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9/1/13 12:54 A

whey has that substance enzyme that starts with g that recycles all your antioxidants and uses them again.... so that is pretty valualable

9/1/13 12:53 A

whey not?

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9/1/13 12:25 A

If it were me, I wouldn't be using the drink as a substitute for other food - fruit and veges are also very important, too. Apart from that, as DRAGONCHILDE said, your body doesn't care what time of day it is - just so long as you get enough food throughout the day. BTW, I ALWAYS have a snack, and sometimes a sizable snack, immediately before going to bed (usually around 11pm to midnight.)


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8/31/13 11:58 P

I'm using a whey isolate after working larger muscle groups because at age 44 Not only am I in the process of losing weight, I am strength training and trying to build muscle from that. Now, I'm not using whey in massive quantities like the guys are. Just where you would drink your chocolate milk after strength training like that, I use whey.

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8/31/13 10:43 P

What do you mean, "too close to bed time"? Your body doesn't care what time it is, when it comes to burning calories. The old myth about eating after a certain time is just that... a myth.

Not eating close to bedtime is about personal comfort, and every person's different. Evening snacking can be a problem for many people, but not because eating after a certain time goes "straight to fat" or whatever the saw is. It's because they're more likely to go over their calorie ranges.

Now, with all that said, may I ask what the isolate's for? Most people who get a balanced diet that includes plenty of lean, whole protein don't need a protein supplement.

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8/31/13 10:24 P

Sometimes I hit the gym in the evening. And when I plan on hitting bigger muscle groups, like back, chest, legs, I use a Whey Protein Isolate afterward. This also is in place of my evening meal so I plan for it calorie-wise. But it may be closer to 8 or 9 pm. Is this too late or too close to bedtime for one of these made with fat-free milk? Bedtime being around 11 or midnight.

Thanks so much.

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