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12/10/12 11:23 A

Choikis (i think I misspelled it) Greek yogurt is very yummy and very creamy, I do recommend the Greek style yogurts. I eat Fage Greek 0% plain yogurt, it tastes very much like thick sour cream. I add plain unsweetened frozen fruit and I really like it. Most people find it too plain and too tangy, but I like it

PJANTO Posts: 79
11/15/12 6:33 P

I make my own yogurt. It is surprisingly easy.

I heat a gallon of milk to 180 degrees, cool it to 120 degrees, add 3 ounces of greek yogurt as a starter, mix thoroughly, then incubate in the oven with a pilot light for 12-18 hours. I strain mine overnight to get a thick greek-style yogurt that I either sweeten to taste, or use as a substitute for sour cream or cream cheese. I cut mayo with it 50-50 and use on sandwiches.

There are many websites that elaborate on the process. Experiment with incubation times and temperatures to find the tartness you desire. Just don't let it get warmer than 125 degrees once you add the starter. This might result in a taste and texture that you are looking for.

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It really depends on the brand. Check the ingredients list to see if they've added gelatin or anything such as stabilizers (carrageenan, guar gum, etc.). Fat free yogurt often has powdered milk added to thicken it, but the label won't tell you that -- powdered milk only has to be identified as "milk" or "milk solids".

If you want your yogurt to taste real, it should contain milk and active cultures, nothing else. Stonyfield and Mountain High are good, but there are other brands out there too.

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11/14/12 6:59 P

I don't really remember the yogurt from the 70s or 80s, but I suggest going for the "greek" style yogurts. Two brands are Fage (very, very thick) and Voskos (more runny, but still tart). I find getting plain yogurt and then using fruit or honey to sweeten it myself allows me to get the taste I prefer. I never have to add as much sweet as the commercially sweetened stuff has.

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11/14/12 4:57 P

Does anyone know of a yogurt brand the resembles the old fashioned yogurt of the 70's and 80's? Its been years since I bought yogurt and thought I'd buy some..what a change. Instead of the tart sweetness and creamy texture, I found it to be a cross between gelatin and pudding and extremly sweet for yogurt. Kind of like a imitation yogurt food instead of the real thing. Which brand is closest to the real thing?

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