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8/28/11 8:56 A

I average an income of $90-100 a week, pay for all the food, and my family still gets fresh fruits and veggies at every meal. Some organic even.

I don't know how to turn the TV on so my son doesn't get to watch TV.

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8/28/11 8:26 A

I know how you feel... My 15 yr. old son started gaining weight when he was 4 yrs old because of medication that he was put on for a medical condition that he has. It has made it extremely difficult for him to loss weight and has had to suffer from hurtful kids and adults with preconceived prejudices. And I still believe that income can play a large roll in obesity as well. Before you rule it out you should try raising 3 kids on 1000.00 a mo. and not get any child support and see what you are able to buy for meals and make it stretch for the whole month. emoticon

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8/28/11 4:25 A

My daughter is 8 and is over weight. She has a medical issue that won't allow her to feel full at any time. It's very upsetting to see people use sweeping generalities about parents with obese children. There is usually a mental or physical problem if a child is obese.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,423
8/26/11 11:38 A

Can't blame the media... it is the PARENTS who allow the kids to stay inside "in front of the tv with games and movies."

Can't blame household income either.

As far as medical/genetics, that accounts for a very small percentage.

Parents need to step up and PARENT!

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8/26/11 10:58 A

I dont think that it is all the parents fault that their children are over wieght. Some of it can be atributed to medical conditions, genetics, household income, and media taking the kids from outside to in front of the tv with games and movies.

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