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11/10/12 9:58 A

I feel the same way. It makes me so unhappy and stressed, but I feel like I am completely obsessed with food. The thoughts you are describing, I have them too! After I finish I meal I immediately start thinking about what I'll eat next. I feel like it consumes me and it's an addiction I cannot break. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad I'm not alone. My biggest goal is to be in control of my own body, to feel like I have control over what I put in it.

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11/10/12 4:17 A

Hi - to me it sounds like you need help with your mindset about food. Are you giving in to your thoughts or do they remain just that? Our childhoods often impact on our adulthood in a way that is sometimes difficult to deal appropriately with. It sounds like you could do with a little bit of help from a professional to turn those thoughts around so that you don't have food on your mind all the time. I would think about making an appointment with your Dr and tell him/her what you have told us, and ask if you can be referred to someone who specializes in this sort of thing. What you are describing, tho', IS more common than a lot of people realize.

I see that you belong to the Emotional Eaters Team. I am sure that they will have a lot of tips that they can share with you.

Good Luck,

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11/10/12 4:07 A

For me there are two pieces to an unhealthy focus on food..the first is filling that feeling of deprivation or rebellion from being on "a diet"..and the second is filling a void for parts of my life that aren't how I'd like for them to be and using food to cover up stress. I find that the moment I start to focus on the positives and fill my life up with activities and goals that I look forward to, the focus on food fades..the main thing is to keep doing this with consistency. It is so easy to fall back on distracting yourself with food if other parts of life are difficult..I think the key is to keep planning and strategizing your way out of that addictive behavior even if you have moments where you fall back into it.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
11/9/12 4:30 P

"I think some of it deals with growing up we were poor and didn't always get regular meals and very rarely got seconds or special foods "

I identify with this so much. There were 8 of us and only my dad worked. By the end of the month, we were eating sugar and butter sandwiches on white bread since even the peanut butter ran out. My mom would dish up the food and everyone got some, but sometimes not enough and never seconds. We never ate at restaurants, even fast food. Any kind of treats or goodies, which were rare, were always hidden. And if you were lucky enough to find the stash, you ate it, sharing with any siblings who were around. I know they did their best and it's not like we were ever starving, but there was often a feeling of food deprivation.

I'm nearly 50 and it is something that I still fight with inside my head. I think it gets hardwired in there when we are younger. You just have to keep telling yourself that there is more, you will eat again when you want, you can have a treat any time you want. Easier said than done, but I think recognizing the root of this disordered eating pattern goes a long way toward keeping it at bay.

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11/9/12 12:26 P

Girl... you have no idea how much i feel you on that!! i've always been that way... since i was a kid! food was what i looked forward to every day. special occasions, not special unless we went out to eat. Every friday we go out to eat. i get some extra money.. time to get some food. when i want to go on a walk.. where can i walk to? the supermarket, to get some food. it's ridiculous!! sometimes i'm just overwhelmed by the re-wiring of my own brain i'm committing to. but it has to be done... i'm attempting to make life about eating healthy food and finding pride in that more so than to tickle my fat kid sense...

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,946
11/7/12 11:05 A

I have slowly but surely been working on making my life less food-centric. I try to plan social events that are not centered around food. It's really tough because so much of everyone's culture is centered around food. I try to concentrate on socializing rather than eating.

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11/6/12 9:32 P

Thanks for the advice. I just get so frustrated with myself. The idea that the food is available and that I'm not going to go hungry and that restaurant is going to be there and I can have it again I don't have to devour the whole portion. I think some of it deals with growing up we were poor and didn't always get regular meals and very rarely got seconds or special foods except for at grandmas of course. So when we did get special treats it was like OMG candy, cake, pie ! Eat as much as you can before its too late.
Yeah so now that I am an adult and able to make my own decisions I think I still get that instinct that this may be my last piece of pie or something....I know that sounds silly but it
makes sense to me.

ONNALEE11 SparkPoints: (40)
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11/6/12 8:32 P

Girl, I feel the same way. Always, not just when trying to lose weight. Sigh.

PLANTAGO SparkPoints: (20,129)
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11/6/12 7:18 P

Food is very important part of my life. I cook enormous amounts of delicious food everyday. I could say I am obsessed with food. I think about it a lot. Food is my joy and my pleasure. I love to learn new things about it everyday. I am thrilled when people like to eat my creations.
I am slowly learning to use it in moderation without loosing all positive aspects of it. It is a work in progress but very slowly it's getting better and better.
I know that the refrigerator is there and I will get to eat when I need to.
I know that I have all the ingredients to create a new exciting recipe, but don't have to do it right now.
I am learning to eat slowly and enjoying smaller portions( I used to eat very generous plates, same amount of food as my sons and DH!)
Thanks to Sparkpeople food tracker I have learned where my surplus calories were coming from ( for me it was nuts, cheeses and wine LOL)
Curiously, when I increased my physical activity, my hunger diminished!
Unfortunately I can't give you any tips and tricks, but I think if you start slowly and don't put yourself into hating food you will succeed. First thing I changed was not to have second helpings. And my rule is always to forgive myself instantly if I give in. Good luck!

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11/6/12 6:05 P


I believe this is a much more common problem than many people will dare to admit. However, I want you do some reflecting for me. Do you find yourself only obsessed when you are trying to lose weight or is this something you experience every day, even if you are not trying to lose weight?

For many people, the minute they start a diet, food and yes, even exercise can become an obsessive thought. Could it be that you believe that you will have to give up the foods you enjoy for the rest of your life or could it be that you do not know how to control your decisions once you get to the restaurant?

Food is fuel for your body, but that does not mean we have to give up all the foods we enjoy.

So many people believe this journey is all about eating less and moving more, which those are some components, however, when we determine what I like to call, "the why we do, what we do, when we do" part of our life, then we are able to put a plan into action when these times come up. But you have to do the work as the answers will vary from person to person...this is where journaling can be a big benefit to help unravel the mystery.

Hang in there and know that you are more powerful than any cheesecake or hamburger and fries.

Coach Nancy

BUTTERFLYLOST SparkPoints: (0)
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11/6/12 5:29 P

It is so frustrating how much power food has in my life. It controls me like I am a puppet and its holding the strings. I see something that looks good and so I will think about it nonstop until I finally give in. When I go out of town I plan my trips around where we are going to eat. I think about when my next meal is going to be and what its going to be. I have even caught myself thinking about what I want to eat the next day when I go to bed at night. I feel like I am addicted!! Sometimes I know I will be going to dinner later in the week and find myself thinking about it and what I will order and so on. I just want it to stop I want food to just nourish me not make me feel something. I don't want to get that euphoric experience from biting into a piece of cheesecake. I want these thoughts out of my head. But food is everywhere and you can't live without it :(

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