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10/16/13 12:35 P

Let me ask this, though: why haven't you stuck with it? What did you do to lose weight that you no longer do? And why is that? Maybe some thought about this might help you answer your motivation question.

My initial motivation was a doctor's visit- he told me to start shaping up or I'd be on the way to high blood pressure meds. I decided that was not going to happen. That led to walking, ST stuff, then runnning, then races, and better nutrition, etc...... Snowball effect- but start from one thing and succeed, use that to motivate yourself to achieve more.

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10/16/13 12:33 P

I like that, Bill. Nice words.

Motivation comes from within, not from external sources.

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10/15/13 11:12 A

Have motivating goals. For example, I play recreational sports and I like to excel at my games. I'll never be a pro or even competitive, but getting better is extremely motivating to me. An optimal strength to weight ratio coupled with a good aerobic capacity are critical to success. Sitting on my ass and doing nothing just isn't going to cut it.

My goals aren't your goals. It's a process of self discovery. But rest assured, if your goals are to "lose 50 pounds" or "track my food every day", those are usually pretty terrible goals that would motivate me to be fat. Find real goals that motivate you.

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10/15/13 10:10 A

Going to try one more time. Male 51 years odl 5'4' 264. Have been below 200 in the past. Just can't keep motivated. How does everyone else do it? emoticon

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