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DEENASUE Posts: 45
1/27/12 9:05 A

It sure is harder to lose the older you get...I broke my foot last March (long story short) I had surgery in Nov. so have been on crutches since last March. I gained 20 lbs. :(
Anyhow, not much exercising for me, but I could at least do some upper body. Maybe that will be my goal for this weekend...

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1/26/12 10:08 P

Welcome 2 SparkPeople

1/26/12 9:00 P

Well I'm a newbie to this site. Only a couple of weeks in. Have lost 4 lbs. This is sure not like the old days when I could take off 4 lbs in a couple of days. It really is harder to lose as we get older. But I'm going to hang in there. I had WLS in 2005 and was very successful.(180 lbs.) However in 2008 my mother passed. It sent me into a major depression. I have gained 30 lbs back. So now back to carefully watching what I put in my mouth.

CANAUS Posts: 303
1/26/12 1:32 P

12 LBS ...way to go!!! Congrats :)
Whatever you are doing , it's working!!
and with little exercise..ok...what's the secret...*grin*
Not sure what i am doing wrong here but the scale isn't moving..grrrr
I have been doing really well though, eating alot healthier and exercising daily and feeling so much better for it!!
all the best and keep up the great work!!! *S*

DEENASUE Posts: 45
1/22/12 10:47 A

Very new to message board, but would love a few friends that love spark people as I. I have been on for one month and have lost 12 pounds.....I am 52, single have 3 grown children and a daughter that is a Senior in High School. I love my job as a Admin.Assist..and recently had foot surgery so exercise is very limited..So if you need a spark people friend I would love to hear from you!! I just pray that when I hit Post Message I can find it again LOL!!!!

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