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10/5/11 9:14 A

Hi, Tracey ! One thing I would ask you is how many servings of fresh fruit and veggies you eat ? If I were to go back in the Way Back Machine and tell myself one piece of advice that would help me become a healthier person and lose weight, it would be this,"Eat 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies". If a person should over eat anything, it's their veggies.

So, if you want to see a change in your weight as well as your health, increase the number of veggies you eat. When I sneak a peak at member's food diary, I find that many barely get 2-3 servings a day ! That's no good. I can speak from some experience on this. Eating more veggies can make a difference. a big one.

Also, weight loss isn't necessarily about eating fewer calories. QUALITY of that food makes a big difference too. In theory, a person could lose weight by eating a Big Mac every day as long as they burned more calories than they ate. However, how healthy do you think your insides would be if you ate a Big Mac every day ? All that sugar, saturated fat and salt is just not good for a person. So, if you are eating highly processed foods (even if they are portion controlled), try eating more wholesome healthy foods.

Weight loss is nothing more than a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. If you are eating right and getting some regular exercise that includes some strength training, the weight will come off on its own.

Have you been logging your food ? If you keep your diary private, would you be willing to open it up to let us look at it ? We might be able to make a few suggestions.

Mostly, I would suggest eating 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies. try to eat more foods that are high in fiber. Try to eat beans. beans are amazing. try to eat whole grain breads, cereals, pasta... drink plenty of water.

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10/4/11 9:57 P

The key for you is going to be getting a program which is designed with consistency in mind. I suggest a training log. Write down the specific exercises you are going to include in your program, and start logging the numbers you do. The weight and number of reps. Simply put with each session you should be attempting to exceed what you did on the previous workout. Either weight or reps, but that is how we grow. The same is true for cardio. We must push ourselves. Have you looked into any specific plans or has you training been sporadic as far as the actual workouts? Perhaps I missed something and if so I apologize.


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10/4/11 9:50 P

Follow up details. I try and eat between 1200 and 1400 calories. I have a protein drink for breakfast, I eat mostly fruit at work . Dinner is the tough meal with the family. I try to have wraps or salads or just watch the portion sizes. Snacking I try to have popcorn, nuts or trail mix. 5-6 waters
As for Training , I mostly use the machines at the gym Leg press, crunch machine, arm curls Etc. But only 2 set of 10 reps weights at about 50.
All said, I did not measure myself but all my clothes fit the same. The funny thing is I feel like I have lost weight until I see the number on the scale

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Hi There - You didn't mention what your calorie range is that you follow. If you are eating too few calories it will slow your weight loss down. Are you drinking 8-10 cups of water a day? Also I'm not sure what you mean by watching what you eat. Are you eating processed foods that could be high in sodium or hidden sugars?

There is a Diet & Nutrition message board that is staffed with experts and if you use the nutrition tracker and it is set to shared on your spark page, the nutritionist can review that for you and make recommendations.

All that being said slow is good - I lost 95 lbs at about 1 lb a week average and now have kept it off for a year. Taking my time helped me learn valuable lessons that transitioned me to a lifestyle that I can maintain. Don't judge your success by anyone's pace, because you truly don't know if they are doing it a healthy way, or in a way that will cause them to gain all the weight back and then some. Make this about you being healthy and if the weight loss group at work causes you to lose focus on that, then I would recommend that you get out. It's about a healthy life, and not a number. You are more important than any number on a piece of machinery!

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10/4/11 8:57 P

C, weight is not necessarily a great predictor of success. Have you lost inches or have you taken measurements? This is by far the better predictor. What type of ST are you doing? I am curious as you may be putting on muscle which would not equate to a "weight" loss, but in fact you may be losing fat!!


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10/4/11 8:53 P

I have been watching what I eat for about 5 months and only a few bad days. I have been going to the gym since May. Doing about 30 Cardio, and 15 min strength, mostly 3 sometimes 4 times a week. I have joined a weight group at work and we weigh in every Tuesday. We started in June and I have only lost 9 pounds. Most of that has been a half a pound a week. ( most of the others have lost a total of 20+) I try and tell myself that slow is better, but I am so ready to start seeing the new me.

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