective and a gift for expression! Congratulations on your success. I wish you well as you continue your journey!

MIGCIN Posts: 59
11/5/09 7:09 A

Congratulations on your 1 year! Keep up the good work . emoticon

GRANBUG Posts: 27
11/5/09 7:04 A

Congratulations and Happy Birthday...what an inspiring story and so well versed. I am a 5 week Spark person. Looking forward to my one year anniversary.

PJSTIME Posts: 8,906
11/5/09 7:02 A

What a great post and this SP site is AMAZING!!!!

11/5/09 6:59 A

AWESOME post. I am going to repost this for my friends on the Light Blue Bombshells BLC-11 (SparkPeople's 11th Biggest Loser Challenge).

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

HEALTHY4ME Posts: 4,468
11/5/09 6:58 A

What a great way t think of this journey. It has made me think of this as more insightful etc. I am going to be 53 new years eve and boy I remember my kids and watching them learn to live, walk, talk, read etc. and we all know they dont stop at the first pitfall.
Congrats you have done fantastic!

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MIZEGG52 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,373)
Posts: 62
11/5/09 6:57 A

What a beautiful way to look at our evolvement...I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary and haved learned so much regarding getting healthy and remaining that one...thanks for the new set of eyes and blessings to you...

PATKENOW Posts: 74
11/5/09 6:44 A

wow...This is exactly how I feel. I am 51 and have been on SP for 14 weeks, and realized as I was reading, I am creating a new me. What an awesome concept to treat myself each day, with the patience I would a new baby, and encourage, support, believe in, and that is what WP has done for me. I believe the support that is here everyday, gives me a new start, and new day and a new time!!!! Thanks for your inspiring words, and Congrats!!!!!

VIBAUSTIN SparkPoints: (13,751)
Fitness Minutes: (15,768)
Posts: 289
11/5/09 6:39 A

Thank you.
This is one of the best posts I have read. Congrats.
Happy Birthday on turning one. I feel the same about SP .

MAGGIE583 SparkPoints: (11,365)
Fitness Minutes: (2,750)
Posts: 242
11/5/09 6:39 A

That was such a Great Post..Congrats on you Year..I have been up and down on here for almost a year myself.It is always uplifting to come back for help..Keep up your good work.. emoticon

DMDOWD SparkPoints: (6,909)
Fitness Minutes: (2,859)
Posts: 305
11/5/09 6:30 A


I never thought of it that way. Having cancer has changed me and the way I think. I now get up each morning to Spark and look to see the changes and what I can do better. It will be a long while before I can celebrate 1. a new life.

KIMBAVIV Posts: 36
11/5/09 6:29 A

Awesome story. Thank you so much.

JAN1031 SparkPoints: (56,596)
Fitness Minutes: (57,146)
Posts: 2,431
11/5/09 6:24 A

Happy SP Birthday Thanks for sharing your story,
you will do this.Keeping you in my prayers.

11/5/09 6:05 A

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing. I know with stories like yours and your willingness to share, I too will celebrate a birthday in just a little less than a year!. Thanks. emoticon

PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
11/5/09 6:02 A

HAPPY RE-BIRTHDAY! I turned 3 on September 30, and it has been a wonderful adventure. emoticon

EGGBASKET1 Posts: 34,258
11/5/09 6:01 A


11/5/09 5:55 A

What a wonderful post. Congratulations!!

PCPKMANN Posts: 162
11/5/09 5:42 A

You've spoken eloquently the depth of my feelings for sparkpeople. Each day is a journey on a path of creating a new me, it is wonderful to have a site were information and community come together to help so many people. thanks for your message. -C. emoticon PS: Happy 1st Birthday!

CARRIEANNE1027 Posts: 2,899
11/5/09 5:35 A

Happy Anniversary/Birthday with many more to come! emoticon

11/5/09 5:27 A

Isn't it amazing how a simple person's simple idea can be such a life changing experience for many of us!!! I'm working hard to have the attitude you now have. I have a gut feeling SparkPeople is also my inspiration...I think that is why I am still here today after only a loss of 5 pounds in 9 weeks. I continue to log in my foods as I shake my head when I see my mistakes.
Many congratulations to you!!!


RICOCHET54 Posts: 11
11/5/09 5:23 A

I thought your story was very touching, i will be sharing it with others. i have been doing spark for about 15 weeks now, and have taken off 27 lbs. this is the best thing i have ever came across. thankyou for sharing. ricochet emoticon

_SPARK526 Posts: 643
11/5/09 5:20 A

We love you, too, LIL.ANGEL! xoxo

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NETTY129 Posts: 1,096
11/5/09 5:16 A

emoticon on your birthday (anniversary)!!! I am very happy for you. And you sound like you are a wonderful human being.I wish you much joy and satisfaction in your quests. Take care!!! emoticon emoticon

DAVEFITZ1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,495)
Posts: 4,286
11/5/09 3:52 A

Happy birthday. Your blog indicates to me that you are really mature in mind. Kids are a blessing, and it's only when we are gifted with a child that we wonder how did we survive without. So, happy anniversary to you, and happy birthday to little you.

11/5/09 3:19 A

Well done you! Thank you for sharing your year - truly inspiring.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

11/5/09 1:54 A

Happy Anniversary!

RBWILLEY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,100)
Posts: 69
10/26/09 12:42 P


VANILLABEAR Posts: 3,426
10/26/09 10:14 A

Very well put and truly inspiring!

SRFRGRL7163 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,474)
Posts: 1,374
10/26/09 10:11 A

emoticon emoticon

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,980)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,445
10/25/09 4:13 P

Wow - thanks for sharing your amazing post and way of looking at your healthy lifestyle adventure.

Congrats on your new life and your 1 year SparkVersary.


TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
10/25/09 4:05 P

Congratulations on the first year of your new life journey!

Coach Tanya

KELLEY421 SparkPoints: (40,766)
Fitness Minutes: (47,396)
Posts: 1,335
10/25/09 9:54 A

Congratulations. I'm sure that you will motivate others on their new beginning as well.
Hugs, Kelley

REBCCA SparkPoints: (412,740)
Fitness Minutes: (216,100)
Posts: 22,800
10/25/09 9:35 A

emoticon Wow! lilangel emoticon
You have given yourself a precious gift. Good for you, thanks for sharing.
Awesome post!

10/25/09 9:07 A

That was an amazing and inspiring post. Thanks for sharing and congratulations to you!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

SMFIT2017 Posts: 1,016
10/25/09 8:56 A

Exactly an year before, a 19 year old girl gave birth to a child. She was unsure whether she wanted that kid or not but the moment she looked into the child’s eyes, and saw all the possibilities that lay ahead, she knew she had made the right decision.

I was that child, I was that girl. I am my offspring, my parent and my sibling.
And today..... I turn one.

And it hasn’t been easy. There were days when I was frustrated with the new me, because it was sucking out a major portion of my time. There was so much to do! New food to be bought, clearing out the hazards (junk food) out of the way, people giving their own opinion on how I SHOULD raise this child. And then there was the emotional turmoil, there were endless nights of inward crying because it wasn’t easy to let go of who I was, because my comfort zone had been blown away by a stranger. I was that stranger.

But with each day that child morphed into a different being, I started loving the process. I couldn’t wait for the morning to see what else had changed. Watching someone grow physically and emotionally is a blessing in itself. And I realized how blessed I was when I looked in the mirror everyday. I cheered for myself when I decided to go for a run instead of sitting on the couch, I consoled myself when I binged like crazy. I made a gazillion wrong decisions because the process was new to me. But I realized that everyone starts from somewhere. Everyone has a beginning. This was mine.

I was the one who fell... and I was the one who kissed my ‘owwie’ and said that everything was going to be ok. I hated myself for making stupid decisions but I truly forgave myself because I knew there was no other way around it. I knew that I wasn't innocent, I was just ill informed. And forgiving yourself is possibly the hardest thing you can do. I still struggle with it, but I have accepted that it is going to happen. And how I deal with my emotions is what defines 'Me'.

I don’t know what I will turn out to be when I grow up. I don’t know whether I would be a prodigy or not. I really don’t know.
I didn’t even know I could get this far.

But I did.

And you know what?
Today... I turn one :)

It is my one year anniversary with SparkPeople and I want to extend a heartfelt gratitude to everyone who is a part of this site. Maybe I would have lost weight without this site, maybe I would have even gained the knowledge. But I couldn’t have gained this wisdom without this site, or the compassion. This site has made me realize that there are people out there who are capable of giving unconditional love and support to others, expecting nothing in return. And every time I log into this site, it somehow re-instills my faith in humanity. This site has helped me become a better human being. Love you all!!!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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