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9/26/12 1:08 A

ZORBS13 - there are people who NEED properly fitted orthotics and a professional is the best person to decide if this is needed. There are times that flat feet go too far for just going bare footed - my sister and my son are two of those people, and yes, they DID do the exercises to strengthen - it doesn't always work. My sister has had problems with her feet since pre-teens and my son from about 8 or 9 years. Without them the pain is unbearable - severe leg pain for my son and my sister also has severe back problems.


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9/25/12 1:02 P

This is my personal experience with foot pain and I'm no expert, you may want to get an expert opinion since we spend so much time on our feet.

I work outside on the weekends and spend roughly 10 hours each day on my feet wearing sneakers. A couple years ago my right foot would kill me after being on it for about an hour or so, it felt like there was a knife stabbing straight up into my heel. I had a similar problem about 10 years earlier and did the podiatrist route including prescription orthotics (which made my feet hurt worse). So I decided I would just tough it out and hope it gets better. After some time of dealing with the stabbing pain I decided I would try some kind of insole. I was in Walmart and they had the Dr. Scholl's custom fit orthotics machine. I figured it wouldn't hurt to see what the machine said. I ended up buying the pair of orthotic insoles the machine said I needed and thinking I would know within a couple weeks if they made a difference (I also knew if they didn't I would just return them and break down and go to a doctor). Well it only took a few days for me to realize that I wasn't having the stabbing pain anymore. I can tell you that was the best $50 I ever spent! I've had that pair for a couple years and started having some ache in my foot, I thought I was going to buy another pair but instead decided I really should buy a new pair of shoes (my previous ones were really showing the wear). I went to Gordman's and found a pair of Fila's I liked in my size. I tried them on first to make sure they felt comfortable then tried them on with the insoles. I could tell the difference right away, I've learned that I need to start looking for new shoes when my feet start getting tired, the shoes may not look worn out but my feet tell me different. If you decide to give these a try there is a $10 mail in rebate on their website

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I'm no expert, so please take my advice with a grain of salt. If you find your feet have that pins and needles sensation after five minutes, it's possible your shoes are too tight. To me, pins and needles suggests lack of proper blood circulation to your feet.

One thing to do is go to a reputable running store to be fitted for a proper pair of shoes. Don't go to a Walmart or Target. You need a sports store staffed with well trained staff. A good running store will help you find the right pair of cross trainers.

As far as orthotics, check with a doctor or podiatrist first. Wearing the wrong orthotics could make your feet worse. Thus the need to talk to a professional.

However, I would suggest buying a proper pair of cross trainers. And definitely go to a reputable sports store. When you fit the shoe, you should have about a half an inch to an inch of space at the toe. Too many women buy shoes that are too small for their feet. When you fit exercise shoes, they should have a bit of extra room to allow your foot to expand. Because your foot will expand as the day goes on.

If your current shoes are new, don't tie the laces too tight. in fact, loosen them up to allow the blood to circulate to your feet.

If you do find it difficult to stand for longer than five minutes, then you might consider adding some chair exercises to your routine. there are many members who find it difficult to stand for long periods. When you can't stand, then do exercises while you sit in a chair. Coach Nicole has a great 11 minute chair workout you could try.

YOUTUBE also has a ton of chair workouts of varying length. Some can be quite vigorous.
It's something you could do along with any Wii games you have.

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9/25/12 5:43 A

I believe that shoes mask the underlying problem of weak foot muscles and orthotics exacerbate the problem even more. Try going barefoot at home.

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I totally agree with the Podiatrist suggestion. My son needs orthotics - prior to getting them at 16 he was starting to suffer from pain going up his calf. NOT good when it gets to that stage. I have flat feet, too, and always have shoes with a good built-in support. I also believe that spending that little bit more money for a shoe that breathes - like leather - is far better and cheaper in the long run. They don't wear out so quickly and often just need resoling which makes there life even longer. Go easy on those exercises UNTIL you have something better for your feet. There are loads that you can do that is kinder to that part of the body!


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9/24/12 10:46 P

Get to a podiatrist or a pedorthist who can fit you with some custom orthotics. It's the best money you'll ever spend on your feet, especially if you plan to use them to do serious exersize with the intention of getting and staying healthy. I also have flat feet, and pronation has been an issue with me right along, with every possible sports injury known to woman: shin splints, stress fractures, illiotibial band injuries, sprains, arthritic toes, bursitis.....and then I got orthotics. And not the kind you get in the drugstore!!! Your feet will love you for them!

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9/24/12 10:08 P

Okay, so I started adding more exercise to videos and with the Wii Zumba in. However, my feet are killing me not even 5 minutes in to feels like I am walking on a bunch of pins. I have barely any arch...does anybody have any advice for shoes? I am assuming I need new shoes. I would go to a shoe store and ask, but I live about 2 hours from the nearest store that could help with that.

I appreciate any advice!


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