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7/8/13 12:44 A

I can empathize. I have also dealt with a lot of very pain and frustration. But I think trying to find exercises you can do. continuing to stay moving even you're if not moving as fast as you want to be.

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7/8/13 12:02 A

Injury is frustrating, isn't it?!

Sounds like there are three main things going on - the type of exercise you've been doing, your footwear and not seeking professional advice.

On the first point - running is a highly stressful exercise and does not suit everyone. There are tons of other things you can do to get fit and lose weight...swimming and cycling could be two great options for you. Swimming is particularly good as it's low impact, burns lots of calories and gives you a full body workout.

On the second point - as others have said, our footwear is critical, not just when we exercise, but at all times. Heels are an absolute no-no when you have back, leg and foot injuries. Worn out shoes - and cheap quality shoes! - are an absolute no-no at all times.

On the third point - many people resist seeing a professional to help them back from injury, but it can make all the difference between full, speedy recovery and long, drawn-out repeat injury. I know it costs a lot to see a professional, but it does work! You have several choices of professionals you could see depending on where the problem is really based - if you also have back pain, consider a chiropractor; if you also have leg pain, consider a physio; if you only have foot and ankle pain, then a podiatrist could be the answer.

Think about you answer to that last point careful; it's surprising how many foot problems originate in our backs or from having very tight glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors...

Good luck!

All the best with your recovery...

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7/7/13 11:43 P

When one body part hurts, I work other body parts that don't hurt. I do some exercise nearly every day, irregardless of injury, illness, travel, or weather. When sick I stretch and try to walk a little bit. When injured I work the body parts not injured. When I travel I walk, jog, and do exercises in the car and/or on planes. There is always something one can do when they learn what is available to do and are creative.

I had arthroscopic knee surgery five weeks ago. Am now able to walk one mile, with a goal of walking 5.5 at a fun run in five more weeks. Expect to start running in September. Been doing physical therapy for the knee (one hour per day!) , sit-ups, and upper body workout.

Good luck! keep moving!

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7/7/13 5:10 P

I am actually not running as of right now. I probably won't run again unless I get deblow 150, to ensure I don't injure myself. But I will definitely take your advice about the shoes and getting a professional fit. I think I have an instep that is a little to far in due to obesity.

I will work on my stretching. I think I rush through it too quickly. I ALWAYS do a warm up on 5 minutes, and stretch every muscle I know I'll use, then I work out. As far as injury goes, stretching is the first preventative measure.

My toe is getting better. I actually think it is due to wearing high-heels too often. It hurts a lot if I try to wear heels while its healing. I can tell I don't completely relax my toes while wearing heels. Maybe I had them bunched up funny while I was walking the other day, I notice that sometimes I have to wiggle them around to make sure they are relaxed.

Thanks guys... And to all who always see my complaining posts... It's hard. I am determined to be healthy, even if it means crying out like a baby once and a while.

By the way JUSTICE19. I thought your little chihuahua was a horse as I indirectly glanced past the picture. Haha!

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7/6/13 10:22 A

Stretching after a workout is going to be more effective than stretching cold muscles before. You want to warm up (walking briskly for 5 mins before you start running) and then do a cool down (walking again is a good one) and then you can stretch while your muscles are warm.

But I would definitely recommend seeing a Dr. about it; especially if it is always centered around your feet. You could have something serious going on and not know. And they will more than likely ask about your shoes. I went to a specified running store and got fitted for a proper pair with high-arch supports and it made the WORLD of difference.

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7/6/13 6:37 A

Take it easy and make sure you stretch before and after your work out. I have a foot issue-matter of a fact-I have to go to an orthopedic. I will tell you that shoes make a huge difference, when I started working out-I bought a pair of Nike Air's ($140) which is way more than I usually pay. But my feet doesn't hurt as bad after working out.

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7/5/13 10:18 P

How do you deal with always hurting somewhere? I hurt my left foot about a month ago because I started to run and it is slowly getting better because I stopped running. I started exercising 3 times a week instead of 5, and I now ice it and take ibuprophen after I exercise. I also stopped wearing sandals. Now my middle toe is hurting. It came on suddenly after a 4.2mph walk today, which is very easy for me. It only hurts if I have my foot flat on the floor, and I curl my toes into the floor to grip the floor. It isn't deformed or bruised, or crooked. It looks slightly swollen. Maybe I sprained it or stressed the joint while walking, I don't know... I have 4 month old shoes, maybe that's the reason. GOD 4 months. I use to be able to wear cheep ol' Payless sneakers and be fine for a year or more, no pain! I am so sick of this. I just feel like each time I start to imporove physically, I get an injury! Does anyone else deal with this junk? I am only 32, I didn't expect to have such a difficult time with all this pain!

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