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3/19/13 7:22 P

Wonderful to see u have released 84#. Fantastic.

I'm 63 and I had four friends from high school die of heart attacks this past year and all four of them were all slimmer women than I've been the past 20 yrs. Three were school teachers. So, I use everyday since I know this is the only life I'll ever live and it is going by fast. Got to take care of our bodies now. I've learned a lot from Richard Bernstein MD. He has lectures on YouTube.

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3/18/13 1:52 P

Just hang in there. You are not alone. All of us have problems but dealing with them is important. Keep a positive attitude and remember God is always watching us. May He Bless and Protect You on your journey.

PATTYGRAN Posts: 411
3/18/13 8:05 A

This is such an amazing but terrifying time in life. I have the time to reflect, to change and grow, and to take care of myself, which is wonderful. My body is changing because I'm taking care of it which is amazing, but it's also changing on it's own because of my age, which is the terrifying part. Sometimes I feel there is a battle being fought in my body and I'm not sure which side is winning.
I know others must feel the same way. How do you cope with the changes? I exercise, which helps me. I know I feel better when I make good food choices, both mentally and physically, but sometimes I give in to the negative and over indulge and eat the things I know are not good for me. I actually feel physically bad afterwards but still do it. I think a support system is critical, so if there are any women out there going through the same thing, give me a shout out. Maybe together we can make it!

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