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JOYCECAIN SparkPoints: (137,849)
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Posts: 3,627
1/3/14 6:45 A

Since the car broke down on Christmas, it is emotional eating. But this time of year the exercise.

LEGRETTA333 SparkPoints: (12,482)
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1/3/14 3:22 A

Hi, all,

Not sure I fit into any of those categories... or maybe it's a cross cut across them.

I just don't write down / track my food and exercise.

When I do... it works. When I don't.... well, not so well!

I'm finding that making 3 15 minute walking periods a day really helps me keep on track -- and I run books on tape ('librivox') as I do it... so yes, I CAN exercise and read at the same time!!!!


HEALTHYLADY12 Posts: 544
1/3/14 1:05 A


JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (577,795)
Fitness Minutes: (349,967)
Posts: 16,355
1/3/14 12:03 A

Food, especially now; but I've been good!!!!

1/2/14 10:32 P

Love to cook, love to eat.....I also love exercise. But as I just read in one of today's blogs, you can't out exercise bad nutrition. I've been trying to do that for years, and I can definitely say that it doesn't work. Tracking your food is a must. It's very easy to think that you didn't eat that much, until you add it up. I'm really only successful when I keep track of what I eat. Happy New Year everyone, and do what works for you!

LOVINGME2014 Posts: 24
1/2/14 8:14 P

I completely understand because I have fibro too!! It is very difficult to get started and stay motivated.

LIVINGLIFEAGAIN SparkPoints: (28,225)
Fitness Minutes: (41,584)
Posts: 1,175
1/2/14 6:08 P

I can say all of the above too! I do find that it's usually my own laziness that I struggle with. Feeling too lazy to workout, too lazy to cook healthy meals, too lazy to fight the mindless eating, etc.

1/2/14 4:38 P

I overeat when my two sons under 2 drive me insane.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
1/2/14 3:49 P

having chronice lyme and fibro it's tough to exercise as I'd like

TXGIRL78666 Posts: 77
1/2/14 3:19 P

Portions portions portions! I like to eat a LOT. I love to feel full and despise hunger. I like cozy comfort foods and lots of it.

I am just going to have to get VERY consistent about measuring everything I eat until I can get used to the right amount of food and eat a lot of fresh salads and other low calorie, high nutrition foods

AMGIBSON2 SparkPoints: (2,835)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 2
1/2/14 2:33 P

I tend to eat just to eat. It is my hope for the new year to pay more attention to what and how much I am eating. Wish me luck!

MSLISAJONES SparkPoints: (5,470)
Fitness Minutes: (1,138)
Posts: 33
1/2/14 2:25 P

Eating proper amounts of veggies & fruits......then emotional eating would be second....when I stress I crave sugar! I wonder why its sugar? exercise is going....just got to do it....and it does relieve the sugar cravings /and stress at the same time....just quick walk usually does it... wow I can't believe that I just said that.....a year ago that would have never came out of my mouth.....guess times have changed and I have also! emoticon ....

SABLENESS Posts: 7,062
1/2/14 1:51 P

All of the above

TIG123GER SparkPoints: (77,547)
Fitness Minutes: (17,448)
Posts: 2,116
1/2/14 11:52 A

Exercise is the hard one for me. I hate it and can come up with all kind of excuses for not fitting it in. I just don't enjoy it and would rather be doing anything else.

RANNYJ SparkPoints: (5,669)
Fitness Minutes: (633)
Posts: 146
1/2/14 11:50 A

Eating out of boredom for me. When everyone is in bed, I can't sleep, I am up prowling the cabinets!

SLLYONS51 Posts: 3,169
1/2/14 11:49 A

Always emotional eating. I sometimes have to dig deep to understand whats really bothering me. Problem is I always eat first then realize I'm having an emotional reaction to something.

ARS70645 Posts: 47
1/2/14 11:41 A

Food! I struggle with overeating at dinner because I tend to under-eat during the day (thinking this will help me lose weight) and then workout, so by dinner time I am starving.

LOVINGLIFE45 Posts: 209
1/2/14 10:00 A

Emotional eating has always been my downfall.

VIXIEPLUM SparkPoints: (659)
Fitness Minutes: (267)
Posts: 7
1/2/14 3:34 A

Defiantly boredom eating. Can hit me any time of the day, I've started to take up sewing so in the evenings when the tv's on I have something else to think about.

PRD2BME62 SparkPoints: (1,059)
Fitness Minutes: (9)
Posts: 1
1/2/14 12:38 A

We are pretty much the same. As I am reading these posts I see me in them I always was to embarrassed to ask for help I always gave up I have been very lazy and depressed the last few years I don't want to do anything but eat I finally quit smoking six months ago. It's my third try in three users and have lasted longest. Everyone told me to not worry about eating because I would smoke again, they are probably right. I want to be active and I need to be accountable but I got to tell unjust tracking my food on this is. Frustrating

MARLENA_8 Posts: 15
1/1/14 4:04 P

Emotional eating definitely and not committing to a regular workout schedule. I need consistency.

SCRAPPER1124 Posts: 599
1/1/14 3:16 P

For me emotional eating and finding time to exercise.

KAYIES Posts: 423
1/1/14 3:02 P

might all three might body let me exeercise but takeing baby step fix ing mind wat need not wat want the hardesss is emotional worry how bills

NEWUSER19 SparkPoints: (290)
Fitness Minutes: (30)
Posts: 1
1/1/14 2:29 P

I have to say for me it's boredom. If I don't have anthing else to do I look for food. Just got a new kindle, hoping that will help to keep me busy and my hands have to hold the Kindle so I can't hold food. Happy New Year Everyone!

BARBIE66 SparkPoints: (82,878)
Fitness Minutes: (37,572)
Posts: 2,935
12/31/13 9:12 P

I would have to say all three

12/31/13 6:07 P

all of the above
sometimes I win, sometimes the demons within win

NAPTRAL1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,518)
Posts: 161
12/31/13 2:40 P

Exercise, food

BULLRN58 Posts: 70
12/31/13 2:34 P


BABYGSMOM SparkPoints: (29,446)
Fitness Minutes: (59,769)
Posts: 156
12/31/13 10:04 A

Emotional eating "bored" eating is a big obstacle for me.

12/31/13 9:54 A

Emotional eating and not enough self motivation. Someone said if I only had one year left to live what would I want to do. I know I want to get healthier so that is my goal.

ACACIA21 SparkPoints: (83,615)
Fitness Minutes: (21,255)
Posts: 2,207
12/31/13 9:46 A

Ladycjm- Great post!

CEMOSES Posts: 20
12/31/13 8:32 A

My big problem is night snacking and emotional eating. I have inpart resolved by night eating by eating a very small dinner that leaves room for a night snack but it is still an issue.

I eat when I feel bored or depressed.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
Fitness Minutes: (36,342)
Posts: 2,545
12/31/13 1:38 A

Good topic.

I think the important thing is for each of to acknowledge our "issues" and to figure out ways of dealing with them.

I know that I overeat when I'm tired. Working night shift was killing me, I never got enough sleep. And then working rotating night/day shifts! Here came an easy 30#s on my tush!

I transferred to a position where I have a regular day shift schedule. It's less money but I'm worth it. I also set a regular bedtime and get up time for myself. And if I find myself eating too much in the evening, I go to bed early. I even go to bed at the same time on weekends! Weekends used to mean staying up half the night and eating because I was tired. Then sleeping late and feeling slow and groggy all weekend.

I know that when I get upset I want to eat sweets. I try not to keep sweets in the house but more importantly I try to deal with why I'm upset. Which means that I sometimes have to confront someone and discuss an issue ....eeepppp...I hate confrontation. But I'm getting better.

As we travel this road to better health we can deal with the emotions, the stress, the boredom, the time constraints and the sore, achy bodies if we plan ahead.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
12/30/13 6:32 P

Exercise and emotional eating

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/30/13 6:27 P

mine is emotional eating when I have a really bad day. Yesterday was that day. I was still in my calorie range just ate too many carbs. Usually when I feel that way I exercise, I blog about to God or call a friend. Yesterday I just didn't care. Not a good way to feel. I am glad that I hardly ever have those days anymore. Old habits die hard I guess.

ACACIA21 SparkPoints: (83,615)
Fitness Minutes: (21,255)
Posts: 2,207
12/30/13 5:59 P

my dedication to all three runs in spurts

VASHLUVER1 Posts: 983
12/30/13 4:05 P

My obstacle is the need to snack while watching TV in the evening. It's the worst habit that I can't seem to break.

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (29,035)
Fitness Minutes: (18,503)
Posts: 2,062
12/30/13 2:47 P

There's a lot of low impact stuff here and on Youtube. I use it because I have chronic knee problems and have been medically advised not to do high impact exercise. For really bad pain days there are chair exercises even.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,461
12/30/13 2:43 P

I am good with food but exercise...not so much.
My ankle is giving me a lot of problems so cardio is a bit harder for me to do...but I have a total gym equipment...I'm going to circuit train to build stamina and muscle strength. But I'm sure I can increase my heart rate with some of the Spark Videos available without impacting my ankle. Where there is a will....there is a way.

12/30/13 2:38 P

Obstacle is emotional eating...I gained 80 pounds from quitting smoking instead of putting a cigarette in my mouth I eat sweets and lots of them it's how I deal with all emotions happy, sad, anxious, stress. I eat out of boredom and bing eat when I get home from work. Now I'm trying to exercise instead of stuffing my face and eat small meals every 2 hours.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
12/30/13 2:33 P

Definitely exercise. I am going to sign up again for swimming. This time at the JCC. The Y had too many steps both up and down to get to the pool. This made it very difficult with bad knees.

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (29,035)
Fitness Minutes: (18,503)
Posts: 2,062
12/30/13 2:30 P

Exercise mostly. I prefer to spend my free time reading and can't afford a gym membership that would allow me to read on a machine.

The other thing is eating when and what others are...whether I'm hungry or not.

12/30/13 2:06 P

biggest obstacles are emotional eating and cravings. I really need to get those under control. i don't know how to quite handle it right now other than to not buy my go-to foods when i'm stressed or going through cravings. so far it has helped some but not that much.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
12/30/13 1:30 P

My health is the biggest obstacle--I have major metabolic issues. I am not an emotional eater, I love to exercise and I do a pretty good job with food most of the time.

All that I can do is forge ahead and not give up!

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,714
12/30/13 1:25 P

This time of year it's the Christmas biscuits etc and the fact that it takes me a while to get back to normal. Also, the fact that I'm a bit chesty and can't really get going with a good exercise regime.
However, I know that even if I have a couple of hard weeks I'll put that down to the need to re-set my metabolism and I'll get back on track! (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it - but it works better than piling on the guilt!)

JUSTDI50 SparkPoints: (4,808)
Fitness Minutes: (3,155)
Posts: 42
12/30/13 1:02 P

I noticed that getting hungry when have spare time. Seems I dont know anything better to do just eat. Emotional eating - hungry when bored, happy, sad, etc. Dont really know how change that.

LADYCROFT7 Posts: 92
12/30/13 12:17 P

In a word: time. Time to go to the market and time to cook healthy meals, time to exercise, time to des-stress (since once I start stress eating I have a hard time stopping!)

I know I know, that describes most everyone at one point or another. For myself it's hard because there are only 24hrs in a day and when you work two jobs, go to school full time, have homework, have other commitments at school beyond classes&homework, still need to sleep...something has to give somewhere and too frequently its my health. I am learning how to multi-task by doing homework reading at the gym on the recumbent bike or elliptical and am re-focusing on my portion sizes. One way or another I will beat this, I just remember what Maragret Thatcher once said 'you may have to fight the battle more than once to win the war' and get up, dust off, and try again

CHUNKYFIED SparkPoints: (2,745)
Fitness Minutes: (367)
Posts: 21
12/30/13 11:53 A

I love food and I use it for every emotion, happiness, sadness, celebrations and sorrows. I love everything from the planning stages to the actual eating, I look forward to the day circulars come in the mail just so I can start planning my next weeks menu. I pore over recipes for holidays months in advance. I'm starting to realize this doesn't need to be a bad thing, just needs to be redirected. With that being said, I think my biggest obstacles are not staying motivated and giving up too easily. I set unrealistic goals and I focus too much on the end result instead of small goals being met here and there. I'm impatient and I hate to have to do the work. All of these things end up in one big disaster for me, so this year, to try to overcome some of these faults, I am going to start setting smaller, more realistic goals. I am going to engage people and look for friends here on Sparkpeople so it's not so easy to just not log in or come on. I need to find people who I not only need to be accountable to but be accountable for. I would really like to make some meaningful connections with people who can encourage me and motivate me, and I can do the same for them. I think the bottom line is my biggest obstacle is just not believing in myself. I've gone through all the motions and I have thought and hoped I could do it before but I think at the end of all that hyping myself up, was just a girl who was scared and alone and truly didn't believe she could do it. Sort of like if you're running along the highway of life and you slip and fall into a muddy ditch, you need someone to come along and help pull you out so you can get back to running on your own again. I need people who believe in me so I can start believing in myself. I hope some of these small changes will make big differences for me.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
12/30/13 11:09 A

My biggest obstacle is that I really really like food. I've learned a lot on how to control portions, substituting ood choices, etc - but in practice I have a hard time limiting myself when I have the opportunity to eat lots of good things in any given day.

That's why I'm back to tracking. I just tend to make smarted choices when I know there's a number tied to those choices.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,461
12/30/13 9:09 A

Which is the biggest obstacle you face on your weight loss journey emoticon
How are you planning to win over it in 2014 emoticon

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