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ANALECKS Posts: 98
5/5/09 2:19 P

yes SP will choose what is best for you in the SP diet plan

LIMONADE34 Posts: 925
5/5/09 1:55 P

I don't believe you can choose your daily calorie range... Spark sets it depending on your weight loss and exercise goals. As you adjust your goals, Spark will automatically change your daily ranges.

SUEBEE42 SparkPoints: (71,133)
Fitness Minutes: (33,935)
Posts: 10,077
5/5/09 7:59 A

If you insert your goals on how much cardio you plan to do, how much you want to lose, your starting weight, your goal date, etc., Spark will give you a recommended calorie range, which should be pretty close to what you're aiming for already. I'd leave that be.

If you look at your Nutrition Tracker page, you will see recommend ranges at the bottoms of the columns for carbs, protein, and fat.

If you go over your calorie-burning goals for the week, Spark does not automatically increase your recommended range for eating. In fact, I am moving right now, so I am carting boxes all over, painting, etc. I've got this message on my Fitness Tracker right now (and it's only Tuesday! LOL):

*You've gone over your weekly calories burned goal by a significant amount. Your calories eaten goal will not adjust automatically. If you have increased the amount of exercise you are doing, you should update your fitness settings here to make sure you are consuming enough calories to support the additional activity.

I hope that helps.

GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,815
5/5/09 5:37 A

If I enter 1200 - 1400 calories as my daily goal, are you saying that SP will automatically tell me what the normal ranges are for grams of protein, carbs, fats and sodium and fiber? I remember one time, SP increased my calorie goals one week because I had an unusually high cardio minutes and calorie burn that week. But when I changed it back to 1200 -1400 I didn't notice the grams changed for these nutrients. Which makes me think I need to change these numbers myself.

What are you referring to when you say "if you accurately plug in your information"?

KALORIE-KILLAH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (19,921)
Posts: 5,261
5/4/09 8:28 P

This depends on a lot of things, but SP will generate this for you if you accurately plug in your information.

GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,815
5/4/09 8:21 P

how many grams of protein, fats, carbs, sodium and fiber are within a normal range of a 1200 - 1400 calorie diet?

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