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8/29/12 8:58 A

I think posting on SP was a better alternative than scarfing down the cupcake! Hope everything worked out for you!

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8/28/12 7:59 P

Every time I give in to some sweet treat that I'm obsessing about, I find that it didn't taste as good as I had imagined. Allowing myself an occasional treat (budgeted into my calories for the day) has actually lessened my cravings over time. Now, if I think I want something like that, I just remind myself it won't be as yummy as I think, and then it just doesn't seem worth it anymore. Training my brain, I guess :)

SILLYANN Posts: 28
8/28/12 5:10 P

I agree with Archimedes. However, sometimes it is the behavior you want to check. I love diet coke and diet dr. pepper. These things are so bad for me, and I think they trigger other bad eating habits, so no pop became a goal for a spark streak. After 15 days of consciously telling myself no pop (and at times obsessing over it), I did allow myself a diet coke, and it was too sweet, and not as satisfying. I think the craving is gone. To try and break myself of this habit, I drank water- sometimes you are not hungry, you are thirsty, and your body is so messed up it doesn't know what to think. I also visualized how happy I would be to make it another day with out it and when I wanted a sweet food I thought about how happy I would be to be under calories, or I told myself "maybe later."

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8/27/12 2:05 P

Of course, what you could do (depending on the size of the cupcake) is get a knife and cut it in half. share it with a friend. Spark People has never been about deprivation. it's all about moderation and portion control. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an occasional treat.

BUT, here's the caveat, you don't want to sacrifice a healthy meal for that cupcake. If that cupcake takes you slightly above your calories for the day, don't skip a meal to compensate. If you want the cupcake, enjoy it. But continue to eat healthfully for the rest of the day even if that means going over your calories.

So, if the cupcake isn't over sized, sit and savor the cupcake. if it's a big cupcake, consider cutting it in half and sharing it with a friend. that's half the guilt.

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8/27/12 11:56 A

I actually can fit it in my plan today. Based on my meal plan (that I made yesterday), I'm around 500 "under budget". I think I'll have one on my afternoon break... unless I've forgotten about it by then!


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8/27/12 11:42 A

Can you fit it into your plan today? If so, eat it. This is not about depriving yourself. Or you could split one with someone just to have a taste.

Another idea is this: skip the cupcake and reward yourself later for that willpower. Choose a non-food reward like a fashion magazine or a new pair of flip flops.

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8/27/12 11:40 A

My co-worker brought in cupcakes this morning. I cannot stop thinking about them siting across the room. I want one SO badly… I can almost taste the chocolate-y goodness. HELP!

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