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LATTELEE Posts: 4,697
2/10/12 5:06 P

I keep hearing that Portland, Oregon is a great place to live. It appears to be quite an up-to-date city.

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
2/10/12 4:54 P

I'm also in Austin, where the city council is discussing a ban. I'm all for reusables, but I'm against the ban. I think you can do more with carrots than sticks-- encourage all businesses to give a nickel discount to those who bring their own.

There are several stores that give discounts, and when I go there, I remember my bags 9 times out of 10. Sometimes I buy something extra to make sure I get the discount (they don't all give it if you only buy one or two items.) There are also stores that just don't have bags, and when I go there, I curtail my shopping. Walgreen's is a good example; I used to go in there for a box of Kleenex and come out with 15 other things from their clearance shelf. Now I go in, get the Kleenex, pick up a bunch of stuff from the clearance, remember, "Oh, dang it, I don't have a bag!" and put the extra stuff back. It's good for me because I save a lot of money, but it's not good for the city's economy.

2/10/12 4:15 P

Yes - I live in Portland, Oregon USA. It works fine. Most of us bring our own reusable bags and get a $.05 to $.08 refund on our groceries for every one we use. For those who forget, there are paper bags available for use & reusable bags available for purchase.

2/10/12 3:34 P

I'm in favor of reusable bags and we recycle our cans and bottles, but when I get plastic bags, I save them and use them as packing like those peanuts when I send packages by mail. At least they are not going in the garbage. I think the idea of washing the reusable bags regularly was a great idea. I'd never remember which bag had meat and which didn't.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
2/10/12 2:23 P

I wish they were they fill the landfills and not good when they get into the oceans...

DNABRLY SparkPoints: (0)
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2/10/12 2:09 P

Back at home, they're banned. But yeah, it's easy to just keep the reusable bags in the trunk and take them out when you go to the store. Here at school though, they're not banned, but some places have stopped using them. I don't keep the bags in my trunk because I have to park far away, so I don't put them back after I put the food away. Sometimes I forget to bring them...

YANKEEGIRL6 Posts: 1,183
2/10/12 1:45 P

They're not banned where I live, but I can count on one hand the number of plastic bags I've brought home in the last 5 years. I live on the second floor of a duplex. Hauling a bunch of plastic bags up my steps is inconvenient.

I don't give a second thought to bacteria in my bags. I have a special bag for meat and use the newest, cleanest bags for produce.

I easily have 20 bags, all sorts. Most of them I got for free on one promotion or another. I find it helpful to have 2 sets. That way if I forget to immediately replace the bags in the trunk of the car, the other set is there.

2/10/12 1:14 P

I just thought of The Graduate, where the guy at the cocktail party gives Benjamin a hot tip on what career field to go into: PLASTICS. (early 70's)

KURS10B Posts: 5,106
2/10/12 1:08 P

They are not outlawed here. I have several reusable bags. I keep them in my car. I use them at the grocery store, but not really places like walmart. I will tell them no bag whenever I can though. You can toss most of those bags in the washing machine so they do get sanitized.
I use the plastic bags as trash can liners. They are the perfect size to stick in those small trash cans.
I wash my ziploc baggies and reuse them unless I had raw meat in them.

2/10/12 12:55 P

Carry them (REUSABLES). They're fashionable and chic - and I live in a suburb that's way more conservative than liberal Austin. I've been complimented when I remember them.

Old Navy had some nice retro peace sign ones, Hancock's had bright diamond patterned ones. They are everywhere.

Natural Grocers didn't offer me a bag at all, but they have empty boxes available.

Halfprice books, for 20 years, has never wanted to give out bags, but they're so holier-than-thou. A turn-off.

Let me repeat - I'm totally in favor of banning plastic bags.

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2/10/12 12:49 P

I saw a clip from Portlandia where the checker gets on the phone and calls the manager - "I have a customer who did not bring a bag!" That could be happening soon.

The customer was the Kenneth guy from 30 Rock. I watched the show once (Portlandia), but it wasn't as good as the clip. I don't get most cable shows. Sorry for straying . . .

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ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (199,935)
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2/10/12 12:46 P

Whole Foods and Trader Joe's don't use plastic bags. They use paper bags. Now, if you bring your own "reusable" bags, you get a five cent discount. it may not seem like much, but five cents is five cents. I go to one grocery store that gives out tons of bags. I think that's a waste and end up recycling most of them anyway.

You can buy reusable bags at just about every single store these days. Shoot, even the Dollar Store has its own reusable bags for sale. Most cost a dollar unless you want an insulated bag. those are a bit higher.

I think getting rid of plastic bags is a good thing. I can't tell you how many I see in the streets. don't get me started on water bottles. I don't know why they don't have a 5 cent deposit like soda bottles do.

2/10/12 12:45 P

That would be irritating. I haven't heard of any plans to change our trash bags. Garbage is already enough of a mess.

I use a lot of ziploc bags of all sizes. To change that would be hard for me. I have been a big plastic lover.

One change my son noticed was, I got a bamboo pepper mill when I liked the clear plastic better. It would have matched the salt shaker.

2/10/12 11:20 A

No we haven't gone mandatory on the reusable grocery bags in our area of Maine Bath, Brunswick,Me. but they have started using biodegradable garbage bags mandatory, and they need to work on them. They are expensive and they rip and tear and you have to use two to for strength to hold garbage. It's a mess. I'd like them to make manufacturers use much less packaging. We'd have less garbage.

2/10/12 10:48 A

A checker at Whole Foods told me that plastic particles have been found at the bottom of almost the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. Here's a link if you don't mind copying and pasting:

It's interesting what places have already banned plastic bags - Sri Lanka, because they're prone to flooding, and the bags clogged drainage ditches, for one.

On my page i have a picture of a deformed seaturtle - not from a bag but a plastic ring.

2/10/12 10:42 A

Austin, TX is very close to a ban, but I don't know the details. It's a pet topic of mine since I adopted the seaturtle "persona." Only Whole Foods and Natural Grocers are kind of insistent about reusable bags now. I shop 90% of the time at the large regular supermarket, where at times I've thought the reusable bags are really catching on, then I go for days without seeing them.

I've been inconsistent, having periods where I can't remember to put them in the car. I'm in favor of a ban, and stores will have paper bags available for certain items when the customer forgets.

My mother's concern with reusable bags was breeding bacteria and I told her - when it's messed up, then throw it away. So I'm still in a throw away mindset.

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OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (251,630)
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2/10/12 10:26 A

I'm with Turtle - I just keep my grocery bags in the car. I've been using them for 20-25 years now. It's a pretty easy habit to start.

2/10/12 10:20 A

It's no big deal here. I keep my reusable bags in the trunk of my car, and if I forget to bring them in, I just run out to get them while they're ringing stuff up.

LATTELEE Posts: 4,697
2/10/12 10:12 A

Does anyone live in a community where one time use plastic bags are prohibited? How does that work for you?

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