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11/18/13 12:40 P

Thank you for everything everyone has said. It helps me not feel like I'm strange, sometimes I feel like that.
The nutrition tracking helps me more then it hurts. It reminds me that I need to eat a certain amount and I read the review about how under-eating can effect me. So obsessing with the tracker is more good then bad. As for wanting to run and weigh myself that has passed today. It's more hard when I go into room where the scale is for a long period. Most of the time I can forget about it.
I have to say looking at the calories, fat, carb and protein in what I have eaten and compared to today was the biggest shock. Each day I learn something new being part of this, some make me cheer and some make me groan.
I do use logic when trying to settle myself, I even reminded myself it didn't matter what the scale said it was how I felt. It's just those moments when I start to feel anxious.

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11/18/13 8:16 A

Glad to hear you don't feel it is affecting your life enough to be disordered.

Good luck ramping down the obsession to vigilance emoticon

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11/18/13 2:06 A

Bettie - I don't have OCD - I don't have the compulsive part. My late hubby had that and it was particularly bad. He had over a year of intensive Therapy with a Psychiatrist, and had very strong meds for it for a few years.

Mine is just the Obsessive Trait and doesn't really cause any problems most of the time. In fact, in my case it is more of a help than a hindrance.

Thanks for the invite, tho'! :-)
Kris xxx

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11/18/13 1:46 A

Kris, the very first thing is to identify your condition. Obsessive thoughts are a serious illness and should be taken care of. A small group has created a team to deal with OCD. We would love for you to come over and introduce yourself. emoticon


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11/17/13 11:41 P

I have an Obsessive Personality Trait, but I am also an analytical thinker who uses logic over other methods.

There is the very odd occasion that my Obsessive trait causes problems, and it CAN be difficult to overcome it with logic. Mostly my obsessiveness is beneficial, but if on the very odd occasion it has the potential to cause problems, then I make a real concentrated effort to NOT do whatever my obsession is telling me to do.

You say "I am afraid to eat certain things and under eat because of it."

Well, your logic should tell you that THAT kind of practice WILL cause problems - health problems and problems with trying to lose the weight that you are wanting to lose. You WILL slow your metabolism down and make it much harder in the future to lose weight when you need to.

Your logic should tell you that you need to eat a healthy, balanced diet; that you need variety; that you need to eat regularly; Your logic should tell you that cutting out certain foods will cause you to fall off the wagon because you will feel deprived and/or bored.

Your logic should tell you that patience is a virtue; that good things come to those who wait!

The healthy way to go about this journey is with baby steps. It means changing only one or two things to start with, and only when your mind/body has gotten used to those changes to add something else to the mix. Unfortunately, we must all start at the beginning, and work through to the middle before we get to the end. For me it took 16 months to lose the first 50lb. I happily sat there for a year enjoying the new me (and saving for the next lot of clothes I would HAVE to buy :-) before I decided to move on down. The loss was slow, and steady, but paid off in the long run.

Did I obsess about anything with this journey?
YES!! I obsessed about weighing ALL of my food for increased accuracy, and enter it all into the Nutrition Tracker to give me the incentive to carry on, and to ensure that I could tweak my diet as and when needed, to ensure that I met the nutritional goal!

Did I obsess if I ate a lot of ice-cream or had a few sweets, etc.?
NO! BECAUSE I don't do it often and because I actually have always allowed for this in my plan. Generally it is one day in every two weeks that I allow myself to eat these treat foods. Most of the time I eat a bit under my top-end range to accommodate this.

You can do this - you just have to have faith in yourself, and if you are tempted to weigh too often, if it is going to cause you problems, then put the scales away. There are loads of other ways of telling if you are succeeding with this journey. Things like how your clothes fit; the condition of your skin/hair; the quality of your sleep; your overall energy; lower blood pressure and blood sugars if these are problematic; people telling you that you look good (and they do, but often don't realize WHY :-)

Take care,

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11/17/13 9:08 P

I look at it as focus and taking time out of my day to do something good for myself, e.g. plan my healthy meals and log my fitness.

Of course, I have to stop myself from weighing too much or from freaking out if I eat something that wasn't in my plan.

If this is something you routinely have trouble with and you can't manage it with self-talk, deep breathing, yoga, affirmations, bubble baths and other relaxing things, and it is interfering with your life to a significant degree, you should very much seek out a professional familiar with OCD.

Good luck! For some people, taking the numbers out of it helps. Instead of logging your food and exercise, maybe check off a goal on your start page like "Took a walk outside" or "ate 7 servings of veggies" that are healthy, reasonable, attainable, and non-numeric.

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11/17/13 8:23 P

I have a problem with obsessing. Whether over my child, my work, my online game, and on weight loss. I want to weigh myself now and I know I should wait. I am afraid to eat certain things and under eat because of it.
How do you control obsessive behavior or use it to an advantage?

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