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8/5/14 3:40 P

I am all for using unsalted butter or olive oil when cooking, I also cook with coconut oil to. I am not a fan of chemicals or unnatural alternatives to butters and sugars.
If you really wanted to figure out the calorie count of instant mashed potatos or rice with the butter, measure the amount of butter you are adding so for example say you are making the instant mashed potatos, if made as directed go by the calorie count provided by the company for the entire package, then add the calories for the amount of butter you added and divide by protion size to get a close calorie count.
Same for the rice, if you know what the calorie count is per serving, multiple by the # of servings you are making, then add the butter calories to your total and divide back out by serving size.

I make my own bread so I have to do this to figure out the calorie count for the whole loaf, then I can figure out the calorie count for smaller servings.

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
3/11/14 11:11 A

Olive oil has plenty of calories, but is very good for you.....Butter , plenty of calories.but not good for you at all! Skip the butter completely, except when you need a treat.

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3/3/14 4:25 P

I like to use Molly McButter or Butter Buds with potatoes, air popped popcorn veggies or as a substitute for butter flavor Butter flavored cooking spray is good to roast/bake to prevent drying, but can be oily as a topping.

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2/27/14 9:30 A

i prefer to cook with olive oil and low fat butter sprays

2/9/14 1:09 P

I believe olive oil is very good for you - in moderation. Hence, the Mediterranean Diet. As far as butter goes (and who doesn't love butter?), I like to use butter spray just to add flavor to the top of veggies or toast. I also make fat-free buttery mashed potatoes (skim milk and in place of the butter I use Butter Buds and any other seasonings you like).

Then there are just those times where nothing but real butter will do. And that is different for everybody.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 951
2/4/14 12:10 P

Unsalted butter calories: 14 grams contains 100 calories and 11 grams of fat

Olive Oil: 14 grams contains 119 calories and 14 grams of fat.

What matters here is your total number of calories. Are you measuring how much you use? If not, I'd suggest getting a food scale and using it to determine how many calories you are consuming because of these items.

Are you using the nutrition trackers here at SP? It will give you a range to be in for fat, protein and carbohydrates. Making sure that you stay within ranges will help your over all goals.

Good luck.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
2/4/14 10:47 A

It depends on how much you are using, so it would be hard to say how many additional calories you are taking in. But both have high calorie counts for a small amount, so if you can, I would recommend measuring what you are using the best you can so you have a better idea of how much you may be getting from each of those.

Coach Denise

AHAYES38 Posts: 7
2/4/14 9:27 A

Hey all-

I use olive oil daily to bake (kale, sweet potatoes, etc).

I also use unsalted butter in instant potatoes and rice.

How many additional calories can I assume I'm taking in from this? I wonder if these things are the culprits in holding me back from my goals. Thoughts?

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