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6/3/11 10:00 A

Dear Gail and Rosewand,

Thanks for posting. Gail, your tips on 'adventurous walking' made me smile. My walks to and from workshops will make me think of you. I'll try your idea of keeping my mind busy while I walk. And Rosewand, your thoughts on starting where I'm at now and walking farther and farther each day are encouraging, too.

I'm new to posting, and your responses meant a lot.

Claude emoticon

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6/2/11 4:02 P

Hi Claude:

Try to spend the time walking to and from the workshops as an adventure... leave in plenty of time so you won't have to rush, and look for interesting people and things. Make a mental note of them... imagine where they are going or think about what they are wearing. Before you know it, the walk will be over.

Seriously, do whatever you have to make the walk enjoyable. I hope you enjoy the workshops and that you will benefit from them.

Take care,
Gail emoticon

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6/2/11 3:21 P

CLAUDE, it is easy to get off track. We all do
it. The key is to return to what works for you.
I have learned that I get the best results with
consistency over time. emoticon

Getting back in shape works the same way.
Start where you are. If you can only walk
a short way. Do it every day. Soon, surprisingly
soon, you will be walking father and feeling better.
That is so motivating that it keeps you going. emoticon

Soon you will look back to where you started and be
amazed. emoticon

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6/2/11 8:28 A

Hey all,

I really got off track these past two weeks. It's time to rein it in and get busy with taking care of myself again. I have some job training I have to attend for 2 full days. I dread the walk to and fro the workshop, as I am so out of shape; always looking for breath. Onward and downward, right?

Take care,
Claude emoticon

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