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8/7/09 12:03 P

I am in November As well!! Well I am doing Jillian.( 30days shred).Today is my second day ..I really need to trim my waist and thigh ..I have tried to lose these 15lbs for years and hopefully I will be proud of myself on my wedding day!

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6/16/09 5:03 P

You bet, we'll all be hot stuff walking down the aisle.
Hang in there CRABBI1004, it took me forever, it seems, to start loosing weight again, after a long muscle building period. Like 3 months for me, but I also figured out that I had to bump up my cardio over 50 minutes a day, everyday. But that's just me, everybody is different, you'll find your niche.

Lisa emoticon

CNOVAT Posts: 117
6/16/09 2:11 P

Hey! I'm in November (kinda close) and I'm hoping to lose 25! We can soooo do it! We will be hot stuff walking down the aisle!

CRABBI1004 Posts: 35
6/12/09 11:14 A

Yeah for October weddings! I have been working out for about 3 weeks and have not lost any weight yet. I am getting really frustrated but I can see a huge difference in my strength and endurance.. I'm hoping the weight starts dropping soon!

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6/11/09 2:27 P

Good luck on your goals ladies. I'm in the same boat with ya!

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6/11/09 1:08 P

Hi I am getting married in either Sept or Oct we haven't picked a date yet I would like to lose 50 lbs before then I think if I lost 10 lbs a month that would be good. I just started getting serious yesterday. and woke up with a pound loss. I'm sure its all the water I drank yesterday with the help of excerise my body isn't use to either. I know the 1st week is always water weight that you lose

BRIDE102409 Posts: 7
6/11/09 10:47 A

Getting married October 24th (hence the username)- ideally I'd like to lose about 30 before then, my eventual SP goal weight for January 10 is a 43 pound loss. Getting super motivated now that it's getting so close.

BELARDO58 Posts: 1
6/10/09 5:05 P

I'm also getting married in October. October 3rd to be exact and I also want to loose 15 lbs I just decided today! I hope I can do it. emoticon

TALON23 Posts: 11
6/10/09 4:06 P

I'm getting married the 10th (of October) and though I would love to lose 15lbs by then, I'd be happy with 10. I figure 15 is a lb a week which is healthy and should be easy(ish), but I am concerned about my dress. I assume I have to get fitted soon, so I'm not sure how to handle that.

LUNDBT Posts: 17
6/10/09 11:17 A

I am getting married at the end of August, I still have 10 pounds I want to lose, ideally I have about 30 pounds to go, but My dress fitting is July 5th, so I have 3 weeks and 4 days to lose 10 pounds! I will be happy with 7, two pounds a week. But my suggestion is not to put it off, when I got engaged 9 months, I knew I wanted to lose weight, but I put it off every day until I was down to the wire, and with this 10 pounds I did as well. I didn't make my goals for the wedding, but at the same time I am comfortable with my weight, I feel like I look good and will feel like a beautiful bride on my wedding and i am very happy with that. So stay strong! And dont procrastinate! :)

SUSIE110709 Posts: 1
6/10/09 3:01 A

I'm getting married in November! Thankfully, I live out of state and my mom's doing most of the planning :)

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6/5/09 6:47 P

I'm getting married on the 17th, and have about 30 something pounds still to loose. It seems like an impossible feat but i'm working my butt off.
You might benefit joining the Quickfire Challenge group like I have.
They have great ideas for boosting your metabolism and burn more calories quicker. The challenges are fun too.
My biggest goal is to fit into my dress that I bought in January for $50.00. So far I can fit into my sleeves, which was a challenge in itself. Before it didn't go over my shoulders. My weight loss has been on hold for some time, but I know that's because i'm building muscle.

Good luck honey! You can do it!!! emoticon

CRABBI1004 Posts: 35
6/5/09 2:42 P

So this is my second week on SP. I havent lost any weight yet BUT I am eating so much better and working out alot harder. My goal is to lose 11 pounds before the big day. This will put me at my "average" colelge weight when FI and I first met! Any one else getting married in October? What are your biggest goals?

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