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6/9/11 11:34 P

usually yes

6/9/11 11:00 P

I never, ever shower at the gym. I cannot multitask at the gym. I go there to work out, not to get dressed....

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6/9/11 10:46 P

I just streak through the locker room, I hate dealing with towels! I like the idea of buying one of those camping soap bars that can be used for hair, face, and body. I generally use the gym shower to rinse off and freshen a bit until I can get home and take a real shower. Lots of good ideas here!

SWAGER Posts: 314
6/9/11 10:41 P

I tried showering with the ladies at the gym, got thrown out!

Go figure?!?

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6/9/11 10:39 P

You might find a robe at Kohl's or look online at I love that website because you can type in anything that you are looking for, and it will pull up all the stores that carry that item and their prices. I would definitely wear flip flops in the shower just to keep your feet safe.

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6/9/11 10:23 P

QVC has a bunch of short robes.
I used a lined beach bag for the gym, before they closed the only gym in town. The super bright colors make me happy and the linning is water proof, I just wiped it out with a clorox wipe everyonce and a while. I had seperate everything for the gym, it really made life easier. My mom brings her clothes into the shower in a water proof garment bag, hangs it on the curtain rod and dries and dresses before she comes out. Her underclothes are in the bottom of the garment bag. I use a beach towel.
Good Luck!

KIDD3333 Posts: 19
6/8/11 2:57 P

I agree with everyone who said to keep separate bottles/tools for the gym. So much easier than trying to remember what you need each time! I also agree with drying off in the sauna - fast and easy. I get dressed in there.

I have one large duffel-type bag and I put my clothes and towel in it. Then I also put in two smaller bags. One is more waterproof and it has the stuff that goes in the shower with me. The other bag holds the things I use when doing my hair and makeup: hair dryer, brush, product, moisturizer, etc. Another thing that I find helpful is I bring a piece of paper towel into the shower with me and use it to wrap my soap when it's wet. By the time I finish doing my hair, the soap is mostly dry and goes back in the shower bag.

NHELENE Posts: 1,505
6/8/11 7:45 A

I JUST bought one of those towel wraps yesterday (the striped one). I haven't used it yet so no review, but I think it will solve 90% of your problems.

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6/8/11 6:26 A

All great ideas. It takes a while to get organized and efficient.
I LOVE my thick wrap around towel with elastic at the top. I got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was a little pricey for me....over $20 but best investment. It's thick so really absorbs water and then I just wrap it around myself (has velcro strip at the top) and it becomes a wrap. I wear that when I'm doing my hair and makeup.
I also got a small mesh bag that you use to wash delicates in. I use it to put my shampoo, conditioner, razor, etc and just hook it in the shower.
I always keep an "extra" pair of underwear in my bag just in case. The small refillable bottles work great. My bag is packed at all times so I just grab and go.

*just saw post by Mommynurse. The first robe is the one I am talking about. I love it.

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ANDILH Posts: 1,543
6/7/11 11:40 P

I like keeping small fillable bottles with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and hair products. I always put clean undies in the bag when repacking it. I swim, so I found a HUGE bath sheet that I use to wrap around myself, then mostly dress underneath it as my gym has 4 showers with curtains. I hang my towel over the curtain rods, then hang my wet suit over the rods or shower walls. The only things I rely on the gym for is the water extracter to get my swim suit mostly dry before it does back in the bag. All my fillable bottles are kept in a plastic bag that hangs from the water controls. I also keep a hair brush and extra bands packed all the time (I don't have to dress up for my jobs thankfully). It's nice to know that I don't have to worry about making sure I grab everything before I leave...I just grab the bag and it's all there.

YANKEEGIRL6 Posts: 1,183
6/4/11 6:16 P

I run at lunchtime and use the shower in the ladies' locker room at work. I take all my shower stuff on Monday and stash it in my office until Friday. I hang my workout clothes to dry on the back of my office door and replace those as needed through the week. I keep my running shoes under my desk in case I need them during the workday (I work in a hotel and sometimes help the housekeeping manager or need to run to the bank or to Kinko's).

It was kind of an investment buying a second flat iron and duplicates of my cosmetics, but it was so worth it in the time is saves.

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6/4/11 4:37 P

Yes after water aerobics

6/4/11 4:19 P

These are cute:

I'm about 30 miles from a BBY though..maybe if we decide to go the mall or something. Shipping is $6.

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6/4/11 4:09 P

Thanks for all the ideas! I went to Walmart today and stocked up, but couldn't find ANY terry robe. They had a few swimsuit coverups but wasn't really was I was looking for :( Anyone know where you can get a short terry robe this time of year?

So I got a small washable makeup bag, it's not really cloth but not really plastic lol..not sure how to describe. Looks like it could go in washer but it's a wipeable surface. They had a matching tote that is big enough to put shampoos/brush etc. I got some small refillable bottles for shampoo/conditioner/body wash. They are 3oz, not sure if that is enough for a week or not, they sure look small! But I hate to lug full size around. Actually I'll probably leave that bag in my office during the week.
I'm going to use a reusable grocery bag for my clothes..I like that idea! I really didn't see any totes I like better at the store. I'll put clean clothes in there, and dirty after.

I'd be all set if I could just find a short robe!

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6/4/11 10:39 A

I bought a 6 foot beach towel that I use at the gym - that way I can wrap it around me - and I also bought one of those turban towels for my hair.

Because I am an obsessive/compulsive nut case, I also have a small spray bottle of bleach water that I spray the bottom of the shower out with before I use it. I cover the bottom of the shower with the solution, wait a few mins, the turn the shower on, let it rinse the bottom, then I preceed to shower.

It is rare that I shower at the gym, but have had to on a few occasions. Once I actually just went to the gym to shower since our power was out and we have a well... hehe

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6/4/11 2:25 A

I tend to go after work, but in between something else. I keep a bag packed with gym clothes, shoes, swim stuff and shoes (running & flip flops), in assorted ziplocs (the suit, flips). I have minimal shower stuff; I typically condition my hair rather than washing and my gym has shampoo & body wash. My shower is utilitarian, I follow up with deodorant & moisturizer. Keep it simple.

SARA72121 Posts: 843
6/4/11 2:08 A

Get a pair of shower shoes/flip flops. If you're not comfortable with the towel they provide bring your own. I don't shower at my new gym because it's about a mile away from my home but I used to shower at my old gym. There was a hook outside of the shower stall. I'd just hang my bra/panties on it under the towel. I'd dry off in the shower stall and then put my bra and panties on so I didn't have to be naked in the locker room.

WCUNNINGHAM3 SparkPoints: (13,253)
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6/4/11 1:25 A

Just experienced this tonight at my new gym. Our showers have doors, very nice. I had a make up bag with other individual compartments/bags (mesh) in it and I carried travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash w/ body sponge, facial clothes, mouth wash, toothpaste, and toothbrush. Also had deodorant, body powder, eye makeup remover (with eye pads). Bath towel and hairdinni, our gym provides a machine to help dry suits and provides bags to put your wet clothes and towels in- very nice. I carry a duffel bag with all this and my flip flops and change of clothes, usually arrive in work out clothes (including weight gloves, etc). Hopefully this helps.

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6/4/11 1:17 A
And yes that is a apple bag on my training bag.. I like my apples without bruises..
My shoes are always on my feet, no need to take a extra pair. I am more active so I don't hammer my feet in glamour shoes anymore giving myself worse bunions and feet injuries later in life lol

1 large towel and a hand towel to dry off when using machines.. I can walk into the sauna and quickly dry off in there then having a robe with me lol..

1 towel bag- avoids shampoo and body soap all through your bag- I travel by bus, so I don't super size my shampoo or body soap.. I found several small pocket additions and fill em up when getting empty..
1 comb and simple moisturiser- there can be up to 30 other women in a changing room I leave the vanity makeup at home..

I use lycra workout tights and tops, they fill no space..

Quality workout gloves

important to keep hands lady like even if lifting dirty heavy..
My workout diary - gotta know what I did last time and on wards with progress.. I don't leave a card at the gym.. Some moron tidied up and because I ran out of space throw it in the rubbish.. I keep progress on me and if bored can do my homework at home..

I know the layout of the gym so can plan what I want to do from home..

I also hate having other people reference my workouts, it is annoying finding unique workout moves and having people check my card out.. Find your own workouts lol..

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6/3/11 7:11 P

I've always brought my own towel (use it to wrap up any wet stuff until you get home), use shampoo as body wash, I'd put some shampoo in reused little bottles. Poofs dry quicker than rags. I swam growing up, so I got used to dressing underneath a towel. Normally my stuff will fit in a backpack (minus a change of shoes - those can be changed in the car if need be) and many backpacks have seperate compartments.

BECCADION Posts: 410
6/3/11 6:39 P

My gym thankfully has showers with 2 curtains, so there is a small curtained off area to dry off with a bench. The robe is a good idea.

I have 2 bags when I go to the gym. One has all my supplies and they are ONLY for the gym, so I don't get to the gym and realize I forgot shampoo or something at home. Shampoo, body wash, pouf, deodorant, etc. Plus my usual gym stuff like gym clothes, towel, gloves and water bottle. It generally stays in my car so I can go to the gym at an unexpected chance, without thinking "oh I don't have ____". Hair and makeup stuff is in a cosmetic bag tossed in the gym bag.
Bag #2 has my work clothes - THEN, when I change, it holds my wet towel and flipflops (never shower barefoot in a gym!) and sweaty gym clothes. It's a reusable cloth shopping bag, so I can toss it in the washer and avoid having a musty gym bag from wet stuff being in it. (If that makes sense.) That comes into the house with me, and then into the laundry :)

That's what works for me. Hope it helps

6/3/11 6:27 P

Joined company gym this week. Trying to figure out how to organize myself. I went in my gym clothes, no makeup; took a duffel bag with makeup, brush, shampoo and soap. Took my dress clothes. They provide towels (SMALL towels).
Thankfully the dressing area isn't too busy. The showers just have a curtain with a hook outside of it. I can't wrap a towel around me, so I dried off in the shower best I could and reached out and put on bra/panties and then came out into the open area and got dressed. But it was awkward .. and having to deal with wet bottles of shampoo and soap! sigh....

I'm thinking of a few things:
a small light terry robe to throw on after the shower so I can be thoroughly dry and maybe change in a bathroom stall in more privacy.
Liquid body wash so I don't have to fool with messy bar of soap.
Dedicated gym shampoo/brush (they have hair dryers)
Something besides a duffle bag - everything is tossed in together and hard to find...maybe some kind of bag with dividers to have like an area for makeup/hair stuff and a seperate area for the clothing.

Any other ideas? It's so much easier for guys! lol

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