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that's the thing everyone's talking about and its related to high levels a bad on off at a combination of all these things high blood pressure low blood levels ova al HDL the good happy cholesterol insulin resistant hypertension we know today just like accusation reverse heart disease and a vegetarian diet vegan diets have been proven to actually reverse type 2 diabetes the Wii marry Institute in northern California has done a lot to work with that diabetic patients between them on vegan diets in C reversal within days they start seem significant improvements same thing with doctor Daniel Bernard with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine he's done research and the same thing with vegan diet the niter powerful Madison for reversing diabetes causes of cancer you see here 35 percent related to diet in many scientists think it actually even more in fact poor diet and use the tobacco make %ah as much as 65 percent all cancers let's talk about some the cancer prevention guidelines the first one is shoes mostly the food you eat from plant foods obvious but photo-chemicals in the in the fruits vegetables eating fruits and vegetables lowers cancer risk in you can see the numbers studies the type of cancer and the number showing reduce risk by eating any increased effort in vegetable diet here in Hawaii have a great program called eat a rainbow you familiar with that in other words eat the whole I am rainbow color fruits and vegetables every day trying to get all those collars in your diet because you're protecting yourself against allied diseases and you have the color wheel food the white in greens in the Reds in a per polls in the oranges in yellow and oranges and greens this is the food color wheel.

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