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4/5/12 4:37 P

This one isn't a buffet, I'm actually pretty good with those (lots of fruit and salad) rather, this is a regular chinese place, the sort where you order from combo menus and has all the traditional stuff!

RUNNER5ISH Posts: 612
4/5/12 4:35 P

When I'm trying to be healthy at a Chinese buffet, I go for egg drop soup and veggies. All the buffets I've ever been to have had string beans and whole mushroom as options. Dishes with chicken and broccoli but without the heavy sauces are good. It's so hard to make healthy choices at Chinese buffets because even the veggies are often cooked in heavy oils. If the place you go has a Mongolian grill, stick to that and you can have a completely healthy meal.

TORIAMAE Posts: 1,080
4/5/12 4:09 P

Soup is a good idea. Egg drop is non-terrible, as is wonton and hot and sour.

Stay away from noodles or anything that is breaded.

Your lowest calorie goodies will be steamed or in white sauce. The browner sauces tend to have more sugar.

I'm pretty sure spark has a dining out guide someplace...look under nutrition articles.

Good luck!

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4/5/12 3:54 P

It's a real pain... my doctor says it's likely caused by allergies, and has given me some antihistamines to treat it.

HEre's to hoping... yay for highest pollen count in history!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,519
4/5/12 3:49 P

I usually get the Wonton Soup and a Spring Roll.

I hope that your vertigo gets better. I have had that before and know that it is no fun.

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4/5/12 3:46 P

Okay, so tonight is a trip to the Chinese restaurant, since my husband isn't feeling well, and it wouldn't be a good idea for me to try since I can't walk in a straight line (yay vertigo!)

This is a standard low-end Chinese place, and I'm not afraid of trying new things, so I'd like some suggestions! I tend to go for high-calorie stuff, and I'd like to not do that. I love sesame chicken, lo mein, anything with noodles, soups... (egg drop = yum!)

so what would you recommend? I love new things!

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