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Wearing support stockings can help them to feel better, but it's not a comfortable thing to do in the summer. They can be removed through a variety of methods (which method depends on how big they are, where they are located, whether or not you have venous reflux, your goals, etc.), but your insurance will probably not cover this unless they are painful, you have venous reflux, and you have also tried (and failed) to get relief through wearing support hose for a specific amount of time.

I had several (some painful, some not) and got them removed through sclerotherapy (injections). The insurance paid for part of it and I paid for the rest. The injections weren't bad at all and I was very happy to have them gone (no more pain and a much improved appearance). You do have to wear support hose for several weeks afterwards (to get the veins to stay closed), so you might not want to do it in the summertime. I've developed a few more in the last few years since I had this done (thanks to my genetics...everyone in my family gets them), so I'm planning to go back and get them removed again this fall. It's kind of a maintenance thing that I will probably do for the rest of my life. But, for me, it's worth it to keep the veins under control... If I don't, I'll probably end up like my Mom, who hardly has a square inch on her legs without varicose veins and she also has ones that are large and painful.

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You can also check out this resource article by SP. Note each of the tabs that you can click on for more information. Hope this helps.

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The simplest thing you can do for varicose veins is to wear support hose. Any good quality drug store will carry them. What else can you do ? Depends on the veins. Wearing support hose can help. Don't cross your legs because that interferes with circulation. Keep your legs elevated at night and get some regular exercise to keep your blood circulating.

Will that get rid of them ? Nope. Most varicose veins are genetic. So, look to your family members, if your mom, dad, aunts, cousins, etc... if they all have varicose veins, you will too.

And they aren't bad. Most doctors will tell you that varicose veins are cosmetic. Now, if the veins are really bad and cause circulation problems in your legs, then you can consider having surgery. I did have the vein surgery. I also had injections. Both worked. BUT... the veins did come back in another part of the leg. That's just the way the genetic ball bounced.

If you're really concerned about the veins, talk to your doctor and ask for a referral to a vascular surgeon.

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what do I Do about them? Anyone ahve any suggestions?
Does excercise make them worse or better? emoticon

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