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ANGHARAD3 Posts: 966
1/4/13 6:39 A

My office gremlins are holding firm. They have managed to last three whole days! Haha...

FITMARTI SparkPoints: (20,370)
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1/3/13 10:05 P

Mandieterrier1. You are too funny...... I, too, am pretty cautious about my food and its source. I was at friends house and witnessed the cat (long haired fluffy type) walking on the table and the counter and food prep areas....that did it for more food from that house. I just imagine everyones pet contaminating the food prep areas....LOL. makes it really easy to decline the treats from home

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,192
1/3/13 9:59 P

The offices where my 2 adult children work have banned bringing food in, and also all the birthday and so forth celebrations that tend to occur, maybe one day that kind of thing will happen.

1/3/13 9:03 P

I have a really sweet friend in our office who is only happy when she is planning a huge dinner party, her annual cookie party, one of the 25 or so other parties they have throughout the year, or a wedding, funeral, baby or wedding shower. This woman lives to plan and prepare food for the festivities. Unfortunately, she has known me for several years and knows just what I like. Combine that with her need to mother everyone and she becomes a Super Feeder. I love her to pieces but she is constantly bringing in goodies that she has left over from one party or another. On one hand she is very supportive of my efforts. She encourages me to walk on my break, always telling me if the weather is nice out or if I need to walk inside. She compliments my strength when I turn down treats, yet she always wants to feed me. *sigh* I just take what I can add into my tracker and pass on the rest.

Add that to the doughnuts my boss brings in and I sometimes feel like I am swimming in a sea of destruction. But you know what? I can do it!

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1/3/13 7:04 P

i don't work in an office however on a slow day at work if i stay in the kiosk i'm surrounded by chips lollies chocolates and ice cream. I deal with it by keeping myself busy ....doing extra chores that really don't have to be done.

HONEYFLOWER43 Posts: 1,420
1/3/13 4:23 P

They are everywhere I look. It is difficult to resist! emoticon

-CORAL- SparkPoints: (40,297)
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1/3/13 3:50 P

I've been offered leftover goodies but so far I have found it easy to turn down since I am on a new calorie-tracking kick

1/3/13 3:26 P

I have an office mate that knows I'm comitted, so she hands me ONE Heath Bite per day to keep me satisfied but on track.

I feel like a puppy getting a treat for a job well done. LOL.

MC0387 SparkPoints: (1,824)
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Posts: 40
1/3/13 3:21 P

I'm so thankful no one has brought leftover goodies back to work. Fill up with fruits and veggies so you aren't tempted to eat junk!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,583
1/3/13 3:03 P

Just think about their preparation methods. I know that some people are not as OCD about cleanliness in food preparation, like I am.

Picture them preparing food in a filthy kitchen. That will make you lose your appetite.

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,187
1/3/13 2:53 P

Oh those office gremlins...sneaky trolls that they are!

I never craved those sweet things. For those wonderful savory things I do crave, I keep some snacks on hand to get me through. The longer you stay away, the less you will crave.

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
1/3/13 2:28 P

You can do it!! What helps me is to look at the ingredient list (obviously only works for the packaged goodies). Forty eight ingredients I can't pronounce?? Pass.

JWC1231 SparkPoints: (1,441)
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1/3/13 1:46 P

Did your office gremlins bring in all their holiday goodies this week? We have a credenza located right outside my office door which seems to be breeding chocolate and other treats. I'm having a hard time walking past. Must...have...strength......

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