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CANAUS Posts: 303
6/16/11 5:16 P

Thanks for the info, i will check it out :)

This is day 3 and feeling really good about the progress i've made. Stayed within my calorie range and NO junk food or treats after dinner.

Water will be my focus point for the next few days..not a water drinker at all so this will be a challenge for me. My goal is to drink 3 x 8 oz glasses a day!

I need to stick with this, even if i have a bad day I will not give up this time. In the past i would start off good and over time i would get slack and give up...but this time i want to succeed. I need to keep in mind that every little step makes a difference, in both directions!!

6/14/11 10:42 P

Hi - Sparkpeople will match you with a person with similar interests and goals. Under the Community tab, go to Sparkpages. The buddy finder is on the left. They tell you the person, then it's up to you to contact them.

CANAUS Posts: 303
6/13/11 11:26 P

I mingle with a healty lifestlye for a few days here and there but haven't been consistant. It's time i get serious and put some effort into getting healthy and losing those unwanted pounds. I'm so over losing a pound or two and putting it back on, over and over again!!!

There are many changes i need to make, main one will be to PLAN my meals and workouts and put some time and effort into doing so.

A weight loss buddy would be more than welcome :)

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