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@Loveaxi I'm glad it helped. It really stuck out to me and has kind of become my mantra. Thank you so much Sparkpeople for SparkRadio!

That said I want to add that the Bikini workout on here is getting easier so I may move on to more challenging things. 21 days in a row now with the exception of my birthday which was a planned splurge even before I started my lifestyle changes...exercise just about every day when I wasn't so sore I HAD to take a break (like after a long day hiking. Monday is my off day now) which is longer than I've ever stuck to an exercise regiment. Wanting to hike and explore and take pictures and see the wild side of this beautiful state I'm in is such a HUGE motivator. Every day, every choice, I'm always one choice away and I hear that in my head every time I want crap food. I feel so much healthier and stronger, Jack in the Box and McDonalds and Red Robin have NOTHING on the beautiful scenery of Flaming Geyser or Tiger Mountain or Saltwater State Park. Plus they don't even taste half as good as the bean burgers or the whole foods soups I make. I can do this.

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emoticon Keep going your doing emoticon

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My birthday was on the 5th, emoticon

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That's awesome - so happy for you (and Happy Birthday!).

I love that Spark Radio quote: "You are always one choice away from getting back on track."
Thank you so much for sharing that - I'm going to tattoo that onto my brain right now!

So simple yet so true. For every one of us!

Congrats and woo-hoo YOU!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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I know I post here alot but I feel like I'm always celebrating lately. My birthday was on the 6th and I let myself go on it and the 7th in second family spoiled me, though I chose a healthy side dish and strawberry shortcake as a dessert instead of a more unhealthy cake. I am proud of myself because I remembered the message from one of the SparkRadios that I listened to which was "You are always one choice away from getting back on track," so I planned healthy meals and cooked on the 8th and went hiking on another tough trail on Sunday partially to make up for it and partially because I love hiking. Despite my delayed muscle soreness when I am done with this post I am off to do the Bikini Workout like I committed myself to and I went for a walk this morning with my husband around the block for 10 minutes. I've been measuring my calories and avoiding my pitfall (going out to eat) successfully and I didn't allow two days of celebration to derail me this time despite the fact that in the past I've let it all spiral me out of control.

I cannot begin to describe how strong I feel right now or how proud I am that after almost 3 weeks of working out I don't have to rest as often and don't get as winded going up hills and hiking crazy trails. I'm pushing my husband as well when we work out and giving him a run for his money! I'm hoping the weight comes off now so that it will be easier to hike, not for clothes or self-esteem. I bought a couple of trail books for my state to find new places to hike and my hubby and I decided to make our hikes an every weekend event, which is really exciting for me. I'm loving this!

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