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3/9/13 11:03 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/9/13 10:29 P

Way to go! Congratulations! emoticon

KIMBERLY19732 Posts: 289
3/9/13 10:06 P


LIVELYGIRL2 Posts: 4,623
3/9/13 9:12 P

yes, I agree, it's great

emoticon to hear the results!!!

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3/9/13 8:38 P

Congrats! I love reading about successes like yours. It helps keep me motivated! Keep it up. Maybe you should so the same, just pretend you don't have a scale and love the results even more in a couple of months again! :) Good job though

MISSLISA1973 Posts: 2,665
3/9/13 8:27 P

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3/9/13 7:47 A

Congratulations! 20 pounds is such a great start!!! You really must have buckled down on nutrition to lose that much (I have to say, I am jealous! That is one of my weaknesses.)!
Just remember: Exercise definitely plays an important role in weight loss. Burning calories gives you a lower net calorie count for the day. When you build muscle, it helps burn fat! It is not the end all, be all of weight loss, but it can boost your weight loss. Changing the way you eat is a really great start and half the battle. If you are at a higher weight, chances are that at your check up they will discuss blood work and take a number of vital signs including blood pressure and heart rate. Both your resting heart rate and blood pressure, as well as cholesterol, and blood glucose, just to name a few, can go down if you exercise. Those are also measures of success! You can lower your risk of CANCER, diabetes, and heart disease just by starting to exercise.
I took the opposite approach you did when I started toward weight loss- I started exercising and didn't worry about the food I ate. I went to the gym 3 times a week to get on an elliptical for about 30 minutes. I busted my butt... and at the end of a month and a half, I had brought my cholesterol down 20 points, my heart rate down to 180 from 185 (while exercising hard), stopped using my inhaler as much, and was so motivated I contacted the gym's free personal trainer and told her I want to start training for a marathon (that is my motivation to keep going, but you may find something that will motivate you to stay active)! I found out that I could go places I didn't think were possible and be healthier... and I found a love of running (something I used to despise)! Just a 30 minute walk a day keeps me feeling great when I don't have time for the gym. I sleep better and it helps me de-stress. I try to measure my success by pushing myself to go farther than I did during my last walk in the same amount of time. I hope you continue your success and get healthier and more active... There's a great big world out there, and it is ours to explore! Good Luck!

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3/8/13 12:50 P

Yay, WTG!!!

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3/8/13 9:09 A


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3/8/13 8:19 A

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3/7/13 7:06 P

Congrats to you!!! emoticon

LIVELYGIRL2 Posts: 4,623
3/7/13 7:03 P

That is such a delightful surprise. Keep up he good job and you will be glad you did. emoticon Awesome!

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3/7/13 5:54 P

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3/7/13 5:36 P

Congrats! I'm so happy for you!

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3/7/13 5:26 P

I am so excited for you! Keep it up!

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3/7/13 4:52 P

Exercise is a part of an overall lifestyle improvement. It's true you cannot make up for a really bad diet with working out, but I tend to eat better and make other better choices on days when I work out, so I think that one habit influences another for the better.

Yay for you! You are worth the effort this takes!

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3/7/13 2:10 P

Exercise will help you lose weight, at least that's what I think.

Congratulations!!!!!! Is in it the best feeling in the world?!

CILER11 Posts: 265
3/7/13 1:59 P

Way to go!!!! Last time I was at the doctor was January. I went back today and the nurse who weighed me said "Wow you've lost a lot of weight." Made my day!

-RESAMARIE Posts: 2,348
3/7/13 12:17 P

"Exercise per se will not help you lose the weight." I have to exercise no matter what I eat to lost weight. Exercise is necessary and an important component of losing weight and being healthy. emoticon

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3/7/13 12:10 P


MARYBETH4884 SparkPoints: (143,459)
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3/7/13 12:00 P

Congrats, just wait until you go back to the doctor's office! It really is fun to shock the doctor and nurses! I guess they are always telling people to lose weight but few actually do! My doctor was floored!

MISSFLISS86 SparkPoints: (5,420)
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3/7/13 11:53 A

Well done, that's a great success! Don't forget, though, your clothes had already started to fit differently, and that's the best way to measure, going by how you feel! It's a fantastic start, though, so congratulations!

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3/7/13 11:07 A


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3/7/13 9:51 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

PUDLECRAZY Posts: 4,471
3/7/13 5:08 A

Congratulations! That is a wonderful accomplishment. Isn't it great how this kind of success motivates even greater success?

Well done!


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3/6/13 8:47 P

I DO hope that someone read this and thought "Wow, this can work even if I'm not perfect!"

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3/6/13 8:37 P

Not only are congrats due to you, but just think of the people you motivated by reading your post! I'd call that a win-win.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

TYKIRNONNIE SparkPoints: (39,088)
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3/6/13 6:45 P

It does feel REALLY good!! Thanks for all your encouragement.

CATHWREN SparkPoints: (55,913)
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3/6/13 6:30 P

Congratulations! It feels really good, doesn't it?

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3/6/13 3:24 P


3/6/13 10:32 A

Way to go!

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3/6/13 9:28 A


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3/6/13 7:50 A

Congrats on the progress :) emoticon

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3/6/13 7:24 A


CLWALDRO Posts: 4,583
3/6/13 5:56 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
It is the small changes daily that add up to a successful journey to better health

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (62,894)
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3/6/13 2:06 A

TYKIRNONNIE, you have found the secret: THE NUTRITION TRACKER. If you consistently keep your daily numbers within the ranges (which you are already doing), this is just the beginning, girlfriend! The Nutrition Tracker, if followed continuously and consistently, will cause you to lose ALL the weight you want to lose.

You mentioned in your post that you have not exercised. Exercise per se will not help you lose the weight. That's the Nutrition Tracker's job. What the exercise will do (guaranteed) is sculpt your body. As the fat is chipped away, the New You gradually emerges. Once you are at goal, THE NEW YOU will be completely revealed. I swear to go God, heads will turn, eyes will pop, jaws will drop. Guaranteed.

To make all the above come true, you gotta stay on this Sparkpeople train and ride it to the last stop: THE NEW YOU.

FYI, you don't need to join a gym. Just join a Sparkpeople Bootcamp Challenge. Follow all the directions and you will succeed. To find a Challenge, click on Community, then click on Challenge Central. Personally, I would recommend the Official 28-Day Bootcamp Challenge for starters.

Spark On!

TYKIRNONNIE SparkPoints: (39,088)
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3/6/13 1:43 A

I've lost 20 pounds!

I was weighed at my doctor's office in early January and was disgusted to discover I was the heaviest I've EVER been. I haven't had access to a scale since then but I knew I had lost a little weight - I could tell by the way my clothes were fitting.

I started out *really* slowly - just tracking my food and trying to make healthier choices. No working out - not even managing to stay within my calorie limit every day (I'm usually under but when I go over I REALLY go over). It's been eight weeks so I assumed I had lost around eight to 10 pounds.

The other night I saw a scale in the break room at work and I stepped on it. It's a digital scale and fluctuated around quite a bit then popped up a number that looked WAY too low. I figured the scale must be one of the ones that can't accurately weigh someone my size (I'm morbidly obese) but it made me REALLY curious about how much I really had lost. So I finally broke down and went to the store to buy my own scale. When I stepped on it at home it showed the same number as the scale at work - exactly a 20 lb loss from my starting weight!

Wow! What a motivator!

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