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KASTRA Posts: 369
6/10/14 5:36 P

STEPHAN_NANNY's "Punch in the Park" diet sounds more successful to me. Not only would you lose weight, but after the reconstructive surgery and recovery period from the broken nose and cheekbones, the "diet" makes one prettier.

Or, following a program that includes mindful and healthy eating, combined with a bit of cardio and strength-training exercise can be successful without the added expense of hospital stays, as are quite possible with either plan.

HMBROWN1 Posts: 17,566
6/10/14 1:54 P

that doesn't sound like a lot of calories - I might faint if I tried to go on only 500 calories all day

NICKY820 SparkPoints: (86,064)
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6/9/14 8:26 P

I'm with you, RUSSELL. Low carb, no sugar, lots of veg and real food, some movement thrown in.
Proviso, though. Extreme low carb may not be for everyone.

GRAMMAYAYA4 Posts: 2,767
6/8/14 6:13 P


I'm a leader on another team, those of us who tried and failed WW Pounds Plus. I've been on my WLJ since March 2009. I read about how you cut out carbs, and walk 2 miles a day on 1200 calorie a day WLJ. I would love to see your food journal because I cannot seem to cut out carbs.

My DD1, 36, 3 kiddos, did Omnitrition. I was so scared for her. 500 calories a day, taking care of her family and working part time. I read of all the bad health scares from this diet program. Well I guess 7 months later she beat the odds. My beautiful daughter lost 26 pounds, only did the drops for 20 or so days, and has maintained. She looks healthy but too skinny. It's almost as if following that program reprogrammed her body.

My food is as follows: Greek yogurt for breakfast, Yoplait, coffee, 1/2 tbs. of FF creamer and 1 trivia.

Lunch, reduced fat string cheese and an apple

Dinner, a can of low sodium soup or a 400 calorie dinner

Night time snacks: healthy pop, Jiffy 150- 225 calories depending on serving
Sugar free hot chocolate, 2, and 3 reduced fat Oreos

I have FM, and am only hungry at night after my nighttime meds. That is why the carbs at night.

Even if I stay in 1200 calories and walk or step 10,000 or more each day, I gain or don't lose. I'm a bit curious about the Omni drops,


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4/25/14 12:38 P

I have known many people who are currently or have done the onmitrition diet. I personally think it is the biggest fluke or scam around. I have watched a couple struggle with their diet, constantly craving the things they cannot eat, dying to eat what the others at work who are not doing the diet are eating, even to the point of asking if they can just smell their food. I continue to sit back and watch the fail each time they do the diet. They brag about their weight loss (high numbers), but I never see it. I dropped to 1200 calories a day on a low carb high good protein diet with added 2 mile walk a few times a week and lost 20 pounds in 3 months and everyone noticed my weight loss. Now there are a few people I also know who appear to be success stories of the omni diet, the all lost a bunch of weight and look fairly great, the weight loss is obvious, however, they all began to age significantly, have saggy skin they think they can work away now they are working out and also believe that the additional products they have to use is tightening their skin. It's not going to happen. I sit back and listen to how they take a special night product that helps them sleep, carb blockers so they can eat those carbs, special coffee that is supposed to help lose weight, stress pills, energy pills for those workouts, etc. Oh, and a liquid vitamin because it absorbs better than pill or gelcap, of course, the omni experiment on this is their liquid vitamin vs a gelcap in water for a week, they failed to mention that our stomach is not water, and is in fact acid that disintegrates the gelcap quickly. If this is the life we are supposed to live consuming pill after pill to try and lose weight, like someone else mentioned, they would grow on trees. The only thing I have noticed in all the cases of what I have witnessed is an addiction to the product and an unhealthy obsession with food and alcohol.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,573
4/24/14 11:52 A

The OP was asking about the drops and not about the book. She said that her friend lost 64 lbs with the drops.

As far as the Omni diet book. Sounds like Paleo or Caveman. And that diet can be healthy. Just make sure that it is something that is sustainable for life.

ALSGIRL4 Posts: 519
4/24/14 11:07 A

I have to say a friend I know doing the diet. 500 Calories a day. She has lost 9 pounds in 4 days and I have to admit it's tempting. I just am not sure that its sustainable or healthy. She was the one who preached to me that I was not eating right not having breakfast in the morning. Now she is trying this diet. Wow how times change.

If you try it I hope it works for you. I truly am trying to learn there is no magic potion to help you loose weight. It is learning to eat properly. I am currently trying to find my wagon to get back to dieting the way I was. So I have no room to talk right now. I am closer to my goals, but not where I want to be. I am getting there though.

2/4/14 2:09 P

Omni Drops vs Omni Diet. It's not the same thing.

9/7/13 1:51 P

Does this Omni Diet really work for people with many health issues? Like fibro, Sleep Apnea, Asthma, T2 Diabetes.....

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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8/14/13 12:24 A

If your doctor is advocating the use of these water drops, then I would strongly consider finding a new doctor, or asking her if she knows what's actually in them.

It's the placebo effect, because there's nothing *in* them! That's what homeopathy is... it operates on the idea that water "remembers" the substances it is in contact with, and can somehow magically transmit the properties of things it's been in contact with even when there is no measurable amount of that thing in it.

If paying $80 for a bottle of water helps you lose weight, well, I'm not one to say anything. The placebo effect is powerful indeed.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
8/14/13 12:23 A

I eat a low carb diet of 2000 calories a day, and have no hunger at all. I am losing 1-2 lbs a week. You shouldn't feel hungry on low carb anyways, so the drops are unnecessary.

The only issue if they are a placebo, or can't be used by the body, is the waste of the $79 for the bottle, and adverse side effects. While I think you could get these same results without the drops eating very low carb, it seems that the only problem is that you are wasting money, if they just pass through the body.

If you choose to do so, I would stick to the low carb. I have been on it for over 4 years, and it is a sustainable diet. I think the drops are a waste, but you will find that low carb works because it removes all hunger, so you can eat the proper amount of food to lose weight. If spending $79 for some drops is something that you want to do, go ahead as long as there are no adverse side effects. The low carb will do the work, and you can give credit to the drops. Either way, you will reach a healthy weight, so why would you care?

8/13/13 10:13 P

Ladystarwind: I have done the diet without the drops and I wasnt able to do it. With the drops I am not hungry. It isn't a sustaining diet, as a matter of fact you only doing it for a short period of time and stop doing it. I would have to say that I did lose weight while pregnant and had a 10lb14oz baby. I don't believe the drops are an end all to be all. As a matter of fact I plan on only using them to kick start my drop and then get off of them. I have been to my doctor and she said that they should be fine and that I will reset my metabolism IF I do it right and not for long term. I am not looking to change peoples minds or make them feel like it is the miracle to losing weight. It just works for me.

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (85,026)
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7/15/13 10:06 P say that the drops and the diet are working for you....why don't you challenge yourself to just follow the diet and see if it doesn't work just as well?!!

I believe the reason much of this psuedoscience stuff works (including "Sensa" which I had a friend swear by as "the greatest gift to obese people"....oh please...?!) is that when you start following their "rules" and consciously get out some drops (or tea, or whatever) that you HAVE TO USE before you also concurrently become aware of how much you are eating, when, and what it is.....and you then naturally cut down some on the mindless eating/snacking etc which got so many of us in trouble.

Example: We were on a vacation in Hawaii with said friend, who passed up on the Chips and Dip before dinner **solely** because his "Sensa" was in his wife's purse...and she was tourist shopping across the street. Bingo--300 calories off dinner!! The next night, they couldn't figure out / agree which bottle went with the appetizer, so they passed it up...!

Good Luck...but I honestly believe you can save your money, follow your Spark Calorie range and have really healthy results!!

PS: the other thing about HCG: its produced by the body during pregnancy...Now seriously, how many women do you know who lose weight during pregnancy??!! It Just doesn't work that way!!

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CARIKAY SparkPoints: (1,014)
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7/15/13 9:48 P

Ah, Omni Drops...a $79 bottle of purified water. When I had to submit an adverse events report to the FDA because of Omni Drops, they confirmed that there is no accountibility there. They don' believe there is any hCG in the drops but there could be hidden weight loss drugs or anything in there.

I understand though, placebos work. The mind really is a funny thing. If somebody is not doing the 500 calorie diet and needs that, that's their decision. Personally, after my month doing the Omnitrition thing, I think they are a scam and there is no doubt they do have potentially dangerous products.

Sadly enough, everybody I know in real life who has done this diet (and is not currently doing it) has gained all the weight back plus some. I really believe it makes you fatter. I ate under my basil metabolic rate and still gained all the weight back plus some. My doctor said just to up my calories to at least my BMR an it eventually would even out. Now my goal is to get my metabolism back. Months later that is finally happening with exercise.

Edited by: CARIKAY at: 7/15/2013 (21:50)
7/15/13 5:07 P

Well I take Omnidrops and YES THEY WORK!!! The drops are better then WLS and I know more people with worse side effects with that and why isn't the FDA going after doctors because of WLS related deaths.

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ANARIE Posts: 13,205
7/15/13 12:38 P

Look up research on hCG. It's a huge molecule that can't get into your body orally. There was a really funny study paid for by the biggest manufacturer of the drops but conducted in a semi-reputable lab. They found that the people taking the drops had no more hCG in their bodies than people who didn't take them. They lost no more weight, it was no easier for them to follow the diet, they weren't any less hungry, they reported just as many cravings-- if you know how to read research studies it's just hilarious because they kept manipulating the data every way they could without actually lying, and they just couldn't find any difference between their groups. If they had been trying to find two identical groups, they couldn't have done better. They just kept looking at more and more ridiculous things. Finally they discovered that unmarried cohabiting participants taking the drops reported 2% fewer arguments with their partners, so that's what they focused on as "meaningful though statistically insignificant."

More seriously, it's illegal to sell oral hCG in the US-- not because it's dangerous, but because it's fraudulent. It's an FTC ruling rather than FDA. That means that you're putting something in your body that's made and marketed by a company that is by definition breaking or skirting the law. If they're playing fast and loose with the law about selling the stuff, do you really trust them to obey the laws about keeping the factory clean and throwing out product if it's contaminated with bacteria or mercury or something?

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/15/13 10:49 A

If we were meant to take pills, or drops, we would have pill trees, and pools of hcg to drink from.

If you eat very low carb, then you would have the appetite suppression you so desire, without pills/drops. Then you could slowly add back in healthy carbs one at a time, and just avoid the ones that gave you problems. Eat real food, and skip sugar/salt, and processed foods, and you can have zero cravings, which will allow this to happen.

If I thought I would be hungry all day, and struggle like I did for years, it would be very depressing. The quality of the food you eat is the cause of all the problems. Pills/drops are NEVER the answer.

7/14/13 11:43 P

I am taking the drops and enjoy them. I of course don't follow an extreme diet with them, I am just using them to control my hunger between meals and they are working great. The 500 calorie diet is so out dated. I found that they work best with a low carb diet. I use them while I am Eat To Live. It has created the perfect storm, I am losing more weight now than the 2 pounds a month that I was losing. If you want to check out my progress check me out at and no I am not selling a darn thing. I have a successful business running a Dog grooming and boarding kennel.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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6/18/13 9:28 A

LADYLORDLOVER - it's dangerous because your body isn't meant to function on 500 calories. It can land you in the hospital! The drops are placebos anyway; there's nothing in them but water. It's the 500 calorie that does the trick. If you want to have your body cannibalize itself for short-term weight loss, then by all means, go for the hyper-restrictive crash diet and land yourself in the ER. All the drops do is lighten your wallet.

Water doesn't flush fat out. Your body doesn't work that way. Poison in fat cells? Man, you're hitting all the buzz words, aren't you?

CARIKAY SparkPoints: (1,014)
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Posts: 40
6/18/13 7:42 A

The original poster here is asking about the Omnitrition Diet. She just calls in the Omni Diet. She is confused like so many are about hCG diet.

It is the 500-calorie diet that is dangerous. The drops are a placebo. There is no real hCG in them. Even if there were, studies show that people taking hCG drops do no better, no worse than people only taking water drops. It's just a scam. At 500 calories your body starts attacking yourself looking for calories. The Omnitrition people tell you it is pulling from fat stores but that just isn't true. So many people, myself included, end up with heart, kidney, bladder, gallbladder, liver or other problems. The problems may not even show up until after you've been long done with the diet (and fat again). Oh, and that's the worst thing, everybody I've talked to in real life that has done this diet, gained back even more weight. It's a terrible diet.

CARIKAY SparkPoints: (1,014)
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6/16/13 5:31 A

Jean, you need to read the original post here. She calls it the 'Omni Diet' (as so many on Omnitrition do) but she's talking about Omnitrition. A number of us were correcting her and telling her the Omni Diet is, in fact, different.

When you are taking drops under the tongue, you are talking about the hCG diet which is very dangerous and much different, as you know, from the Omni Diet. The 'products' she is talking about are the Omnitrition products which are just Herbalife products products reborn under another name.

Go back and read the original post. Really, she's calling it the Omni Diet because that is what so many people call Omnitrition now...the drops and products thing give it away.

JEANJAG SparkPoints: (13,805)
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6/16/13 1:24 A

Carikay, It is really frustrating to have all the replies about the Omnutrition (or whatever) when what you are asking about is the Omni Diet. VERY different! It is unfortunate that the names are so alike that it links them in that way. I guess Dr. Oz did a thing on the Omni Diet, and he endorsed it. I didn't know about the PBS show. I am reading the book, and she uses a lot of supplements and ingredients with which I am not familiar. I think it could get very expensive to follow it by the book. I sure wish I could give it a try, though. I may find my own brand of compromise for my wallet and health. I'd like to see if I could relieve my aches and pains through nutrition.

BUT it has NOTHING to do with the OMNUTRITION DIET!

CARIKAY SparkPoints: (1,014)
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6/8/13 10:54 A

It really is confusing. If you do a search for 'Omni Diet' on Google, most of what comes up is the bad Omnitrition hCG diet (dangerous!). But, since the Omni Diet book (not affiliated with Omnitrition) is so new, they may soon squeeze them out of searches. Let's hope.

FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
6/8/13 8:42 A

The Omni Diet ( Dr. Amen and his wife Tana) and Omnitrition by the Daleys, are two completely different things. You have to watch theses days as so many plans have similar names it is easy to get mixed up.

COMMIT2LOSE Posts: 244
6/5/13 7:16 P

I'm ready the Omni Diet book, which is NOT drops but instead an omnivore diet. 70% of diet is plant based with 30% is animal protein. It is really healthy... Havent started because I have to finish the book but I've made some smoothies and my 9 year old loves them. Made of spinach, protein powder, mangoes and coconut milk!!!

CARIKAY SparkPoints: (1,014)
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Posts: 40
6/5/13 5:39 A

Was the PBS show about The Omni Diet (which is a book) or Omnitrition (which is what the OP was talking about as evidenced by 'drops under the tongue). Omnitrition is just dangerous. They have dangerous levels of vitamins in their products and there are reports they have hidden ingredients as well that may put people at serious risk. They also market illegal diet products with a potentially dangerous diet.

TOBIELU Posts: 4
6/4/13 10:21 P

I am watching the PBS show on the Omni Diet. It sounds like it is healthy on the surface. I am glad to have found the posts on the topic. It saves me time, money and health. Thnaks!

CARIKAY SparkPoints: (1,014)
Fitness Minutes: (80)
Posts: 40
6/4/13 6:59 A

I'm curious to know more about the Daleys who founded Omnitrition. The distributors just seem so sleazy. I guess that's the word for it. They are pushing harmful products on people with health issues and from all I read, those products could really do some serious harm. They get angry when anybody has serious side effects and deny it could ever be their products, They also do their best to hide the real story about their diet. Of course, add to that, all my health problems from their hCG diet. I spent two months on their Omnitrition Facebook page and there was no doubt, it was about the money.

So what do you know about them?

PENSK07 Posts: 2
6/2/13 2:38 P

Be sure to stay away from any thing from Roger and Barbara Daley, they are the founders of Omnitrition . They are dangerous. The book that just came out is by Tana and Daniel Amen . They are knowledgeable and it is not a scam. However that being said, their diet is restrictive. No dairy, sugars, processed foods or grains - except quinoa. My information is from reputable sources, but I have not looked into it any more than that because my family will never go along with it.

CARIKAY SparkPoints: (1,014)
Fitness Minutes: (80)
Posts: 40
4/21/13 5:48 P

Yes, I did the Omni Drops for one month and am recovering now! I've never suffered side effects before from losing weight but this diet did so much harm. It sounds crazy but my heart was affected plus I am going through iron infusions at the cancer center because of the diet. It also caused a number of other problems.

The Omnitrition folks are wonderfully supportive when you first start but once you start having a problems, forget it. You are dropped quicker than a hot potato and they'll deny with all their being that your health problems are from their wonderfully healthy products. Just remember, this diet is not sustainable. Most people last less than a month so they need fresh blood and that is you! Their distributors are usually new as well and know so little about the diet.

I'm keeping a blog here on SparkPeople and am posting on the hCG Diet until all my doctor's appointments are done:

This is a scam. It is a total scam. And the previous poster is correct, the same people are posting under various names online to try and make sales.

Edited by: CARIKAY at: 4/21/2013 (17:48)
ANARIE Posts: 13,205
4/19/13 9:16 A

If you Google it, you get page after page after page of the author's own ADS. Sneaky, scammy, spammy type ads that try to get you to think they're part of another site's content but are actually just ads. She uses ALL the scam services that send out things that look like articles but are really paid ads. That's all you get-- there is NO research, NO endorsements from medical sources, NO credible sources AT ALL. This is the definition of scam.

In fact, if you look a little further into her and her husband, it's a bit more dangerous than a simple scam. They run a bunch of other scams where they try to get people with serious illnesses to stop taking real medication and buy their fake products. These are not people you want to let get ahold of your credit card info.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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Posts: 9,717
4/19/13 9:00 A

Given that it comes from a source that supports a 500 calorie "drops" diet, I would stay far away from ANY material they sell, as they are clearly not a reliable source of healthy weight loss information.

4/18/13 9:57 P

I"m not wondering about the drops but the book that just came out. Has anyone checked it out?

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,573
12/5/12 8:31 P

You won't find a lot of support here for a 500 calorie diet on Spark People. They recommend a minimum of 1200. And that amount depends on your activity level

STEPHEN_NANNY SparkPoints: (0)
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12/5/12 12:01 P

Why not just pray the pounds away? It has statiscally a better success rate than Omni, and even God will require at least 1200 cals/day.

Better yet, if you promise to pay me $100 and only eat 500 cals, I'll meet you every day in the park and punch you in the face. After a week of caloric deficit and lowered brain activity, you'll start to believe the punch in the face is causing your weight loss. Welcome to to the billion $$ industry.

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FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
12/5/12 11:37 A

I guess the answer is--No, no one has tried it. emoticon At least no one that posted has.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,573
12/5/12 10:51 A

I googled and it comes with a strict 500 calorie diet. Anyone can lose weight on a 500 calorie diet, but they won't be healthy.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,971
12/5/12 9:02 A

There are no magic pills or drops. There are no shortcuts. The best way to lose weight is to slowly change your habits over time. Aim for permanent weight loss, not quick weight loss.

If those drops really worked, no one would be on Spark. No one in America would be obese.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/5/12 8:59 A

I will also add to EAT CLEAN. Get rid of the processed stuff and refined sugars. Your body doesn't know how to digest those properly.

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (227,564)
Fitness Minutes: (85,502)
Posts: 7,172
12/5/12 8:29 A

There is only one formula that works, and it's not drops under the tongue. Eat Less + Exercise More = Weight Loss. You didn't put the weight on overnight, so it stands to reason there is no quick fix to get it off.

_CALLMELU_ SparkPoints: (571)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 9
12/5/12 7:52 A

I wholeheartedly agree with Jess.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
12/5/12 4:04 A

Putting something under your tongue will not help you lose weight. If it did everyone would be doing it, there would be peer reviewed studies, etc. The only thing that works if reducing your calorie intake and increase you calorie output. Eat your spark ranges, get regular exercise.

LUVDANRS61 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,215)
Posts: 123
12/4/12 10:49 P

Has anyone heard of or used Omni diet products? Have a lady I know that has lost 64lbs using drops under her tongue? Know I want to change the way I eat but was wondering if anyone here has tried and what its all about.

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