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8/15/14 8:46 P

Thanks so much for the replies, I use the bathroom a lot no matter what I drink I was just trying not to go through out the night. I get so little sleep as it is. But so far I have been getting 10 glasses down by 1 pm or so and not getting up just to go.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
8/15/14 2:25 A

You could but you'd just be running to the bathroom quickly. The idea of drinking 8 glasses of water a day is to be spread out over the 24 hours since we eliminate the water over that period of time with sweating, our kidneys and breathing. If you don't like water (I don't) then drink some light tea (I drink what my children called "colored" tea as it is about 1/8th tea to water in a quart.) I use stevia since it has no calories. I buy NuNatural Brand at the health food store as it doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. I mix it with some lemon water and make a nice drink. I also use it with Kool-aid.

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8/14/14 8:09 A

You probably can, but your body needs it throughout the day so it makes more sense to drink it spaced out through the day.

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8/12/14 5:12 P

I totally understand the importance of drinking water. But can I drink my 8 to 10 glasses first thing in the morning, all at once?

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