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3/7/14 7:43 A

No one here is attacking you.

You posted about this diet. People have questions - that is natural. I asked you a very simple question, which you answered - which led to another question by another member, which you answered. Her response to you was very respectful - you were not attacked by her...or me.

That is what a discussion is.

Otherwise, this would just be the kind of board where there was no option to respond to anyone - it would just be full of single postings by members....and all we would be able to do is read them...and never respond to them.....

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3/7/14 7:32 A

Phrases like 'lifestyle change' and keeping a healthy balance forever, etc scare the crap out of me. Not because there's anything inherently wrong with that mindset but because I cannot imagine forever. I can't really imagine next year. Even just this summer overwhelms me. I booked our august beach trip last week and put it in the family calendar and the thought of living all of the days between now and then made me physically sick. That's why I don't use those things.

I can deal with diet. i can deal with today and this week and if i stretch a little, the next couple weeks. Beyond that, if I start to look there, I stop being able to function NOW and I need to make now, today, work. I need to get out of bed and help my kids with difficult math assignments and proofread english papers and supervise science experiments that involve open flames in my kitchen.

Interestingly enough, my mood and overall ability to cope with life is higher on low-calorie days. This is a common thing because dropping calories that low triggers the production of hormones that say, "get up, get moving, let's go find some food" If the fast lasts days or weeks at a stretch, the body gets depleted. But just a day low followed by an up day to replenish isn't really a problem. I'm not going to knock anything that helps me accomplish more in my day. Will this stop working to make me happy and productive on low days eventually? Possibly. Probably. For now, it works. I'll take it. And when it doesn't work, I'll deal with that then.

I've done the psychiatrist and psychologist visits. I've done the drugs and the intensive therapy and even the inpatient. Sometimes I feel better for a little while before I crash again. These days I stick to a behavioral counselor who helps me focus on being functional now and not hurting myself. We track the moods and the lows and try to find the triggers that push me super low so I can avoid them. It reminds me a lot of finding migraine triggers so I could avoid them.

I'm really not sure how this thread turned into, "let's attack a stranger for her diet choice." I kinda thought this was a support site. And I'm not entirely sure why I should have to defend a diet choice that I already got a thumbs up on from the professionals in my life.

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3/7/14 12:12 A

Maybe the problem previously is that you DID DIETS - they are notorious for not working. I also think that in large, part of the problem is your overall mindset which is a healthy lifestyle is still a diet. It isn't. It is about a healthy balance to your life.

I wonder if, in the long run, you alternate day virtual fasting might impact negatively on your depression. Hopefully it doesn't.

Have you had therapy in the past? Many therapists specialize in treating people with depression who ALSO have eating issues. That might be worth thinking about, and a healthier alternative.


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3/6/14 9:23 P

"Couldn't you just eat 1600 calories every single day and not have the days of massive deprivation?"

Yup. If I had the will power to eat 1600 calories every day, I could do that. Ultimately, it's the same over time. The difference is that every time I have tried to track and restrict calories, i do really well for a few days and then fail spectacularly because I can't imagine doing that for a whole year or forever or whatever. I also get discouraged super easily (partially depression, partially my personality, I think).

With this way, all I have to worry about on the low day is that day. It's just for the day. I can do anything for a day. It's a mental trick. Tomorrow I can have that high calorie thing.

Plus, sticking to the low day feels like i've accomplished something. Go me! And i have an instant reward on tap. When I wake up the next morning, i can eat anything I want. I may delay gratification a bit but I don't feel deprived for long. and i don't feel guilty for really splurging calorie wise on the up days because that's what I'm supposed to do. So go me there too!

It's not a plan for everyone. I'll freely admit that. But for me, it is working better than anything else I've tried over the years...and i've tried a ton of diets. This is the longest I've stuck with one and still felt really good about it.

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/6/14 9:08 P

"My low days are just a little over 500 calories and my high days are a little over 2700 (averaging out to around 1660 calories per day over any two days)"

Couldn't you just eat 1600 calories every single day and not have the days of massive deprivation?

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3/6/14 8:18 P

I'm doing Johnson's up day down day diet (JUDDD) which sounds pretty similar to what you're doing. My low days are just a little over 500 calories and my high days are a little over 2700 (averaging out to around 1660 calories per day over any two days) so I guess what I'm doing is probably pretty similar to what you're doing. On low days, I remind myself that I can eat anything I want tomorrow. A few days, I have saved myself a portion of my family's high calorie dinner to have for lunch the next day. Or set aside my portion of dessert on a low day and threaten the kids away from it. That piece is MINE, I just need to wait to eat it tomorrow. It's just one day. I can do anything for just one day.

It's critical to make sure that you're getting a decent portion of protein and a LOT of water on low days. I have not felt shaky or sick or bad on low days and I treat high and low days the same activity wise. I have household chores, walking the dog, and 5 days a week, I am doing a Focus T25 DVD workout too. Sometimes I feel hungry but never weak. My trainer checks my iron and my protein levels at each weekly weigh in. She's the one that recommended the up day down day thing, saying that it's easier for some people to go really low one day knowing that you can splurge the next day than it is to constantly hold to moderation every day. I have found that to be true. It's surprisingly easy for me to stick to the low day calories knowing it's just that one day.

My primary care doc AND my cardiologist both okayed the diet and exercise plan. My primary doc just cautioned that if I add any low day to any high day, my calorie number should be above 2800 (averaging to no lower than 1400/day). He says that calories and nutrition aren't a daily thing it's overall, over time, are you getting enough. Every day doesn't have to be perfect so they're not worried. Both docs just say that lose the weight and get fit will be a huge benefit to my health. Cardio-Doc recommended that if I didn't feel well on low days that I should start monitoring my blood sugars and blood pressures. My blood sugars are dead stable but sometimes my blood pressures get a little low...but I have underlying issues and low blood pressure is a common issue for me and has been for a decade. I find that increasing my salt intake helps. Monitors for those things aren't expensive if you're curious about yours.

Anyway, you can do this if you want to. It's only ONE day to feel deprived. You can eat whatever it is tomorrow.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
3/4/14 6:07 P

Even the 5:2 diet only suggest eating that limited amount 2 days a week (and there are even issues with that). Every other day of severe calorie restrictions can't be good for your body - I'm pretty surprised your doctor said this was ok.

Eating an appropriate amount of calories EVERY day seems like a far more reasonable, sustainable way to lose. And more importantly, be healthy.

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3/4/14 12:58 P

Hi, Kathryn !

eating 500 calories every other day ? That doesn't sound very healthy to me. 500 calories is not enough calories to sustain an adult woman's busy day. 500 calories wouldn't be enough to sustain you if you were completely bedridden.

I know this is going to sound strange, but a person has to eat in order to lose weight. Losing weight isn't just about cutting calories. It's about making sure your body gets the NOURISHMENT it needs to be healthy. because weight loss is nothing more than a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. if you're eating right, watching your portions and getting a little regular exercise, the weight will come off on its own.

I'd starve on 500 calories a day. If you're remotely active, I'm sure you're starving on those days too.

It really is okay to eat. it's just a matter of doing your best to make healthier choices, not perfect ones.

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3/4/14 12:38 P

A diet that you cannot stick with is not a diet that is going to work.

Even if you COULD do it for a limited period of time, once you get to your goal weight and stop dieting, all of the weight is just going to come right back.

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3/4/14 11:58 A

Are you planning to eat like this for the rest of your life? SP doesn't advocate a diet. It's a lifestyle change.

Quit with the gimmicks, exercise more, make healthy food choices, and you will see results.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,924)
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2/28/14 12:02 A

It sounds strange to me that your Dr would have given you the o.k. for this. Out of curiosity's sake, does he also have dietetic certification?

If you are hungry, I would be inclined to eat. It is your body telling you that you NEED the food. If you feel you MUST embark on this type of eating plan, I would be inclined to not go so low on the fasting day.

My son embarked on the 5:2 Diet. He lasted about 3 months. He complained that he was far too tired and starving on the days that he was fasting (at about 800 calories) and just fatigued on the days he wasn't on the restricted calories. His friend didn't even last THAT long.

You really ARE better off to learn to eat more healthily, in sensible portions, AND regularly.



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2/27/14 11:17 P

If you are on a Team focused on that back through the Team posts for ideas! Others had to have had similar issues.....

Personally....I know I couldn't do it!! Out of curiosity, your Ticker indicates you've lost 40lbs or so.... Seems like whatever you were doing was working. So why are you changing something that wasn't broke??

2/27/14 4:57 P

On the Every Other Day Diet where you only eat 500 calories every other day and finding it hrd to say no to extra food today. I checked with my doctor and going this low on calories every other day is okay. Need help staying on diet today!!!!!!

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